Lucifer's Horrors Circus

Lucifer's Horrors Circus

By:  Alefaxis  Ongoing
Language: English
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WARNING! By starting to read this story, you are taking the first step towards signing a pact with Lucifer. There will be no turning back, and by the time you finish the story, the deal will be sealed. You have been warned. Jonah is a 12-year-old boy who has the head of a parasitic twin that failed to develop. At a very young age. Jonah is humiliated, and rejected by all the inhabitants of the village, who give him a fatal beating. Jonah ends up in a circus that is brought from the depths of hell and whose owner is Lucifer. The monsters, who live there, were normal person, who were forced to sell their souls to the Devil and now must spend all eternity as deformed circus monsters. INSTAGRAM: alefaxis

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4 Chapters
The two-headed boy
Being born with an extra head, from a parasite twin that did not manage to develop, had been a motive of inferiority, fear, and repudiation for Jonah all his life. But Alma, so named by her brother, was the only inseparable companion of the boy whom everybody considered abandoned by God. Alma never spoke and remained inert with her eyes closed and a serene expression, unable to hide her genetic malformations. His parents adopted him when he was three months old. Many praised the kindness of Mr. Gustavo Caraballo, a short and emaciated man, who let himself be pushed around by his wife, Felicia Caraballo. A woman who was exaggeratedly fat, with delusions of grandeur and who was blind. She believed herself to be the most beautiful woman in the world, something that in the eyes of everyone else was not the case. The truth is that she was a few pounds away from being part of a circus show. This married couple did not deserve any kind of admiratio
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The world is full of ruthless
"Wake up!" He shouted with mocking laughter.Jonah did not want to open his eyes, he knew something terrible would happen to him, and he had no one to turn to, not even God because he had abandoned him long before he was born. He was reluctant to rejoin, so they grabbed him and forced him to get up on his feet. They took off his robe and started throwing snow at him, while they continued their burlesque laughter.Please don't hurt me, I'm just a child," said Jonah between moans, with a voice that went out with every word he said. His words were lost amidst the laughter of the villagers, who did not seem to hear him speak."Stop it, you damn pigs!" Jonah finally cried out in anger and helplessness."Shut up and listen to me, son of the Devil," shouted an angry Alfredo to Jonah and added, "We never want to see you again walking the streets of our town, scaring the real children and instilling disgust in everyone who sees you" Jonah laughed listlessly and sa
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A bell rings in the cemetery
On the afternoon of February 1st, everyone was talking about the death of the monster child. Many testified that his adoptive parents left him to starve, but others dared to claim that he was murdered. One of his neighbors said she heard screams coming from the Caraballo's house that resembled those of a child crying out for mercy. She also said that she did not dare to go out of fear. Countless versions of Jonah's death were formed, all different and each worse than the last. However, there was something that united them all, the hypocrisy, the false sorrow, and concern that was expressed by all those in that cursed town when they spoke of the child that they rejected from his birth until his death. On the morning of February 1st, Felicia Caraballo felt a terrible smell coming from Jonah's room, at first she tried to ignore it, but the bad smell spread all over the house. She climbed the steps furiously, ready to hit Jonah. When she opened
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The circus
"Did you save me?" Asked Jonah, surprised. "You said it." "Then you are the good one. You look like a woman, it's strange," said Jonah, in a way that might seem tender to some. "I adopt the form you desire." "You know, it's amazing that you came to save me and not God. I have heard others say that he is very good and that he helps everyone, but why didn't he help me? And you, whom everyone refers to as an evil demon, have come to save me. We are very much alike. We are both judged unfairly." "Child, comparisons are not good and even more so when they are as unequal as they are. Look at me, I am an angel, Beautiful, imposing, and you, well, you are a freak." A freak, although that word Jonah had heard all his life, it hurt him when someone used it to refer to him. Yes, he already knew that his appearance was not the same as that of all the others, but neither
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