Pallid Wisteria

Pallid Wisteria

By:  Katlego Moncho  Completed
Language: English
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She who will not know her destiny until it reveals itself to her. She who will have the eyes of good and bad. She who will bear the chosen. She who will be just as powerful as the Moon Goddess herself, an infused element of the greater powers. She who will have a powerful mate who will need her, and who she will need. She who is the Pallid Wisteria. Her whole life, Angelina Wisteria was seen as ‘one of the nicest people you will ever meet’. Most people found it impossible to be mean to her, so she had a lot of friends. She’s beautiful, and many consider her the full package. When she turns seventeen, her parents are brutally murdered, forcing her to have to move away to live with her grandparents. She suddenly feels very threatened in the new environment. Here, the people seem to act strange around her, mostly growling at her. Growling? Silas Keller is the strongest alpha in the world. He had to become alpha at the age of fifteen when his father was killed by rogues, bringing about his hatred for them. He’s merciless to them, which makes his decision to allow Martha and Jorge Wisteria’s rogue granddaughter to live with them without joining the pack, harder than he thought. He’s away when she arrives, but returns just days later to find her battered, bruised, and unconscious in the middle of the forest. He wouldn’t have cared if she didn’t smell like vanilla and wisteria. His mate.

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115 Chapters
Ch 1 - Surprise
ANGELINA“Angie, do you have my bracelet?”I turned to face her, feigning innocence. “If it’s blue, then no.”“Ha! You do have it!” she said as she closed her locker.I stuck my tongue out at her. “No, I don’t.”She raised an eyebrow in question. “And it’s not comfortably resting on your wrist right?”“Ria, I think you need to get your eyes checked out,” I mocked concern.“Bitch,” she mumbled as I giggled.“My favourite girl in the whole entire world!”I beamed when I saw Dane headed our way. “Hey!”“Hey twit,” Ria smiled.He rolled his eyes at her. “Oh sister, always lovely running into you.”She smirked. “Don’t roll your eyes at me. They might get stuck in the other direction.”He frowned. “That’s
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Ch 2 - She Doesn't Know That She's a Wolf
SILASMy mother and I stood at the graves that had broken her spirit. It had been six years since they were taken from us - six years since I’d built up a great hatred for rogues. It had been six years since I’d been forced to become the most powerful and feared alpha in the world to protect my people.Even the royals fear me, but they mostly respect me. The elders have acknowledged that I possess great power, but that will never bring my father back. It will never bring my grandfather back. All it guarantees, is that no one will harm anyone I love ever again.“Honey, let’s go home. I can’t be here anymore,” my mother said sadly as she squeezed my hand. There are no women I love more than my mother, my grandmother, and my sister.They are the most important people to me.I helped her back to the car and helped her in, before driving us home. The ride was silent, and I was thankful for th
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Ch 3 - I'm Not Scared of You
ANGELINAI watched all the trees zoom past us until we reached a cottage looking house. It was pretty big, but not as big as the castle that seemed to be built in the middle of this place. It intrigued me as we pulled into the driveway. My grandfather took my bags into the house while I stood outside admiring the huge house ahead.“Does someone live there?” I asked my grandmother when I noticed her next to me.“A lot of people live in that house. You could say it’s a communal house for everyone who lives this side,” she informed.“You love this place, don’t you?” I asked. She nodded.“It’s been my home for a long time, and I hope you’ll like it too,” she said as she squeezed my shoulder. I nodded and returned to my mute state.My grandparents didn’t pressure me to do anything. They just notified me that they’d signed me up to continue my Seni
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Ch 4 - We Need To Find Her
SILASReagan smiled, extending his hand. “Alpha Silas, it’s been an honour having you here.”I shook his hand. “The honour is mine Reagan, and please call me Silas.”“Are you sure you won’t kill me?” he teased.“Reagan, I’m powerful, not heartless,” I chuckled.“Many would beg to differ Silas,” he smiled. I inwardly frowned.People think I’m heartless?I shrugged. “Well, I’m not bothered by opinions. I wouldn’t be where I am if I was.”“Wise! Well, I shall see you in three month’s time at the Alpha’s meeting,” he said.“Indeed,” I agreed before leaving.I was halfway home, driving as I listened to the radio, when my arm felt like it was on fire. I jerked the car the other way, almost ramming into an oncoming car. I breathed in hard before pulling
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Ch 5 - Rogue or Not
SILA“I hate rogues Nikolas,” I reminded him.“I WILL FUCKING KILL YOU SILAS,” he roared.“You can’t kill me idiot,” I teased.“Silas, I swear, if you mistreat her, there will be consequences! She needs us and you WILL be there for her,”he demanded.“She’s a rogue Nikolas,” I said once more before shutting him out. I could feel him fighting to get me to listen to him.“He’s right you know,” Troy commented after a while.I was lost. “Who?”“Nikolas. You left your little argument open to me. He’s right. She may be a rogue, but you also have to remember that she doesn’t even know what she is. You can’t compare her to other rogues,” Troy argued.&ldqu
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Ch 6 - Alpha?
SILASDana and the other team of doctors worked on her while Troy kept me restrained. They put her in a coma since she wasn’t healing, meaning she would heal the human way. She had a cast on her leg. Dana notified me that everything else with her was fine, and that she would wake herself up when she’s ready.I was really worried, but I didn’t show it. Only the three doctors, Troy, and Dana were aware that I’d found my mate, and that she’s the rogue. I really wish I knew what her name was. I also wish I knew who brought her such pain.Why would anyone want to hurt my angel like that?“Bro, what I’ve been trying to figure out is how the hell you made it out of that cell! It’s 100% werewolf proof, and yet your stubborn powerful ass made it out. Silas, just how strong are you? I know you’re freakishly strong, but do you have any idea just how strong?” Troy asked me.&
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Ch 7 - This is the Real World
He looked shocked but obliged. He bent down and that’s when I grabbed his ear and pinched it, hard. Dahlia and Dana gasped.“Stop growling at people! It’s very rude,” I whispered in his ear. I smiled when I watched him shiver before letting his ear go. He was furious but his eyes held lust.Weird!“I, don’t think, I will, ever, see anything, as funny, as that,” Troy said breathlessly in between laughs. He was standing at the door with my food in his hands as tears ran down his face.“Uh Angelina, you’ve got balls dear,” Dana laughed nervously as she eyed her brother. She and Dahlia shared the same fearful look.I shrugged. “It didn’t even hurt.”“Says you,” Silas grumbled angrily. He didn’t expect me to pull him back down and quickly place a kiss on his ear.“I’m sorry,” I whispered in the same ear. Again he shive
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Ch 8 - Do You Believe in Soul Mates?
SILASAngelina...My beautiful Angel.Words can’t begin to describe how happy Nikolas and I are. Finding your mate really is something. She’s everything I could ever want in a woman, and so much more! She handles me in a way that no-one else would ever get away with.Her ear pinching stunt is my biggest indicator of that.I love her though. I know they say when you meet your mate, the love is instant, but you don’t really believe it until it happens. She’s really perfect, and I can tell that she’s going to be a wonderful Luna, once we figure out why her wolf isn’t coming out.I’m beyond curious about that.“Quite the mate you’ve got yourself there Keller,” Troy chuckled as I drove to my house.I smirked. “She is something isn’t she?”“The way she handles you is just amazing! I never thought anyo
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Ch 9 - Are You Insane?
“And I am yours,” I smiled.“That explains why I can’t stop thinking about you and why I feel empty when you’re not here,” she remarked. She could already feel it.“Yes, because I felt the same leaving you behind. Once we’ve mated, we’ll be able to hear each other’s thoughts, though we can block each other out. We’ll also be able to communicate via a mind link,” I told her.“Like telepathically?” she asked in excitement.“Yes,” I chuckled.“Ok! And what about this mating thing?” she asked.“Well, there’s three steps to it. The first step is to kiss, the second step is to have sex, and the third step is for me to mark you as you’re about to climax,” I replied.She blushed, hiding in my chest. “You just said that as though you’re discussing the price of bread with me.”“What d
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Ch 10 - So, You're Sensitive
SILASI woke up when I heard a car pull up. My instincts were more alert than most times. I scented the air and could smell Martha and Jorge. They were home. I looked to the beauty in my arms and realized that I hadn’t had such great sleep in a long time. Her lips were pouted as she breathed in and out, her breath warming my chest.I was tempted to kiss the pout off, but decided against it.“Angel, you have to get up now,” I whispered in her ear.“Why?” she moaned, instantly turning me on.“Woman, unless if you do not wish for me to take you right here, right now, making you scream my name to the depths of the heavens and back, with your grandparents downstairs, then I would suggest you get up,” I growled in her ear. She shot right up.“Silas, you’re only turning me on more,” she pointed out. I couldn’t understand until I smelled her arousal.<
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