My Boss, My Boyfriend

My Boss, My Boyfriend

By:  Bellamia  Completed
Language: English
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"If you dare think of leaving me, i will make your life so miserable, you will plead for death. You're mine and the earlier you accept that, the better for you.” Mike told her in harsh tones and she froze with shock as the soft spoken words washed over her. As the power boss of Diamond Investment Company, Mike doesn't waste his words on empty threats. If he says he would do it, expect him to deliver with an extra payment. ~~~~~ Intelligent and amiable, all Liza wanted was to do her job and make wedding plans with her long time boyfriend. Unfortunately, her boss had another thing in mind entirely. Ruthless and possessive, Mike was all determined to break off the relationship between Liza and her boyfriend. But, equally blessed with a stubborn spirit, Liza was all determined to marry her long time boyfriend and she didn't give a about Mike's feelings. With a promotion offer in one hand and an intense chemistry on the other hand, Mike went for the .

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188 Chapters
Chapter One - Rejection is for the weak, not the determined...
  Her Ruthless Angel Bellamia   “So, will you be taking it?”    Looking round, Liza realised two things at once; first of all, she was in Mike’s office and secondly, he just asked her a question and with the way he was staring at her, obviously wondering what was wrong with her, he had been made to ask the same question, several times, with her gazing into space.    Seeing that he wasn’t pleased with the way she kept him waiting for a response, she quickly gave a brief but fake smile, while nodding her head like a confused lizard.     With an impatient sigh, he smiled and asked again.    “You are taking the position right?”    And that was when Liza realised she had goofed again.    She honestly didn’t understand what he was talking about. But who co
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Chapter Two - When going for the expected, change tactics when you meet the unexpected...
    Straightening from his desk and the paperwork in front of him an hour after dismissing Liza from his office, Mike stood to take a stretch by moving close to his window which gives a breathtaking view of the London city at night.    Gazing into space, his thoughts were brought back to his meeting earlier with Liza and he shook his head wondering why on Earth she gave such a puzzling reaction to his news instead of jumping for joy as expected of someone of her age.    He had thought at twenty three years of age, she would be excited with a promotion many would break their teeth for, especially when she would have had to wait at least another three years to get such an opportunity.    Mike was damn exasperated.   “Honestly! Women! You never can understand them.”   And now, with Liza acting like a bimbo who didn’t understand any word he wa
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Chapter Three - Anger is an emotion that's close to fire. . .
  Angry and confused, Mike watched as the guy Liza called Tom left. He moved to follow him but he stopped his movement as he saw Liza limp to her car. He knew there was no way he would leave without checking if she would be fine.    Although he didn’t understand any of the things that just happened, he could deduce from the conversation he heard that Tom was the guy’s name and he’s Liza’s boyfriend.    A boyfriend that’s angry because Liza was late to their dinner date. A lateness caused by him.    Oh grief!    He couldn’t help but feel guilty even though he knew he had nothing to feel guilty about, he was only doing his job.    But why! Why didn’t she say something? She could have told him she had a date. He isn’t a monster that he wouldn’t understand. Remembering how she described him to her boyfriend, as boring and all business, he shook h
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Chapter Four - Even in a Macho, dwells a vain blood...
  Forgetting he was expecting Liza, Mike gave an angry bellow.    “What?”    Opening the door tentatively, Liza quietly walked in.   “I’m sorry sir, I can come back if you’re busy,” she said.   Trying to compose himself, he went back to his desk and motioned her to sit.   “No, I’m not busy and I’m sorry for bellowing in that manner, just that I had a lot on my mind.” He said as he tried to give a smile.    Liza gave a nod as she sat to face him while wondering and praying he shouldn’t mention the promotion.    With everything going on with her presently, she hadn’t given the promotion a thought, so she’s yet to decide on what to do. Taking it would be the best move for her career but a promotion as the PA to the boss meant more work and less time for herself, and that might not be good for her relationship
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Chapter Five - It's sometimes possible to see the unusual as the norm...
  Entering her flat that evening after a hectic day of trying to avoid Mike, Liza gave a smile of relief when she saw that Tom wasn’t anywhere around the flat.    She honestly couldn’t stand his trouble again, not with the way she was feeling. In fact, she prayed he should not come back…But as soon as she said it, guilt replaced the thought and she grimaced.    Of course she wanted him to come back. He was the only one she had, the person who truly loved her.    Having lost her parents at an early age, to be raised by an indifferent aunt who only cared about her painting and pets, she had grown with the determination to not only find a good career that would give room for other things, but to also find love and marriage.    So yes, she wanted Tom to come back but in a better mood than the previous night.    Maybe they could talk; maybe the ta
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Chapter Six - To some, abuse means love, what does it mean to you. . ?
  Returning the kiss hotly, she wasn’t prepared for the next sound she heard.    Oh dammit! There goes the buttons of her favourite blue top.   Tom was playing Mr. Rough again.    And that’s another thing she forgot to mention. While Tom was a good kisser, he’s rough and wasn’t really great in the bedroom department.    Just a fast, boring sex and that’s all, he doesn’t know how to romance and bring a lady to satisfaction.    Just rough tumble on the bed and he is satisfied.    Well, that’s not true, at least not today.   It seems they will be doing it on the kitchen counter today so that’s obviously a change, She thought with an inner roll of the eyes while trying to lift her rosy breast for Tom to suckle.    “Oh yes baby, kiss me, suckle me, I’m all yours.” She told him.&nb
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Chapter Seven - You can sometimes find happiness in weird places...
  "What did you say?”      Mike pretended not to have heard the young lady sitting across from his desk.      “I said, I’m sorry, but I will not be taking the promotion offer. I cannot.” She told him.      “Tell me why.” He demanded.     “I don’t think I’m obligated to give a reason, sir,” She snapped and Mike grimaced.   “Well, oblige me my dear Liza.” He said with a sugar coated angry smile.    “This is outrageous, sir. I believe it’s my right to accept or reject an offer from the company and as far as this offer is concerned, I’m rejecting it. There are many others in this office that will jump at such an opportunity.” She told him.    “But not you right?” He asked again just to be sure he heard her well.    Biting her li
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Chapter Eight - At the end of the day, Lust is nothing but a bitch...
  Running to the Ladies washroom, Liza tried to calm her beating heart. She honestly couldn’t believe she just kissed her boss.    Mike! Mike of all people.    Who would have thought?    Who would have thought the man was a walking dynamite waiting to explode?    Touching her sensitive lips, she stared into space as she thought of their kiss again and again.    But seeing that even the memory was enough to make her weak below the knees, she quickly snapped out of it.    Wetting her face with water to calm her nerves, she wiped her face with a toilet napkin before slowly making her way to her desk.      But Liza soon found out that getting rid of the memory wasn’t as easy as she thought and she gave a small groan when she found herself making a mistake for the fifth time in five
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Chapter Nine - A woman becomes dangerous when you start to see her in your dreams...
  It was after five in the evening and Liza should have been out of the office twenty minutes ago but for the printing she had to finish and drop on Stella's desk for tomorrow’s meeting.    But thanks to God, she’s finally done and can be out of the office in a minute.    But just as she was grabbing her purse to make a dash for the door, the door to the boss’s office opened and in strolled Mike with his usual leisure walk.   “Done for the day?” He asked.   “Hmm, yes sir.” She answered.    “Oh good. I was just leaving also. Mind if I walk you to your car?” He asked.   “My car?” She repeated foolishly.   “Yes, since my car is parked beside it.”    “Oh, please, go ahead. I will be fine to walk to the car park alone”. She said with a fake smile.   “I know you would be
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Chapter Ten - Obviously, lust and anger can be good friends...
 Wondering what just happened, Liza kept staring at the door in which Mike just went through.  Obviously, he was in a bad mood, she thought.  Going back to her desk, she remembered the intense look on his face while he was staring her down and how she had almost allowed him to kiss her, again.  But now, not in his office, but the office lobby where anybody could see them. Good grief!  What’s Mike thinking of?  She honestly doesn’t understand the man again.  Maybe it’s best she resigns from the office.  For her peace of mind!  But, with her plans of getting married, where is she going to get another job soon? She knew she was good and while Mike and Stella would not refuse her a recommendation letter, she couldn’t guarante
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