Alpha Reid

Alpha Reid

By:  C.J. Primer  Completed
Language: English
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SIX-PACK SERIES BOOK FIVE ~ *If you haven't read books 1-4, I highly recommend starting the series with Alpha Gray and reading the prior books in order (Gray, Theo, Jax, Brock) for context before starting this one* REID : I've always exercised complete control in all things. When it comes to my pack, I'm in control as its Alpha. In everyday life, I follow a schedule and value structure and discipline. My friends think I stick too close to the rules, but maintaining order and being in control are the key things that keep me grounded. That's part of the reason why the wait for my fated mate has been so frustrating- because it's the one thing I have no control over. And when I finally meet her, I quickly realize she's equally as uncontrollable, as is the bond between us. I've been waiting all my life for Serena, but when she shows up on the eve of a war, can I really trust her? And if so, will I ever be able to conquer her chaos? ~ SERENA : They say life is full of choices, but mine were stripped from me the moment my pack was attacked and my family was killed. Since then, I've been on autopilot, just doing what I have to do to survive. That is, until the last thing I expect to happen, does; I stumble upon my fated mate. I suddenly have a choice again- give in to the mate bond between Reid and I, or risk losing it all. Can I trust him with my secrets, and can he handle them? Once he knows the truth, will he even still want me? It's an impossible choice, because no matter which one I make, I may still lose everything…

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It seems that the moon goddess plays a joke with Raven. It’s generally acknowledged that werewolves find their mates through scents and their romance relationships are based on the mate bond. Each werewolf will find their mates with the lead of the bond built by the moon goddess. However, Raven should be the mate of two werewolves. What’s more, these two werewolves are good friends. However, they give up their friendship and choose to go their separate ways when they find their mate should be the same girl. Eventually, their pack encounters a threat, what will they do? Can they remember the past friendship and confront the threat together? What will Raven do? Read Caged Between The Beta & Alpha 。

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44 Chapters
REIDThe shrill howl of a wolf echoes through the forest, followed by another. Tonight, the woods are crawling with wolves out running together under the light of the full moon. They’re running wild, free, answering the call of their most basic instinct at this stage in the lunar cycle, when the moon’s energy is at its peak. For many, it’s a time for cathartic release, to let go of the past and move into a new phase.Just a few minutes ago, I was out there running with them. As my pack’s Alpha, it’s my duty to lead the run every full moon- it’s a ritual that promotes pack bonding and solidarity. Us wolf shifters are always looking forward to the full moon run, but anticipation was particularly high for tonight’s run because it wasn’t just with our own pack; we joined in with the other five packs of wolf shifters that we’re aligned with for the run. The full moon run felt so different tonigh
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SERENAIs this real life? I’ve had a lot of dreams about escaping that cell, but so far none of them have involved stumbling upon my fated mate under the full moon. I blink at the gorgeous man standing across from me, my throat tightening. I forget to breathe. Am I dreaming? I dig my fingernails into the flesh of my thigh, pinching.Ouch. I’m awake. This is real. And before he even says the word, I know it’s true. The most delightful sensations are washing over me, lapping at my skin and enveloping me like a warm blanket. I’m flooded with endorphins and adrenaline, a euphoric high that has me feeling half drunk. I’m so aware of the connection between us, the pull yanking me to him. He’s beautiful, and my inner wolf is spinning and preening with the realization that he’s ours.Mate.I’m not sure what I expected in a mate, but he’s not
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REID“You’d better have a good reason for calling us over this early,” Theo yawns as he steps over the threshold into my packhouse. He and Jax are the last to arrive- Gray and Brock are already here. I sent out a text last night telling them we needed to meet this morning, and considering I don’t make requests like this often, they all showed up, no questions asked.“He’s got coffee,” Gray calls from the kitchen, holding up the pot.Theo scrubs a hand over his face. “Thank fuck.”I roll my eyes, clapping him on the shoulder and leading him and Jax into the kitchen where Brock is sipping on a cup of coffee and Gray is filling a few more for the rest of us.“You gonna tell us what’s so urgent, or are you gonna keep us hanging?” Jax groans, posting up against the kitchen counter. He’s got dark circles under his eyes and his hair is disheveled- I&rsq
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SERENA Taylor’s the type of girl that’s so outgoing and over-the-top nice that it almost seems disingenuous- because nobody’s that sugar sweet, right? Wrong. The more I talk to Taylor, the more I realize that this isn’t a front; it’s really who she is.  And I’m not gonna lie, I’m a little jealous. I wish I could be more like her. Maybe I could’ve been, if life hadn’t stomped all over me. If I hadn’t seen what I’ve seen and done what I’ve done. She leads me down the hall from her daughter’s room to her own, and on the way, Taylor tells me all about her mate, Cyrus, who is also the beta of Reid’s pack. Apparently the adjustment to parenthood has been rough on both of them, but Cyrus has stepped up more than she ever expected him to. Her hazel eyes light up when she talks about her mate, her wavy shoulder-length honey brown hair bouncing as she speaks animatedly. “So what kind of clothes are you looking fo
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REID I’ve always believed in destiny. While this current situation may not be ideal, fate doesn’t make mistakes when bringing people together as mates. I don’t know much about Serena yet, but I do know that I’m insanely attracted to her. I’ve never been like this around another she-wolf, not even hot-as-fuck Arabella who was basically a nympho and made a hobby out of throwing herself at me. I turned her down more times than I took her up on it, too busy to bother with getting invested in a woman. Yet here I am, not even twenty-four hours in, and I’m already obsessed with Serena Harper. When I’m not around her, she’s all I can think about. When I am around her, it’s hard not to imagine what it’d be like to rip her clothes off and claim her as my own. Given what she’s likely been through, I know I need to be respectful and handle her with care… but fuck, I’ve never had such a difficult time remaining in control of my own faculties. Aft
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SERENAAs I stare down at the array of shopping bags covering the entirety of the large bed, I can’t help but have mixed emotions. Most girls would be falling all over themselves at a gesture like this, right? But I guess I’m not most girls.I know I should be grateful for Reid’s thoughtfulness and generosity, but part of me rebels against being taken care of like this, determined to prove to the world that despite what I’ve been through, I’m not a victim and I can take care of myself. So instead, as I take in the overindulgence spread out on the bed before me, I’m just racked with guilt. I feel guilty for harboring resentment rather than gratitude, and I feel guilty for being on the receiving end of Reid’s kindness once again, because I sure as hell don’t deserve it.I’m still thrown by this whole fated mates thing, and still don’t have a clue what I’m going to do about
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REIDI’m closing the front door behind my friends and their mates when I hear a creak on the stairs behind me. I don’t have to turn around to know it’s Serena- both because she’s the only person staying upstairs in my wing of the packhouse and because my wolf perked up as soon as her sweet scent registered. I keep discovering aspects to the mate bond that I never anticipated, like how my senses all seem heightened when it comes to her. I’ve been hyper-aware of her presence when she’s near, oddly attuned to her body language like I can almost read her well-hidden emotions.I turn to look her way, my eyes wandering her form as she hits the bottom step. She’s evidently gone through some of her new clothes- she’s changed into a pair of navy blue high-waisted yoga pants and a white cropped hoodie, her long red hair swept up into a neat ponytail. I’m not sure how it’s possible for her to be
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SERENA “This is it,” Reid says as he turns a corner and I get my first glimpse of the squad complex. He told me all about this training facility on our way here, but even so, nothing could’ve prepared me for the reality of actually seeing it with my own eyes. His description didn’t do it justice- this place is absolutely massive, surrounded by imposing walls that tower nearly as tall as the trees that surround it on all sides.As impressive as it is from the outside, I can’t wait to see it from the inside- I’m antsy as Reid swings the Mustang into a parking spot up front beside a big black Escalade, shifting the gear into park and cutting the engine.“This place is incredible,” I breathe, craning my neck to look up at the structure through the passenger window as I unbuckle my seatbelt. “This is all just for training?”“Our full-time squad members liv
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REID   I don’t know what it is about a woman in red lipstick that I find so damn attractive, but when that flame-haired little vixen descended the packhouse stairs tonight in a tight little skirt and red lips, it immediately did something to my dick. I’ve been sporting a semi all night, barely able to think straight around Serena. Hardly able to breathe. I’m actually somewhat relieved when one of the girls suggests they go take shots and I’m given a little bit of a reprieve to collect my thoughts. “So how’s it been going?” Gray asks as soon as the girls are out of earshot, turning his attention to me. “Good,” I mumble absently, eyes glued to Serena’s ass as she heads for the bar. The crowd fills in behind her and I turn back to the guys, meeting Gray’s dubious stare.   “Yeah?” he asks skeptically. I shrug. “Sure. I mean… as good as it can be going?” I scrub a hand over my face, chuckling wryly. “Fuck
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SERENA   It feels like electricity is crackling between us, and my thoughts are so clouded with lust that I can’t concentrate on anything but Reid- his heady scent, his dominating presence as he towers behind me. The growly baritone of his voice. I suck in a breath as his other hand joins the first, stroking down my back until one lands on each hip, squeezing gently. Then he moves them both down over the curve of my ass painfully slowly, his fingers toying with the hem of my skirt as my core starts to throb with need. I’ve never done this before- never even considered it. But when Reid asked if I wanted him to punish me, I came to the startling realization that yes, that’s exactly what I want. There’s no mistaking the way my body reacts to his, and I don’t want to think anymore, I just want to feel. Even if it can’t last. Even if it’s just for right now. “You sure about this?” he asks, and my body’s so on fire t
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