Mated to my Alpha brother

Mated to my Alpha brother

By:  Taylor West  Updated just now
Language: English
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Bullied Irina is almost eighteen and cannot wait to leave the pack. She has spent her life living as an omega for all these years, keeping her heritage a secret from those around her When a strange man brings her mother home one night, Irina cannot get his scent out of her head, only to discover that he is her half brother, the man that she was never supposed to meet because the Moon Goddess had decided their fate long before they were born.

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121 chapters
Irina's POV She grabs me by my sweatshirt and slams me into the lockers for the third time today. My bruises and spine hadnt even had a chance to recover from earlier. While I am struggling for freedom, I can already feel the new pain within my body. She was taunting me "You're nothing but a waste of space loser and you will never be anything but a loser" With one last tug of my brunette hair, she spits in my face Walking away with the other popular girls, I hear her laugh echoing in the hallway. She looks over her shoulder, giving me a look of pure disgust before disappearing around the corner. Wiping the spit from my face, I slide down to the floor, hugging my knees whilst others looked on. No one helped, no on ever helped. Vivian Stanson, I hated her and one day I SWEAR I will get my revenge on her! I could not wait for my day to be over and thankfully there was only one more class, the most boring one of all, math.
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Irina’s POV I try to ignore the strangers’ intoxicating scent and focus on my mother, she was more important right now and even though it was nerve-wracking seeing her like this, I try to keep my shaking hands steady as I use a towel to gently wipe the blood away from her skin so that I could see what I was dealing with. From the corner of my eye, I could see the handsome man leaning on our kitchen table, crossing his arms in front of his chest, but his eyes were fixed on my movements. It looked like he was interested in me, but the way he was watching me, made me feel uncomfortable and his scent swirled in my mind. When I look up, he turns his head away, glancing around our small home. As I carry on dabbing the damp towel against my mothers wounds. I discover that the blood splattered across her body is not hers?! The more I wipe the more confused I become. I wonder how she got away with one tiny wound that was almost healed and still ended up covered in blood. Where did she go?? D
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Damien’s POV I left when she asked, without even knowing her name. Her hands caked in the blood of a wolf that her mother killed. Which was a surprise in itself considering her mother was just an omega.  Father shouted through the fight when he saw the omega passed out in my arms. Telling me to take her home, even giving me an address and I wondered why he even bothered to bring an omega to the fight but she was good, she was skilful and quick, not like the other omegas who were not quite as resourceful. I had questions but my father was the Alpha and therefore I did as he asked Carrying the omega through the forest, I find her house on the very outskirts of our pack land, the house was small but an amazing scent of fresh linen was wafting from the house. Looking down at the woman I was carrying, the scent was not coming from her and as I boot the door open, there is a girl sat on the stairs, looking completely alarmed by my appearance bu
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Irina’s POV I had hardly slept and the bags under my eyes were a huge giveaway. A mixture of annoyance and stress about how mom was keeping secrets from me. The questions I had were slowly burning a hole in my brain and I needed answers! As I head downstairs I was surprised to hear that my mom was still here, she would normally be at work by now and as I round the corner I almost walk into her, sending her morning coffee flying and making her jump “Why are you not at work?” “Excuse me? I am your mother, do not talk to me like that” “I am just saying you are normally at work by now” “Day off” she mumbles, cleaning up the spilt coffee but she looked a mess this morning, her long blonde hair tied up in a messy bun and she looked like she hadn't slept either I sit at the table and fill my cereal bowl, but I couldn’t eat, I had so many questions but I had no idea what the chances are that she would actually answer me so I ha
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Damien’s POV Why did I agree to pick her up? I had managed to avoid it for years, well since I left school anyway, but I guess I had to get it over and done with eventually. I wouldn’t be able to avoid going to the school when I was Alpha, after all the Alpha over sees physical training for the final year students. As soon as I pull up in the parking lot the girls are watching me. The conversations turning to me and some already becoming flustered, making it was easy enough to smell them, their aromas giving them away and I screw my nose up at them. It was not what I wanted to be smelling and Vivian saunters towards me with the biggest grin on her face, but its not her scent I pick up because other than her make up she had no real scent, its my half sisters. Irina was here, somewhere and I had to see her even if it was from afar. Vivian runs forward and embraces me, pressing her lips to my face leaving a sweet sticky residue behind, she wreaked more of makeup
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Irina’s POV As soon as I am out the doors I run, pushing one foot in front of the other until the school is a tiny dot in the distance. Today hadn’t been as bad as it could have been with Vivian, I knew she saw me but maybe having her fiancé there was what stopped her. But, I could not get her evil grin out of my head, it was more sadistic than usual and in some ways I was glad Damien was there, just to stop her from torturing me for one day even if his scent was intoxicating His scent! I didn’t understand why it was so strong around me??, surely others could smell it too. Is that why the other girls threw themselves at him. I come to a halt as I remember what my mother used to tell me. All the stories growing up she had told me that the day I find my mate, I would be overcome by a scent, a scent that only I could smell, a scent that called my wolf to his and vice versa. Surely it couldn’t be possible, he was my half brother, we shared the same father, we wer
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Damien’s POV I was disappointed when she declined the lift although as we drove away, Vivian gave me the third degree, accusing me of flirting with other girls and how I did not really love her. She was not wrong, but I was not going to tell her that yet. Driving up to her house, she whispers by my ear: "You know, I'm going to be home alone till dinner time". I know what she wants, she is waiting for sex. She has been asking since the day we got engaged, but I kept refusing her, telling her that we had to wait until we were married. I believe she has tried everything she could to try and lure me into sex. I admit she was attractive but something had me holding off, like my body knew she was not the one. I pushed her away, watching her disappear into her house angrily with a huge 'bang' of the front door. I felt relieved deep down in my heart. As I turned the car around, I head back in the direction where Irina had been walking. She was nowhere
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Irina’s POV I couldn’t believe he was so easily willing to give up on his fiancée. They were perfect for each other! But as he watched me from the forest, I felt seen. It was an odd feeling, like he knew me better than anyone else, he knew Vivian had done something horrible to me. Even my own mother didn’t know I had a five inch scar on my hip from her. The way he asked me what she had done to me, he was concerned almost worried but he doesn’t push it and instead he let go of me. Inside my home, my fath… my Alpha had gone, my mother was sat at the kitchen table in tears, crumbled up tissues littered the table. “Why didn’t you tell me mom?” She looks up at me, dabbing her eyes with another tissue “Alpha is not my father, his old Beta was” “You heard” I nod my head and sit at the table opposite her, holding back the tears, I reach for her hand “You are an Alpha’s daughter?” She nods her head. “The
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Damien's POV I could scent Irina before I saw her with my fiancee and I wondered why she had wandered so far this way, her house was on the very outskirts of the pack land. It was only as I looked out the window I saw Vivian wind her fingers into Irina’s hair. I don’t know why, but I just did not expect Vivian to be so cruel, so vindictive to those that would one day look up to her. They all hang their heads as I pace in front of them just inside the packhouse “Baby, please listen” Vivian begs me, trying to grasp my arm, but I didn’t want her to touch me, there was only one person I was willing to get close enough with and that was Irina “ENOUGH” I snap at all four of them “What do you think you were doing?” Vivian rolls her eyes, trying to change tactics “Come on ba
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Irina’s POV He was going to be made Alpha tomorrow! I thought I had more time, I thought I would be able to leave the pack before then, but now, now he would be able to get in my head whenever he wanted and that was going to make it more difficult to push him away. Rejection was not an option. As an Alpha he could mark me against my will and I definitely did not want that. But if I could make myself less interesting, then maybe he would give up on me. “The whole pack will be there won’t they?” It was more of a statement to myself than a question. Obviously everyone would be there, it was a handover of power. Sometimes even neighbouring packs would be welcome. Maybe I could leave with them without anyone seeing me. “Yes”
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