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A Dark Soul , damaged by his past. An Angel forced to be his wife. Can anything go right? Would they ever be able to fall in love? Will she be able to see past his darkness? Will he be able to protect her when danger comes knocking? Find out in the book... An Excerpt. "Leave me alone" A deep voice spoke in the dark ess. Without seeing who it was , princess Rania knew the voice belonged to the second prince of Araggon. "How will I leave you alone , your highness?" She asked, shakily. It was their first night after marriage and he was giving her attitude already. But what did you expect from a devil man , who felt too proud to attend his own wedding! There was no response from him. Princess Rania sighed to leave. There was no light in the room to afraid to move or take a step, she wandered around the room till she stepped on a foot. A firm hand drew her in to his arms and held her waist tight. "Since You decided to stay , I hope you face the consequences of your stubbornness." Princess Rania tried to break away from him but he was too strong. She could tell from his strength that he was no ordinary man. Prince Ivar felt the energy coming again as he tried to free the fragile girl. Disappointed, the urge came back, he had no choice than to it. *The end game was that the innocent Princess Rania was eaten clean by the hungry wolf*

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12 Chapters
The Messenger...
The messenger rode the horse faster as he drew closer to the castle. The fear of delivery the message late gripped him.As he rode closer, the gates opened and four guards stopped him.“Who are you?” One of them asked, rudely.“I have message for your king. Inform him that Emperor Aldrich sent me” the messenger answered.From the looks on their faces, he could tell that the name of the Emperor scared him. Quickly, they made a way for him.The messenger came down from the horse and the stable man held the rope of the horse.He walked in to the castle with another guard, who led the way.The king was comfortably sitting on his throne when the messenger entered the room.“Antonio?” The king stood up immediately. His eyes darted towards the woman who was sitting beside her. She looked at him. “What brought you to the Siage?”“Greetings your highness” He bowed deeply
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A Letter From Aragón , Again...
“Tell me Mother. What was written in the letter?” Princess Annabelle asked again. She was afraid of hearing it but life left her with no choice. She needed to know the truth before her father wakes up.“The Emperor asked for your sister’s hand in marriage. I don’t know what to do anymore” the queen buried her head in her hands. Crying in front of Annabelle, made her weak but it was better than tearing in presence of Rania.“But that is no bad news mother. Rania liked prince Alaric right from the beginning” Annabelle said, as she smiled forcefully. “She will be glad to marry the man she love.”“You don’t understand, do you?” The queen dragged the blanket from the edge of the bed and covered her husband. “This is not a normal marriage. Rania always wanted a love marriage. I even promised her many years ago that the man she will marry will be madly in love with her.”An
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Blinded by Love..
“Go back to your room , salsa. I need to rest now” Princess Rania said , looking away. Happiness and curiosity took her mind away that she forgot about her ill father. Was that the reason for his sudden sickness?  Poor king!The Emperor was cruel and wicked. Rumors said his second , prince Ivar was heartless. Only those who went to battle saw him. They said he fought like a creature from the underworld. This scared people away from him.Princess Rania wished never see the favorite prince of Aragón. Such a heartless man was supposed to be thrown in a den full of Lion. Whatever may happen to him there, should be recorded in the book of criminals.She hated him before seeing him. But why thinking of man that did not deserve it?  Depressing the thought,  she went back to he room to join her sisters.**The next morning, Princess Rania took her bath and dressed up. A maid came to inform her that the king has woken up .
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The wedding ...
  On the fifteenth day, I rushed to the throne room when  the messenger arrived from Aragón. He said the reply would have reach us few days ago but there was a little argument about the wedding. “What happened?” My father asked. “Why the delay?”“Prince Ivar. He was sick so the Emperor had to wait for him to recover first, my Lord”  Antonio answered with a bow. He went to where my father was sitting and handed a letter to him.My heart beat faster as he struggled to open the letter. My eyes moved with his, while the letter was read silently. Was the news bad?“Tomorrow?” The king asked with a surprise look. I wonder what was the content of the letter!I moved closer as the messenger knelt down in front of the throne.“My king, that is the final decision of the Emperor. We have no choice than to obey” he told us. “Se
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The Departure..
**The Author’s POV.The Emperor sat next to the king of Decresh. His wife was sitting among other three women. There was no sight of any of the prince.Princess Rania strolled down the stairs. As she got near to the altar, her stomach made noises. Her feet became heavy. She felt like faking a faint but the physician would end up exposing her. And this would get her family in to trouble.When she looked at the direction of her father, it was clearly written on his face that, it was over. He  was not going to do anything that might anger the Emperor. As for the queen , she was at  her best , trying to impress the empress.Princess Rania looked at the Empress. Was she like the rest of her family members? Did she love the pain her husband and child caused to the innocents? Of course she did.“Where is the groom?” The royal priest asked. He was seated at the Altar with a bare chest. Princess Rania wanted a Christian M
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The Arrival...
*****Princess Rania's POV.We traveled for days. Most of the time, we took rest in villages. Of course, They received and hosted us well. Every one wanted to dine with the world's Emperor. When ever I was asked about my husband, the empress was the first to answer. She Interrupted me in such a way that I became suspicious of her. They were hiding something away from me.On the eighteenth day, we arrived in Aragón. No body told me that but I knew at once it's was the capital. The buildings were beautiful and artwork dominated the city. From the window of my carriage, I could tell that the people were happy to receive me. But was I ready to be their prince's wife?No. I refused the prince even before we got married. Nothing was going to change my mind after marriage. Once I reach the palace, I promised to be polite and ask for privacy, till further notice. He bought me like a slave. Distance was his punishment.“My Lady&rdq
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The Big Vampire...
I took my bath quickly in fear. While I was in the bathroom, I thought of only ghosts. It seemed there was one present in the room, Waiting for me to be alone.When I came out of the bathroom with the cloth wrapped around me, Alissa was still there. I was relieved. She called for the other maids and they dressed me up. The Royal makeup artist came to lighten my face. She was afraid the whole time and I could tell from her trembling hands that this was her first in prince Ivar's room. (Seems I was not the only who was scared)After two hours, I was done with the dressing and making up. My red dress stood out in the room. It went along with my red hair which was packed in to a pony tail style.Alissa told me that I looked like the first queen of Aragón. I wondered how she knew about the ancestors of the land that destroyed hers.We went downstairs together. I could hear music sounds coming from the other side of the palace.&
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Prince Ivar's Game
Alissa came back with a big frown on her face. She looked like she was slapped by a ghost. Speaking about ghosts, it seemed they existed in this palace. Although it's was big and beautiful, the palace still lack something. I couldn't picture what it's was but the people here were not really happy. Every one looked like they were going to die soon. I wondered how my dear husband might look?Alissa passed over and whispered to the queen whose face clouded with confusion. (Ever since we arrived, she carried that same expression.)Again, she stood up and left me there. People came around to congratulate me. In the midst of those happy ones, were the sad faces telling me welcome to hell, Princess. The young princesses who came gave me a look that stirred jealously. They said congratulations to you, prince Ivar’s bride. On the other hand, I knew they were wishing me quick death, so that they could take my place.I wished they were bold enough to tell this to the
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His stubborn Wife...
"leave me alone" A deep voice spoke in the darkness. He dashed behind her in a second.  Without seeing who it was princess Rania knew the voice belonged to the second prince of Aragon "How will I leave you alone your Highness?" she asked shakily. It was their first night after marriage and he was giving her attitude already. But what did you expect for a devil man who felt too proud to attend his own wedding! He even tried to scare her on their first meeting. There was no response from him. Princess  Rania sighed to leave. There was no light in the room. Too afraid to move or take a step she wandered around the room till she stepped on a foot. A firm hand drew her into his arms and held her waist tight. "Since you decided to stay, I hope you can face the consequences of your stubbornness" Princess Rania tried to break free from him but he was too strong. She could tell for his strength that he was no Ordinary man prince Ivar felt the energy
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You Will Soon Meet With the eighty concubines of your husband...
**Princess Rania’s POV.I got downstairs and the women of the harem stared at me. Alissa who was knitting a cloth was surprised to see me. I walked to where she was and sat next to her. “ What are you knitting, Alissa?”“A table cover for the empress” She answered, fixing the needle under the drawings on the cloth.“I see.. please teach me too” I pleaded.“No my lady” Alissa refused. “By the way what are you doing here? It is your first night with the prince.”I looked at them pitifully. They did not know the man who they called Ivar. He was wicked and heartless. He made me shivered in the room like a Christmas chicken. “The prince sent me out of his room. That’s why I came here to join you, ladies.”The women laughed. They whispered among their selves but I did not care. Alissa was not pleased at all. She grabbed my hand and took me to the corner of
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