The Prophecy: Amarah's Alpha

The Prophecy: Amarah's Alpha

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A wolfless child from an ancient royal bloodline, Will be born under a clear midnight sky & the full moon, On the sixteenth day of the seventh month. *** Amarah Saville was taken and hidden away from her pack, The White Shadows because of a prophecy that has been foretold. Growing up, she became a medical assistant, under the care and guidance of the doctors, who took her in. Clayton Langston, became the new Alpha of The Night Howlers when he turned twenty-one, surpassing his older brother, Conrad. Now at twenty-six, his pack became one of the strongest and fearsome under his leadership. One fateful and dangerous night, the fates had conspired where Amarah encountered Clayton by saving him from a vicious attack that was set by the jealous brother. The moment he opened his eyes and met hers, Clayton knew who Amarah is to him. And he will do everything to protect her from all enemies trying to claim her to make the prophecy come full circle. Surrounded by revenge, hatred and betrayal, will Amarah and Clayton get to have the fate they deserved? Can love be able to conquer all? Are they destined to be each others mate? WARNING: Some chapters contain Mature/Sexual Content. Read with discretion.

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    PROLOGUE - The Prophecy
    AUTHOR'S NOTE: Hello. Thank you in advance for reading my latest novel, The Prophecy: Amarah's Alpha. I hope you will enjoy the journey of our two main characters as well as their entourage. Just to let you know, this novel is written out of my imagination. The contents in the novel mentioned herein are of mine and does not represent the views and opinions of others. Any incident that will be written or mentioned herein, is in no way related or is purely coincidental. Enjoy reading! *********************************************************************** PART I. “Tell us that story again, Grandma Cat!” Thirteen-year-old Lily shouted excited as she sat down on the floor and looked up with wide eyes at Catherine Langston, who is sitting comfortably on her old, stuffed chair with a warm blanket over her lap. “The one about that wolfless girl! Is she still alive?!” It was around three in the afternoon of a windy Saturday and Catheri
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    CHAPTER 1 - The New Alpha
    Eight years later…All members gathered, crowding the open grounds as The Night Howlers Pack waited with anticipation for the new alpha to be proclaimed. Despite the excitement they all felt for the new generation to take over, they were also sad to see Alpha Theodore Langston stepped down from the position.Alpha Theo, as he was fondly and respectfully called by his members, has ruled the pack for the last forty years with fairness and compassion. He always made sure that his pack members always come first. They could not forget the tragedy that had happened to them eleven years ago where he had shown the real leader that he is and had earned everyone’s admiration and respect.Their ever-growing pack was mercilessly attacked by The Rebel Rogues, a known notorious pack from the West under the command of its alpha, Ian Fullerton. They looted all their resources, destroyed their structures, killed their best warriors and some had even raped t
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    CHAPTER 2 - Great-Grand Luna Catherine
    “Alpha!” Clayton turned when he heard him being addressed. He frowned when he saw Lily McAllister, his Beta and best friend’s fraternal twin, running towards him anxiously with a look of concern on her pretty face. She never calls him Alpha, and he made sure of that since he considered her as one of his closest and trusted friends. The fact that she suddenly addressed him that only meant that something serious has happened. It has been over three months since he took over as Alpha. And as what he had promised his pack, he served them with all that he has. He made sure that their welfare always comes first. He judges any conflict with fairness and always made sure that he is available for any emergencies. Over the short course of his leadership, he had also started intensive training for his warriors. Under the leadership of his Delta, Jacob, he had started a thorough and extensive training for defense from any attacks and for combat. It received a hug
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    CHAPTER 3 - The Burial
    Heavy rain poured down mercilessly as well as thunderous claps from the thick gray clouds above sounded, replicating the atmosphere now at The Night Howlers territory.The five days of mourning have been completed for their great grand Luna. The pack members had all gathered at the burning site for the last ritual for the dead and watched with mournful eyes as Clayton walked towards the body of his grandmother, who is placed on a high constructed branches of twigs with a white cloth covering her entire body except for her face and clasped hands that are on top of her stomach.All alphas and lunas of the allies they had made over the years attended the last rite, giving their last respect to the woman, who they cherished and treasured. Even the Lycan King, himself, King Atticus the Fourth, and his family came and the sorrow on his face could not be hidden. He had considered Catherine as one of his closest friends back when they were still young.White flowers wer
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    CHAPTER 4 - The Attack
    Five years later... It was a late, dark, and foggy Wednesday night. The heavy rain that started in the afternoon has finally subsided but that didn’t stop the cold from enveloping the atmosphere. The streets are nearly empty and from time to time, a car will pass by, splashing water on the puddles that they will be driving over. Clattering sounds of tin cans dropping on the ground can be heard as several cats were fighting over food that they had scavenged from the garbage bins located in the alleyway. Twenty-year-old Amarah Saville wrapped her wool scarf around her neck and put on her gloves, to protect herself from the cold after closing the door of the clinic, where she works as an assistant. She was about to walk towards the direction of where she lives, which takes around twenty minutes, but stop when she heard her phone ringing in her jacket pocket. “Matt, I just closed off and will be there in fifteen minutes. Glo has all the details o
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    CHAPTER 5 - Her Scent and Her Voice
    Clayton, now twenty-six years old opened his eyes but immediately shut them after being blinded by an intense lighting shone above him. He moved his head to the side to try eliminating the illumination. He tried raising his one arm to shield his eyes but felt it heavy and immobile now. He was attacked, taken by surprise by a trap that he knew his brother had set up. Ever since he had overtaken him and became the alpha of their pack, Conrad had never forgiven him for taking what he thinks was rightfully his. It had finally confirmed Clayton’s suspicions that his brother had pledged his allegiance to their father’s old nemesis, Ian Fullerton, alpha of The Rebel Rogues. Clayton was on a mission on a source that he got with regards to the last wishes that his grandmother had told him. It has been five years since her death, but up to this day, he had managed to only accomplish one. But, only a bare minimum. With Lily’s research and help, she finally discovered th
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    CHAPTER 6 - Ian Fullerton
    Alpha Ian Fullerton of The Rebel Rogues, looked up from his desk when he heard a knock on the door of his office. He ordered the one knocking on the door to come in and he saw that it was his beta, Anthony Madison. Anthony is a tall, muscular-built guy with dark hair and dark eyes. He has a scar on his face, running from the bottom of his right eye down to his chin. He looks formidable alone with that look and he had used it to his advantage. “Langston has just returned,” Anthony informed after he closed the door. “He’s waiting outside and wants to speak to you.” Ian leaned back on his chair, clasping his hands in deep thought. “How is he?” “He’s still hungry for power,” Anthony answered seriously. “The disgrace and banishment that he received from his pack seems to be the one fueling his drive for it. If I was on his shoes, I would rather be killed than having that trademark for the rest of my life.” “That’s why I still don’t understa
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    CHAPTER 7 - The Meeting
    Clayton could not remember how long he was asleep or unconscious the moment that whatever was administered to his body took over and lose the fight for control of trying to stay alert. But, now that he had regained his consciousness, he felt his strength returning and he can finally move his hands and feet without feeling heavy.He tried rising but he can still feel his body aching from the attack. Finally giving up, Clayton remained lying on the bed he is on and let the medicine do its work in his body so he can be able to recover and heal fast.He needs to return to his pack.He finally was able to open his eyes and he realized that he is inside of what look like a small hospital room. There’s a counter with a sink to his right and some medical accessories that will be needed for any dressing of wounds. There’s also a small basin and a sponge beside some toiletries.Could not be able to sit up, Clayton raised his arms to check on the injurie
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    CHAPTER 8 - Where's Amarah?
    “Hey, let me out of here!”The minute Clayton was conscious again, he started struggling from the handcuffs that was placed around both of his wrists and tied to the bed railings. He tried to break from him, using his strength but somehow, he could not. He started shouting from his room but there wasn’t anyone who came to check on him.“Hello?! I’m f8cking sure that you can hear me out there!! Get me out of here, you f8cking as$holes!” He shouted angrily. “I demand that you release me immediately or you will suffer the consequences!”He tried transforming into Kragen but could not even do it.He even tried linking with Liam, but somehow, whatever that was injected in him prevented him from doing that as well. Clayton cursed loudly so that he could be heard.“It’s best you conserve your strength,” an amused and dry voice finally replied. “The sedative is still in your system. Tr
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    CHAPTER 9 - Restless
    Clayton paced back and forth inside his office, his mind getting restless as well as his body. He stopped for a few minutes before resuming his actions, closing his eyes, and bending his head in deep thought.It has been three weeks since he was discharged from the clinic by that Matthew Slade, and he did what he was being asked of much to his frustration. He remembered lingering at the clinic’s waiting area despite being discharged early, when Amarah, her real name, finally coming in through the front door after Matt.“Amarah,” he stated softly.To his discontent, Amarah stepped behind an amused Matt for her protection and hid herself. He noted that she had a scarf wrapped around her neck and her eyes reflected fear when she looked towards him. The last thing he wanted her to feel if she is around him is fear. But, because of what he did, he somehow instilled that on her.“Amarah, please know that I didn’t mean to hurt you l
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