The Alpha Vampire Master II

The Alpha Vampire Master II

By:  Tatum_Whispers  Ongoing
Language: English
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"Who are you, Sebastian?" "I think I can ask the same. Where did you come from, Anastasia?" As soon as the last syllable escapes my lips, we find ourselves interlocked in a kiss. Knowing my full attention, I stop to ask, "Are you sure you want to do this, Anastasia?" "The only thing I'm sure of is the way you are making me feel." Unable to contain myself, I pull her into a fiery and passionate kiss. All my thoughts are obliterated. For the first time in over two hundred years, I am kissing a mortal woman. I can feel the hunger grow inside me, the pleasure building towards a peak. I pull her even tighter into my body. I can smell her arousal, and it only fuels me. The kiss is getting deeper and deeper with every breath that we take. "What are we doing, Sebastian?" "Anastasia, let me show you.” Vampire Master, Sebastian Belmont, has been carved to perfection for over two hundred years. Drawn to danger, he dangles his fingers in all that is supernatural and has great power beyond compare. Ruthless, yet charming, he rules his empire with an iron fist. With a line of scorned ex-lovers left behind, this charming Vampire is set to cross paths with Anastasia Santi. Anastasia Santi is a young girl that has great aspirations and desires all the things, the love, and the fulfillment that she dreamed of as a child. She is strong-willed and always finds herself in some sort of trouble she needs saving from. Though one fateful night, Sebastian crosses the line and sets his life in a new direction. A destiny toward a great legacy and to all things that goes bump in the night. But the ultimate sacrifice lies at the end…

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75 chapters
The Misfits Are Back
It is another stormy night; the rain is coming down in a loud pitter-patter as it is beating against the window. The wind is howling, leaving a somewhat ominous sound traveling through the hallways. I am here in the darkness of my room, or as they shall say courters. Well, I do find it an odd word to call four walls.In silence, I am staring at the ceiling, focussing on one little pesky bug that I fear will drop onto me any second now. Now true to Vampire style, I have a great Victorian bed with the red curtains and matching linen to go with that. Well, if you are two-hundred-and-eighty, you grow accustomed to certain things.Now, something else that I have grown accustomed to for the past year of my Vampire life is these exact words, "Sebastian, we have a problem." My question being, can no one else in this house possess the skill to solve a problem? But, what else is new for me is that Edward is not the one that is knocking at my door.My beloved has come to i
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The Vampire Chase Is On
I do believe that I have just dug my own grave. Now the question begs, do I inform the boys of my intention, or do I go and create complete chaos on my own. I mean, how much mischief can a bunch of Vampires and a Hunter cause, and let us not forget Breyden that, well, the man does find the urge to heal things still.My mind is made up; I shall not be giving the boys a call. I know what their immediate reaction shall be, and they don't even know that we seem to have lost Stefan. Stefan that is now causing his own havoc, believing that elders possess powers.Well, I do believe the boy has his species mistaken, for he is not a Highlander. The most powerful Vampire is me, and he ain't getting anything if he even gets close enough to kill me. God knows what the child does once he has killed the elder, I do have a fairly good idea, but I shall not mention it aloud.And while I am thinking this, I watch as Breyden is about to open his mouth, "You shall know better to k
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I Told You So
I think that I have just died and gone to Vampire hell.I am far too scared to turn around and face the man that is behind me. Now, which way shall I go? There is the incredible urge in me to just head on forward and run away, leave Roberto and Anastasia to deal with him. To be honest, it is their big mouths that got us standing here. I can now kick myself for listening to my reckless brother and my restless wife.Needless to say, I opt to turn around and not act like a coward."Ethan, Connor, it is good to see you fellows again."Connor clears his throat rather loudly and steps forward with a rather large dagger in his hand. "Now, what did we discuss about the no hunting thing?""It truly is not my fault," I try to explain. "It is my dear brother and wife's fault."I stand and watch as Ethan bursts out in laughter, "God, don't tell me there are two of you?""Well, you shall be glad to know that he is far worse than me.""How o
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The Vampire Dude
I have fallen into a hole, yes, a hole. It is one of those holes that you disguise with grass. Well, my ass has landed me in one. Now, why on earth shall this man have a trap at the front of his gate? Does this also mean that Stefan has not been here yet? But here is where I am being rather dim; of course, the boy can launch himself out of it, which is exactly what I am going to do.Now, if I thought that launching out was going to be the easiest thing, I should have stayed down there. Next, I hear the click of a gun that is being cocked and another one with a clip that is being unloaded then uploaded again. Yes, I have met the very men that I do not wish to have met.A welcoming group of gangsters.I guess the hole is actually aimed for them, and I have just shown them the perfect opportunity to miss it. I do hope Connor realizes that when I do see him again, that I am ripping his clever ass head off. But before I can even bring out my claws, I need to respectf
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A Cackle In The Wind
If ever there was perfect timing, then that is our dear Stefan dying and not finishing his last words. Well, could the man not have told me before I so casually drove a dagger through his heart and in so ending the only, which is believe for now, but could be the only way how we shall know what this legacy is that I shall fulfill.But, that shall be the least of my problems at the current time.I do have a rather furious, Connor Windchaser looking at me waiting to drive his own very dagger through my heart. "I suggest you start talking about this brother of yours."I only but shrug my shoulders at him not having much of a clue about his request, "My dear Connor." And that is exactly where he stops me, "My dear Sebastian, don't even think of starting to sugarcoat things. I want to know why did your brother cause such a rampage in Scotland."I turn my face in the direction where Roberto and the rest of our misfit gang are talking about our recent victory. W
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Coven Under Fire
We have never faced a battle after a battle in all the time that we have been finding ourselves dangling our fingers in the hunting game. It is rather an unusual battle that has been playing off, from having to hunt down a delusional Vampire, we are now faced with…Let us do think about this one, who is the battle, the Vampire which as such is my brother or it the other?Whichever scenario that I run through my mind, they both seem just as horrific as the other. So, without having to clog the mind with all these questions, we are making our way forward again. Now our intention is not to go into the abandoned building from which the cackle can be heard, no, we intend to get safely to our vehicle and then hoping that they shall follow us. This is not our playground, it is dangerous and well, fucking scary.So, back to back in our circle of six, we slowly make it through the rain down a road that, if one slips, you will find yourself sliding down. As we move
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Playing Dirty
It can be safely said that we have once again survived another battle, though these were far too close to each other. Now, what else can be said, is that both of these have left us to one conclusion. There is a legacy that they are after…My legacy.Well, in all my frustration, I have no idea as to what they are referring to, but let me say this, I believe that this shall not be the last. Perhaps I have been placed as the one on the hunting block and I have no idea what they are hunting for.Though what else needs hunting is Roberto. I have not seen him since we left him behind between the abandoned warehouse. I have not, and much by the request of the Windchasers, I have not been back to search for him there. I know that he shall come out to hunt, but as for coming to what should be his home, that is not a question that I can answer.Tasha said that there is a great evil that holds him. The day when he came to us the first time I did not see any evil in h
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An Encounter Unwelcomed
Well, I do believe that I am about to be slapped until I cannot spell my name.I have come to my beloved for the permission to go see a Warlock to find Roberto. Now there is only one problem…"Sebastian!" I hear that sweet innocent voice echo through the room and fill the hallways. "You want me to do what?""My beloved, please sit down. If you were human you would have gotten a heart attack by now.""And," she adds. "If you were human then you would really be dead by now."I cannot help but chuckle at her as a pillow comes flying my way, thank god she is not throwing any glasses since there is no need for a Vampire to have such a thing as a glass near him anyway. But I must count my words before they are spoken, for there are lots of other dangerous things, such as a very pointy dagger that is laying on the dressing table that can find its way to me."Okay," I hear her huff as she pouts her lips at me trying to look all angry.
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Sealed By Fate
I am standing with somewhat trembling legs at the giant steel gate that leads up to the castle of what should be The Great Warlock, Alatar. Now I have requested of him rather foolishly to let me in, this, after I had many years ago, tried to kill the man, not on one, but several occasions did I try to claim his life.The first time that I encountered The Great Warlock was in the year 1752. I was very much set in my ways to become the most desirable man among the ladies of both the living and the dead. Now, as with most of my troubles, I will admit that I met Alatar while we were both courting the same lover. Where the problem came in, is that he was quite settled in his relationship, as I might call it, with the very said lover.Then, of course, I swept in and laid my eyes on her. From that very moment, I knew that I just had to have her. But where the difference comes between dear old Alatar and me is that I was only looking for a one-night occasion.So much to
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Blood Lust
It troubles me a great deal to know that Roberto finds him in such trouble. What is even more of a concern is why the man did not tell me the moment that he arrived at my home. For Blood Lust alone, I need to give him the ultimate sentence of them all. But there is no way that I shall send my brother to his death.Now, what is another thing that bugs me is who is after him and what is it that he is supposed to possess.Well, we have dear old Alatar that shall take us into the direction of the next danger that we shall face. The question now begs, do I attempt to do this on my own or get the help of our dear brothers. Though I firmly believe that they will not let him get out of this alive. So it seems that it shall only be the three of us that shall attempt to save Roberto from himself.What else needs saving is me listening to Alatar trying to pick up my wife. I know this is perhaps where I should jump in and tell the man to back off, but I am not yet to upset
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