Daisy's Secret Crush

Daisy's Secret Crush

By:  Mercy  Completed
Language: English
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Daisy Poppy Carter has always been around Anderson boys. But the only one who became her secret crush was Theo. But Theo’s hoards of girlfriends put her in a difficult position with her feelings. So she left everything to fate. Until one minor incident changed her perspective on things. Her return and a few encounters with Theo have her on the road to making at least one go for him. On the other hand, Theo Hunter Anderson had never looked at Daisy in that light because of two reasons. The first reason is that she is his father's goddaughter; and the second reason is that he doesn't have to. In the meantime, his life changes when his Mom makes a condition, and Daisy is part of it. Despite Theo's efforts, fate intervenes again and again in his life. Would they be willing to give each other a chance? Would Theo be able to deny Daisy's advances? Would Daisy be able to gain Theo's love? Disclaimer:- English is not my first language. So if you see any grammatical mistake, please try to ignore it and focus on the story.This is a work of fiction. So anything mentioned is just for fiction use and my imagination.

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49 Chapters
1. Daisy Poppy Carter.
***Daisy's POV.***Life is unpredictable. Nobody knows what will happen the very next second. One minute you are driving happily to your work and the next minute you almost meet with an accident. That is when life flashes in front of your eyes like a movie reel. Showing what you have achieved and making you remember what you missed. And then making you regret some things which could have been different. Same thing happened to me. Buzz… Buzz… Buzz…I wake up and throw the alarm against the floor. I groan out, "Great. Now I have to buy another alarm."&nb
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2. Theo Hunter Anderson.
***Theo's POV.***   Life is predictable.   At least for me, it has become like that for a year now.    Wake up in the morning with a gorgeous lady next to me. Then trying to make her understand it was nothing more than that although she happily agreed for that last night.   Then after she departs, getting ready for my work plus fun. Making new deals or maybe going to a different city every day or week. Have dinner and go to a bar where I get everything I want.   On weekends it is different, if I am visiting my parents. My day starts with the best breakfast made by my Mom or Viola who used to be my nanny.    Read more
3. Back To Home.
***Daisy's POV.***After that incident, I took two days off from work. Then I joined the work and applied for resignation.  At first, Amelia was shocked and refused to give me a good reference, but I had already decided. She finally accepted it and I contacted my Dad about my moving back home news. "You are coming back." Dad says, and I can sense his smile while he talks. "Yes. I am tired of only seeing you guys once a year. And also I miss you. I can do whatever I want to achieve there only." I say. "Your Mom is literally dancing with joy. Talk with her." Dad says and next I hear Mom's laughter. "Oh
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4. Encouragements.
***Daisy’s POV.***Ryan and Lily move back to their penthouse after I show them the blueprints of my work after two days. Lily really liked it and asked me to start my work as soon as possible. Ryan thought it would be better to stay in the penthouse for the time being so Lily and Adam won’t get disturbed. My parents and godparents also move back to their home while I stay in Ryan and Lily’s penthouse until I find my apartment. I am good at designing and everything related to it, but other professionals do the actual physical work in those fields. That was my major hurdle, as I don’t know many people here.  But Lily’s friend Dani came to my rescue. She works as a freelancer who helps people find the right people to help with work they want. She an
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5. Wild Encounter.
***Daisy's POV.*** I wear a layered necklace of gold which ends between my almost busting out breasts and big hoop earrings. Dani has worn a white ruched bodycon and matching heels. She curled my hair to make it bounce around me. I wear white heels and take a matching clutch. “Let’s go. I don’t want to be late for the little roleplay I planned with my boyfriend.” Dani says as we go down holding hands. “Cute.” I say and giggle. And so does she. We take the cab as we would not be coming back alone at least not Dani. She said that she is already booking another cab for me in case Dani forgets it because of her boyfriend. Read more
6. Hurtful Accusations.
***Daisy’s POV.***“When did you arrive here, Theo?” Noah asks. “Few minutes ago.” Theo says. “What about you, Daisy?” Noah asks, with mirth in his eyes. “I am here with Dani for Lily’s bachelorette party. Lily told us to enjoy ourselves in her place. Davis is here for a while. Where were you guys?” I ask. “Ryan took time to get away from his fiance and son. But now he is busy getting drunk with Vance's help. I skipped it when I got your text.” He says and sits between Theo and me. “Oh!.” I say and look away when Theo glar
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7. Thousands Of Sorrys.
***Daisy's POV.*** I don’t look back at him as I am busy wiping my tears away. How I thought this night might end differently and how worse it is going on right now. I knew Theo would get a bit upset about me hiding my identity, but I never thought that he would think of me as a gold digger or a schemer. I thought he would ask me why I did it and I would just simply say that I like him and wanted him to see how good it could be between us. After that, I would have tried to convince him to date me. But it all went down the drain. Now he would forever think that I was scheming with her Mom and trying to trap him in marriage. He doesn’t want any kind of relationship with me. I can’t forget the way he said that he would have to get married to me if he had slept with me like
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8. Sparks Flying.
***Daisy's POV.*** Next day, I get ready in a satin green crisscross backless ruched cami wrap dress with thigh high slit. The v neck is deep and low, which gives me a sexy look.  All the bridesmaid dresses are like this only. It was Kathy’s idea to make the married bridesmaid’s husband go crazy and give the unmarried one chance to get more than attention. She really is something. The hairdresser keeps my hair open but instead of curling, makes it look wavy. I wear rhinestone flower drop earrings and a bracelet in one hand. And last but not the least I wear white strap heels which adds more to my look. “Damn, you look good.” Dani says when I come out of the house to help them. Read more
9. Leaving It To Fate.
***Daisy's POV.*** I felt a sting in my heart, but my Mom needed me to fix her dress so I didn’t get enough time to think about his words. One after another, I kept my mind busy, as if I somehow didn't want to lose my composure in front of others. But as soon as I am in my room that night, I take deep breaths. I prepare a bath calmly and sit in it to think through his words. He said he has no time for girls right. Okay. He said he was going to do something which would get him out of the situation. Good. He said sorry. Why? Because there can’t be anything between us, as he can’t afford to get distracted. Which can mean only one thing: that I was distracting him. He told me all this so I would back of
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10. Fate On My Side.
***Daisy's POV.***I look at the NDA again and Clara asks me, “Is everything alright?” “Yes. I was just confused for a bit but now it is okay. So Mr. Theo Anderson is going to start new ventures?” I ask. “Yes. But it won’t start until next month. He needs someone from our firm to accompany him and make him understand everything that the team in the London firm is going to do. You would also help the team make some changes accordingly Mr. Anderson needs it.” Clara says and clears every doubt I have. So this is what Theo was talking about. He wants to open the first ever Valentine hotel out of the US. He wants to do what his mother and maternal grandfather didn’t do. This would
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