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I wasn't worried at all when my mother set me up with her best friend's son and forced me to marry him. I feel like I can handle all that well. Especially if my future husband is a rich billionaire who is very handsome and also successful. Ahh, I feel like a Cinderella who got the husband of a prince on a white horse. But... my dreams just shattered after I experienced the complex household problems that I was facing. Starting from a weird husband, his strange habits, and his first love problems that suddenly appear and complicate our marriage relationship. I felt trapped in the complexities of my domestic relationship with my husband. I'm desperate and I feel I can't handle all these problems well. And just as I was about to step back, I discovered the fact that I was pregnant and I would never be able to leave my strange husband.

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"Hello, Tina.. How was your date last night, did everything go well?"“Laurel!! I really want to thank you. Thanks to all the counseling you gave, Adam finally proposed to me. You should come to my house right now, and I'll show you my amazing twenty-four karat ring,” Tina shouted excitedly.I smiled faintly in response to all her ravings while still holding my phone between my shoulder and ear. Today I have to finish my counseling patient data that has been piling up on my desk. If I don't finish it soon, the hospital will be too late to recap the patient data that I have treated for the last three months."Wow, congrats honey. Too bad today I'm really very busy and can't come to your house. Maybe next time I'll come over there and see for myself what your twenty-four karat engagement ring looks like. It must be very expensive and luxurious.”"Yes of course. Anyway, if you're not busy, you should make time to come to my house. I would b
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I stepped into the house feeling angry and annoyed. Mom suddenly called me and told me to hurry home. What's really going on with mom? She doesn't usually act like this. In fact, it was completely intolerable when I told my mother that I had to take care of some things at the hospital first. But my mother firmly told me to go home right now. No rebuttal, period. “Laurel, huh finally. Mom has been waiting for you since an hour ago. Where have you been? What took you so long?" It's only been five seconds since my feet hit the floor, and my mother has been bombarding me with all sorts of questions. What kind of mother is this? Mother should have greeted me with a sweet smile and a warm cup of tea, not with a series of annoying-sounding questions. "What's wrong with you, mom? Why are you so noisy?" I asked lazily while still walking my feet into the house. I purposely ignored the sharp gaze my mother gave me. Whatever. Mother has been the most annoying mo
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Knock knock knock   I tilted my head towards the door and immediately made a friendly face at a woman who had just entered my room. I saw the woman was also smiling at me, then I invited her to sit on the chair I had prepared. "Good afternoon," I greeted politely and kindly. The woman smiled faintly at me and just nodded her head in response to my greeting. "Mm.. okay, please state your name, miss." "Kim Yeri," the woman answered briefly. I thought this woman was a friendly and kind woman, but it turns out she is stingy to speak. Look at her gloomy face, she must be in serious trouble right now. “Kim Yeri, do you have a serious problem? You can start telling me now." "Hwaa, I... I’m... hwaaa." Oh my, what's with this woman. Why is she being hysterical like this? Could it be that she is one of the victims of female rape that has recently been broadcast on television? "No.,. miss, what's wrong? Are yo
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"Mom, my car is broken, what shoul I do?" I called my mother on the side of the road while looking at my car with annoyance. Even though I was in a hurry, but this damn car was damaged and stuck in this place. "Laurel, you should find a taxi, your future husband has been waiting for fifteen minutes," said mom, sounding worried. To hell with my future husband. My car is broken! “Mom, I don't think I'll be seeing that mysterious man. My make-up has been ruined, my face also looks dull. I'd better go home and take my car to the repair shop." “No, you should come to that cafe and meet your future husband. I'll send you a photo of your future husband, so you don't have to look around for the guy when you get to the cafe." “But, mom… hello, mom… mom… Argghh, damn it.” My mom disconnected the phone unilaterally. That means I really can't argue and thwart the matchmaking plan that has been arranged by my mother.  
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 This is the third day after my meeting with Kane. And it turns out that the man actually realized his wish to marry me next week. He has arranged all the preparations for our wedding party. Even my mother and his mother were not allowed to interfere in our wedding preparations. Everything had to be under his control, and he didn't want to be denied.As a prospective bride, of course I am very happy. When my mother and mother-in-law were angry and upset, I looked relaxed with all the things of my wedding preparations. I think what Kane did was really really in my favor. I don't have to bother with all the arrangements for the wedding party. I will only come on my wedding day with him, then we will live happily ever after. Hmm, it must be really nice if I can serve him wholeheartedly. I will be the ideal wife by waiting for him to come home, then I will cook a lot of delicious food for him, and finally we will have a lot of very cute and adorable
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Flash back "You have a sexual orientation disorder?" The man was still silent with a flat face and arms folded in front of his chest. The look in his eyes was completely flat and unreadable, which made me a little annoyed and unsure as well. Maybe this guy is crazy and is plotting something to set me up. He wanted to pretend to marry me and then sell me to an old mob mobster. Or maybe he's actually an organ-selling mafia who has been frequently shown on midnight news programs. Kane would marry me, then he would kill me when the time was right to take my organs and sell them. “So you really have a sexual orientation disorder? God, I don't want to marry you. What would happen to me if I married a handsome man who was rich, but gay. I'd rather marry a cleaning service at a hospital, than marry a gay guy like you." "Can you shut up and not make a noise. I'm currently thinking of the right answer for you. Why do you like doing weird things
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This day has finally arrived. My wedding drama day with Kane! I can't describe how I feel right now, a mixture of nervousness and sadness. I felt sorry for my mother especially for lying to her about our marriage. My mom thought I fell in love at first sight after meeting Kane at the cafe, but she was wrong. I haven't loved Kane at all. Even my heart doesn't beat loudly when I'm near Kane. This marriage happened because of an agreement between the two of us. I helped Kane cure his strange phobia, then in exchange he helped me to make my mother happy. Actually last night I was thinking maybe I'll be able to love Kane someday and vice versa. Kane will love me too then things will get easier.So this morning I don't want to burden my mind with strange things that are not necessarily going to happen. I eliminated all the bad thoughts that had crossed my head and then I just focused on my beautiful wedding dress. Finally I will be wearing a wedding dress by a famous desig
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After a chaotic and harrowing blessing ceremony at the most historic church in Paris, we ended up in a limousine in a thick silence. The wind from the air conditioner was blowing very loudly between us who hadn't said anything since leaving the Notre-Dame Cathedral. Kane sat beside me nervously, his hands actively moving to scratch his itchy skin. But if the itching goes away for a moment, he'll put his hands on his lap and just sit still like a statue next to me. There is a ring on his finger. I then glanced at mine, it looked just as beautiful as his. But I'm still upset about what happened today. The expensive dress I was wearing had turned into a worthless pile of cloth in an instant. The soft satin was torn on all sides, especially at the tail of the dress which hung down at my feet because that was where the most of the trampled on. "You don't want to say something? Apologize to me maybe," I huffed. "Why am I apologizing to you? Not my fault." He still
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I smiled, waiting for him to actually enter the house and his huge body disappeared behind the white double doors. After that silence completely surrounded me. The limousine and driver had left. Probably headed for the garage behind this house because I saw the car go by the side road towards the back. My eyes wandered through every corner of the building in this house, then my eyes stopped right at my feet, on my dress. It had been torn apart and looked terrible. Some parts of my dress are dirty with dust. I then lifted the torn hem of my dress. Sad to see how it looks bad. So there's no reason to keep the dress anymore. With my two strong hands I tugged at the hem of my dangling dress. The sound of torn cloth began to enliven the silence around me. It took five tugs until the torn tail of the dress slipped completely off my dress. Now I have a simpler dress. A knee-length dress with crystal stones on the chest and embroidered ornaments on the sleeves. Good! I can explore t
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I've done walking around and meeting the people who live in this house. I don't think I have a problem with them. Everything was fine, and they accepted me like a family instead of seeing me as the young lady of the house. It's something I haven't had before. I mean I have a mother, but it feels incomplete because I don't have siblings or uncles or aunts. Just me and my mom. We complement each other of course and we love each other. But here there are more than two people. There is Mr. Robert the gardener, then there is Maxel the driver. Then Julia, Margareth, Joyce and Erika, they are amazing women. What Julia said was true, Joyce and Erika would get along with me and it proved to be true. We instantly hit it off like old friends as we chatted in the kitchen even though it was our first time meeting. Joyce is a cute girl with curly brown hair from Itterswiller. She has been a servant since graduating from high school. She said she decided to work here because she wa
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