A Luna's Blade: Feuds and Grudges

A Luna's Blade: Feuds and Grudges

By:  Whiteknight Magico  Completed
Language: English
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Being the late General's daughter, Adira clasped the responsibility and duties of raising the devastated kingdom of Sinandaya back from ashes. To the process of life and recuperating, hatred and vengeance rose from her. Aiming revenge and raging war against the Abberant pack who slaughtered her family. An unexpected plot stirred her cup of tea, meeting the current Alpha. Recognizing who it was, her destined mate... A werewolf that belonged to the clan she loathed the most.

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53 Chapters
Episode 1: The Alpha
Episode 1: The Alpha If I can turn back time, I wish I didn’t leave.This pain and torment they’ve caused still lingers,And revenge is my morphine. “To be a great leader, acknowledge your boundaries. Study your tactic and focus on defenses.”I smiled as father taught me of these things. A war on a battlefield is an unending history, both an honor and a sacrifice. Being the General’s daughter, everything was complicated. A ceaseless deliberation, a risky life-and-death situation, that I must take over. It was fourth moon when I returned home from the academy, witnessing an unexpected scenery.“Your kind can never be superior to us.”A tear escaped from my
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Episode 2: My Mate
    “Nonsense.”                     Holding a chalice full of red wine, I gritted my teeth to such thought. An Alfarro will always be an Alfarro, they’re deceptive and ferocious. I should have not underestimated this Abberant Alpha, seems like I will be needing more time to take his complete favor.   “Commander Gaia,” another voice called, making me turn back to the banquet hall. This home coming feast was part of their customs after every army have successfully won a battle. A tribute perhaps.                    I raised my cup, giving them a toast. I can’t risk staying inside with the faint smell I can’t t
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Episode 3: Mandate
    “Commander Gaia of the fifth infantry division, the Alpha has given out a mandate for you.” A loud voice and a destructive banging of the door woke me up. I aggravatedly closed my eyes and tossed this thick green blanket as I get up from bed.   “It’s an urgent mandate, the Alpha said.” It’s a new face, I wonder who this is.   “Commander,” he repeated as he handed me a letter with its ash seal still intact. My forehead creased as I opened it, a mandate? What would he want me to do?   “Fifth Infantry Division’s Commander,                  Several reports of a massive vampire town settling on the border of the Abberant  and the Madfur Okami Territory has been
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Episode 4: Melancholy
                    Sun sets, and the entire army was bound to return to Abberant. Mounted on a horse, I calmly lead the voyage. Down a valley, where clouds heads down to touch the earth and the greeneries kissing the last drop of sunshine. A simple gesture on my hand released thousands of silver arrows from the sky.   “Assassins!”   “Watch out!”   “Protect the Commander!”                   Dozens surrounded me in an instance, sheltering me from the flaming arrows. With no hesitation, I draw out the sword from my left and mercilessly slashed their throats
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Episode 5: An Alfarro
Episode 5: An Alfarro “Forget it,” He murmured, grabbing my hand as he walks away. “What’s with my hand? Why are you dragging me?” I complained but he did not answer. He walks faster and faster like he’s chasing someone which I do not understand why he needs to take my hand. My forehead creased as I let my legs follow him until we reached a cliff.                   The edge of the cliff that boasts the best place to see such scenery, a smile suddenly was painted on my lips unrestrained. I stepped closer at the cliff’s furthermost part and stretched out my arms. The full moon seems to draw really close that I can touch even the glow it possesses, sceneries like these makes my heart finds its ca
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Episode 6: Sign
Episode 6: Sign “Did he leave?” I questioned which I later then answered on my own, “Of course he did, you wouldn’t come here if he is still around.” “I do not know if you really get it or you’re just acting unaware,” Diego enunciated as he wipes off the remaining drips of blood on his neck. “He is my father, do you think I would just stand there and watch you two kill each other?” “It could’ve been a wonderful live performance for you to watch.”                 He chortled as he turned away and walked towards the opened veranda door. “If I am you, yes I might’ve done that. But I am not someone wh
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Episode 7: Strange disease
Episode 7: Strange disease                      As soon as we reached Cabuyao forest, I extracted a single drop of my blood to an ayusip gem then tossed it in between the gaps of two gigantic pine trees. Ayusip gems were pygmy rare stones that turn from blue to red when it absorbs a tiny amount of blood, and only Sinandaya territory has this kind of gem which we constantly use to enter the portal. Sinandaya has long been hidden from the rest of Claveria by the help of sorcery and one can only enter when a vampire’s blood drips down the ayusip gem.  “Stop!” thundered a voice. It was from Tyler, the current brigadier in charge of the regiment. “A deadly strange disease was spreading throughout the capital and the other districts. Commander Felipe
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Episode 8: Rigel Kentaurus
Episode 8: Rigel Kentaurus                   Three days and a couple of nights, the envoy has finally returned from Pinansey-angan territory. Dustin and Lireign led that envoy which I rest assured they’ve handled the task well. Apart from the trusted ones inside the kingdom, they are the ones who have the gentle way of talking and calm appearance that makes them the perfect messengers.   “What do they ask in return?” Felipe queried. We are on a covered area that they’ve created as a conference hall with the barrier separating us from the inside. The leaders of the districts were also present as to this meeting. Sinandaya kingdom was divided into four states, mainly the Abatan of the southern Sinandaya, the Halsema in the east, Ampusungan in the west, and the capital part is Naguey. <
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Episode 9: Emerald Grasshoper
    “Sinandaya kingdom has been hidden for a decade. And to this time, only this territory knew our existence. So as part of our condition, I request for this matter to stay confidential.”   “Tell me a reason why we should keep it confidential,” Vander mouthed as he keeps his hand on his chin and the other on a glass chalice filled with blood.                       Two of his male confidants were standing on the side while the three of us, Lireign and Dustin, were sitting surrounding the round table. It was already dusk but none of us weren’t ready to leave because this Prince is making the deal much more difficult. He always morphs and diverts the discussion for I don’t even know the reason why.  Read more
Episode 10: Jealous
 “Where is she?”                        “Who?”                   Diego just shrugged when I opened the door. Revealing him in his suit earlier, army green tunic and a black trouser. And I couldn’t deny that he’s much more daunting and… ok, charismatic.  “That lady who seems to be enjoying your company,” I answered in a sarcastic way.  “Oh that, she’s just someone I used to know.”       &n
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