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The innocent and romantic Gemma Wakefield overhears Declan Starr, a notorious playboy and the CEO of the company where she works, saying some terrible sexist things about women to his friend. Tired of his way of behaving, Gemma is set out to teach him a lesson and unleashes a media storm against Declan. She announces to the newspapers that Mr. Starr is finally going to settle down and get married… to her. What is going to follow is a tornado with more fury than she’d ever expected, since Declan is not going to take the news calmly. He’s furious and decides to demand that she act as his real fiancée as payback. What follows is going to change both their lives forever.

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    “Has he arrived yet?”          Gemma approached slowly the reception desk. The girl working there looked at her a little puzzled.“Come on, Adele! Don’t keep me hanging here! Is he already in the building?”          She sat down at the reception desk, turning to face Adele who sat behind her. The receptionist gave her another bemused look and replied in the most innocent tone.“Who? Elvis? Nope, he left the building a long time ago!”          Adele tried not to laugh when Gemma started to shake her head and mimicked an amused expression.“Oh, my God, you’re so funny! Your talent as a stand-up comedian is wasted at ‘Starr Computers’… You should save a spot at ‘Gotham Comedy Club’… They will apprecia
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    “Come on now, Declan,” the other man replied, this voice sounding younger.          He had called the first speaker Declan, confirming her belief that it was her boss the man behind that insulting remark about the female sex.“You like women as much as I do,” the man continued.“I enjoy them,” Declan Starr had corrected. “I don't know that I've ever actually really liked them. I've desired them, yes. But I find them preferable as bed-companions than as anything else.”“If one of them could hear the way you're talking...”          Oh, but one can, Gemma wanted to shout. She had never felt so disgusted and degraded. How a man as successful and good-looking as Declan Starr could judge all women by the type he had obviously been associating with for years was
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    “Oh, you got back at me all right, Gemma Wakefield! This morning, not half an hour ago, in fact, I had a phone call from my friend, Jude Brennan congratulating me for my... engagement. I didn't know what the hell he was talking about,” Declan said forcefully. “I felt like a damned fool. But I managed to bluff my way out of it. Can you imagine what it felt like to be told by a third party that I'm supposed to be getting married? I didn't even know who Gemma Wakefield was, but I did know the name sounded familiar. Then I realized I hear it every morning when I entered the building.”“You called me… a mouse that day I came up here” Gemma reminded him resentfully. “A mouse…”“And for that, you landed us both in this mess?”          Gemma flicked back her hair.“It will be all right, Mr. Starr. We can just announce in the next issue tha
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    “No, I wouldn't. But I do expect a little co-operation from you. This is all your fault, after all.”“All right, all right… I'm sorry! I'm sorry! I'm sorry!”          Declan looked unmoved.“Like I said, Gemma, it isn't enough.”          He opened the door further.“I have an important appointment in five minutes.”“Okay, I… But what do I tell everyone?” Gemma asked.“Oh, I don’t know… Tell them I've fallen madly in love with you and rushed you off your feet.”“Please… Don't tease…”          Her head was down bent. Declan wrenched her chin up roughly between thumb and forefinger.“Gemma, I don't know what the hell else you expect me to do. I can assu
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             Gemma stopped in her tracks, unconcerned when Declan turned to scowl his impatience.“But I don't want an engagement ring,” she declared.          Declan walked back the short distance between them, grasping her arm roughly and pulling her to one side of the sidewalk.“Too bad because you're going to get one. And, please, don't shout like that in the street!” he snapped.          She shook off his hand.“What else did you expect me to do? You walk so fast… You were miles away from me.”“Only because you deliberately hung back, behaving hysterically. What on earth is the matter with you? Surely you realize, since we are engaged, that I must give you a ring… People will be looking for that, especially this evening.”“I don't want a ring and I don
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              As it happened, she had exactly the right dress to wear to go out with this sophisticated man. It was a gown that had been bought for a special occasion that… had never taken place.          It was an expensive one, bought to impress a boyfriend that she had finished with before the promised evening out. How ironic that she should now wear the dress to go out with Declan Starr himself!“You’re so exhausting… Do you have to argue about everything?” Declan snapped.“I need to hold on to my identity against you,” Gemma answered defiantly.“Oh, God! You're impossible!”          He hailed a passing taxi, bundling her inside before sitting beside her.“Before you start a full-scale argument in the street,” he explained.“You're too dominant, t
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             Even so, Gemma wouldn't let him think he had got away with fooling her. Oh no, she would make sure she let him know his sordid little affair was known to her. And she wouldn't feel guilty anymore. Why should she?          It didn't take her long to find Declan among the crowd, his height and distinguished appearance making him conspicuous. Gemma moved swiftly through the people to be at his side. Declan turned to look down at her flushed face and gleaming eyes, raising one eyebrow questioningly.“I thought you'd got lost.”          Gemma took the glass of bubbly liquid he held out to her, flicking back her head haughtily and ignoring the curious stares of the other people.“You don't seem to be particularly bothered even if I had,” she replied coolly, sipping the chilled champagne.   &
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              Gemma's hand flew up to her pale cheek.“Oh, no!”“Oh yes,” Declan nodded curtly.“Well… Surely they wouldn't…”“I tell you they will.”“Oh, my God! What have I done…?”          Things seemed to go from bad to worse as far as she and Declan Starr were concerned. And it was all her own doing! Declan sighed.“I thought an engagement was bad enough, but this is something else completely. Marriages aren't so easy to get out of.”“Even so… I'm not marrying you, Mr. Starr!”“You may damn well have to,” Declan told her shortly.          Gemma wrenched the ring from her finger and threw it on to the dashboard of the car.“No! Not in this lifet
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              God… He was a master of the art of kissing… Gemma had no doubt about it, and her burning anger soon turned to something completely different. Instead of making her hate him, Declan Starr’s kiss had just confirmed that she was head over heels in love with him!          Gemma had been very nervous about meeting Declan again, but she needn't have bothered. He was acting as if nothing had happened between them. If anything, he was acting cooler than ever towards her, not having spoken more than a few sentences to her since she had got in the car.          Declan was looking vitally attractive in cream trousers and a black fitted shirt, turned back at the cuffs to expose a tanned length of an arm, the hair here lighter than the raven sheen of his head.          His clothing was
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    CHAPTER 10
             The room was his childhood bedroom… she just knew it. Everything around it was making that so obvious. His presence was imprinted in the walls, the furniture… everywhere.          Gemma turned almost guiltily as she heard a movement behind her, her eyes widening with shock as she took in Declan's bare chest and the way his trousers rested low down on his lean hips.          It was impossible to look away from him as his muscles rippled as he dried himself with a thick fluffy towel. Declan must have just taken a shower, and Gemma felt her cheeks color with embarrassment.          She dragged her eyes away from him with effort.“I-I'm sorry… I didn't realize you were…” she bit her lip nervously.“I'm perfectly decent, Gemma,” he t
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