Love That Doesn't Waver

Love That Doesn't Waver

By:  Supriya Albert  Ongoing
Language: English
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The Adoration and lust that intially marks the love between the two, drifts a sudden deviation in destiny. However the fate brings them together in the laters where the couple work to build a better relationship. The novel explores on how It's truly devastating that we yearn for something, only when its no where near us.

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5 chapters
The night seemed starless, wind gushing through the boughs laden with blossoms of the tree, Riya stood still in loneness. Terrace had become her temple by now; the only place she found solace and serenity. Her complaints directly hit God since she rambled lifting her head to the sky. All she could possibly sense that moment was her heave of disappointment, pain got heavy with every tear fall. By now, she’s lost hope for love. Its been a day since Advik got wedded. Riya: On October 5th 2015, is when I first happened to meet Advik, a real conversation resonated. We’ve been living in the same apartment for years now, but hadn’t bumped at each other. We minded our own business, until we threw ourselves up at each other on a Monday morning. Sorry he mumbled to himself, heading to his black shimmering Royal Enfield Bike.  “What are you doing there standing still?” my father called out from the car, waiting for me to get in. I swiftly hopped in and was all set
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It had been raining cats and dogs from the morning. Its been two days since I previously spoke.  I was jobless at home, lying under the quilt watching Titanic. My eyes were glued to the television, but yet my mind kept reasoning him. My heart ached to see him. I rang up to him quickly, within a fraction of a second he answered. Before I could even utter, he spoke: “Riya, shall we meet at the portico?” He has the jumpy energy of teenager on cocaine.  I was in a state of euphoria, would I ever say no? Yes Advik, there in a minute! That was probably the prompt answer I ever gave. I wanted to appear natural, took a tint of lipbalm, rubbed them on my lips, sprayed a mild perfume and made my way. I was not much into skincare, until Aadvik had been a part of my life. I wasn’t sure if he noticed every movement of mine, but I assumed that he did and always concentrated a little extra than usual on my dressing and makeup when I’m prepared to meet him.
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I met him while I was leaving to college this morning. He was already all set to start for his office; his helmet was on, coolers check and hand gloves fit. I expected him to have a word with me but instead he vanished with the wind, making me a stupor with his wink. He’s such an enchanter.I had a presentation to perform at college, I was a bit anxious though. The class had commenced, and it was my call to present. I chose something that’s challenging, GRAMMAR. I’ve known teachers who made grammar so boring for their students right from my schooling. I didn’t want to be the same. Inturn I wanted to make it easy and interesting for others. I covered a whole lot in an hour for my strength. I wasn’t sure if I had presented well, but definitely my confidence has elevated by now. The whole class applauded when I was done. My gang was waving victory signs for me. That brought me immense joy, that’s when I decided I was born to teach.Teac
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It was the second Saturday of the month. My friends had planned for a hangout to Forum Mall( one of the best and oldest full fledged mall for shopping and entertainment inside the city) . I made known to Advik that I was off for a weekend hangout. He didn’t acknowledge my message and since I was getting late, likewise I didn’t wait for his response.We planned to watch a movie but all the shows were booked and with no other option left we got into the Fun World. It comprised of umpteen interesting games and play station. Harini and myself weren’t much into those stuff, but Sai and Ryan thoroughly enjoyed. They even won a Winnie the Pooh fluffy toy to take back home as a resemblance of Victory.After doing nothing productive, we were famished and got into KFC Restaurant known for its finger licking chicken. I was waiting in the queue to place an order when I received Advik’s call. He didn’t allow me to greet or say hello, meanwhile he began
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I set about the day jaunty, love bubbling from within. I had a dream about us last night, probably because he was the last thought on my mind before I fell asleep.DREAM:     We were a squad of six, two men including Advik and four women counting on me together. Advik and myself had known each other for years now, right from the early ages. We held something special more than love, a highly platonic affection and adoration towards each other but never dared to confess, not even a single time.Two from our gang were already a couple in love, Pooja and Prathap. They were about to get married in a month and in order to celebrate the couple we planned for a party at a roof top restaurant.Fathima another interesting character in our gang was always fond of Advik. She tried all possible techniques to make him fall into her trap, nevertheless he always tried to ignore her since he wasn’t much into her.Abiding to a certain circumsta
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