Her Ruthless Beast

Her Ruthless Beast

By:  Iffat  Completed
Language: English
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I need your body pressed against mine. Your warmth, your smell, the taste of your , I need you.” His deep voice rang in the dark room. He pulled her closer and stated placing gentle . She was tied to bed with leg wide open. “Please do not do that.” She pleaded. “Don’t worry I will go gentle on you.” he said picking up the whip from the ground. “After all, I still have to make you mine.” He completed pinching her n****e. - Grasis was a dangerous beast. He had two hobbies: blood and . He drank men's blood and girls. His life is full of blood and pain. He had no weakness but suddenly she appeared in front of him, taking his breath, making his metal heart to beat again and filling his heart with warmth. Cruel and ruthless man starts craving only one thing in his life and that was Ayla’s body. He made her his slave. He owns and claimed her.

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    LondonAt NightThere was pitch darkness on all sides. Lightning flashed from the smoky rain, making the darkness even more frightening. The trees were moving so fast.Even on this horrible night, don't know who he was. He probably didn't care at all. The buildings in London were sloping and he was crawling on top of the building in this desolate place. He was climbing barefoot very skillfully. He was completely soaked in the rain.Climbing from one side to the other, hanging upside down with the help of his legs, he gently opened the window with his sharp fingernails and looked at the bed in front of him. His lips were smiling. Slowly he straightened up and sat on the roof with his eyes closed towards the sky. It was raining on his face. His smile was spreading. He ran his hand through his hair. His face was still towards the sky. He was enjoying this terrible weather.He lowered his face and opened his eyes, which were r
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    She was fast asleep on her knees when suddenly something fell and her eyes opened. Suddenly she raised her head and opened her sleepy eyes and saw him standing by the stove.Maybe a pot had fallen out of his hand. She had been sitting at the same angle since she came. Her legs were stiff. Her hands and feet were getting cold. Suddenly she felt dizzy. She was trying to straighten her legs due to severe weakness. She realized that she had not drunk a drop of water since morning, and if she had not eaten for a while, she would become unconscious. When did she run so hard? It was natural to get tired. She looked at him; He was opening a ton of can from the opener then maybe he took out some dried fish pieces from it and started frying.The smell of food drove her hungry stomach crazy. She kept looking at him.It was as if he were alone here. He had nothing to do with her existence. Perhaps he thought he had done her a favor by bringing her with him so there was no n
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    Left Alone?
    “Please listen to me.”She started screaming and making noises when the whole forest was asleep. There was no sound. Her voice was spreading in the forest like an echo. He stopped the car but did not return until she ran away and reached there.“Where are you going to leave me alone so late at night?” He was sitting bored with his hands on the staring.“Madam, it is four o'clock in the morning and night is end. And as far as leaving alone is concerned, I do not think that I have made such a promise. I will not leave you alone. If you were so cowardly, what did you come to do in this forest?” He seemed much fresher than yesterday. She doesn’t know when he will wake up to leave at four o'clock.“Please help me. You can take me to any city or town here. I will never forget your kindness.” She pleaded ignoring his harsh tone. “At that time I have to go, I will come back, and then we will
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    His Rudeness
    She was reciting and praying for his return when the jeep stopped outside the tent.“Thank God.” She was happy to have her prayers accepted. When he came in, her eyes were fixed on him.“Thank you. You came back. I was very upset.” She addressed him with joy and happiness. He sat on the bed staring at her.He threw his cap on the carpet in front of her, then took off his shoes in a very ruthless manner and threw them away too. The one who was embarrassed for not getting an answer to her question was frightened by his angry and resentful manner. Maybe he may have intended to throw away his shirt by unbuttoning it. But he stopped to look at her.“What's the matter, why do you stand on my head? I don't know what an ominous hour it was, A plague like yours has come down” She was left speechless at this unreasonable rebuke. The situation was not such that she could answer him in the same way. That's why she kept her face exp
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    When she entered, he followed her.“I think this is the reason why you are so upset about your health. Please be happy. Otherwise, after a while, people will call your name irritable.” He was teasing her. She remains silent. “Had something to eat in the afternoon?” He walked over to the stove and spoke to her. In response, she shook her head in denial. She just had eaten biscuits in the morning. “Look, if you get sick, don't expect me. I will take care of you. I was oblivious to eating and drinking in the melody of work but you...” He was scolding her while she was silent.“Come on, what will you remember? I will make delicious pasta today for you.” He was suddenly kind. She was also surprised at his change. He took a packet of pasta out of his bag. He took out a pot and poured water from a can lying nearby and put it to boil. She was watching him silently. He was so beautiful.***
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    Don't cry
    After tying her, he went inside, washed his hands, and after wetting his mouth, he started wiping the blood marks on his hands. She was screaming that her voice would change from screaming.After wiping his hands, he started looking at her from time to time."Mmm, please leave me. I won't tell anyone. Mum. Leave me alone, Please." She said crying."Don't even dare to tell anyone. My dear, it is you who are alive after seeing my real face, otherwise the party would have been going on till now." He said smiling and picked up the rod lying behind the door and started rolling it in his hands. By doing so, a scream came out of Ayla's mouth"Why are you screaming ...?” As he approached her, he leaned over her and rolled his red eyes into her black eyes."Mmm. I won't tell you anything, little girl. If I had to say you would be my victim by now ..."He brought his face closer and looked at every facial expression in her eyes.He slowly
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    She had already wanted to go with Leila. She did not show interest for fear of aunty. It was too late to get permission. She happily put on her shawl and sweater. Leila kept on cursing the people all the time who are disturbing the natural system of the forest. Her bus would run and trap the hunters and traders. The common man can't think about it. Trees, mountains, animals, all build a forest together.“Maybe we should tell our children. Lion was an animal in our time. He was called a cheetah as we read about dinosaurs today.” She said. She didn't like to talk about any topic other than forest animals. Danish was really interested.She had slept for a while and was refreshed. Then she joined in the conversation with the two of them. Laughing at Leila's words, she felt as if the car had hit something with full force. A loud scream came out of her mouth before that. Before that they would have recovered, the car took two or three turns. Her Mind was freeze.
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    "You’re scared of me and the one who was going to be the lion's prey ... if I hadn't come he would have blown up the rags by now" he was saying angrily.   “So don't come. What difference does it make if he eats or you scratch?” Tears welled up in her eyes   "You're a kindly forgotten girl. Get up now we have to hide before he comes" he was looking around saying.   "I don't want to go with you," she shouted angrily, but before she could say anything more, a growling sound came from nearby. She got up quickly and came near to him. Her body was trembling. Graisis looked at her sarcastically and then focused his eyes in front of him.  He was thinking, suddenly the color of his eyes changed. “You have to go with me. It's better. Believe me easily. Otherwise, you will not like the method I will adopt.” He looked at her with red eyes and shouted. She was a soft and delicate girl and it was hard for her to bear.
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    Be Mine
    "Look, sweet girl, all avenues for your return is closed. All the boats are burned. Forget about coming back. Just remember the Grasis. Now your life has to start with me and end with me. It is better to accept this fact with laughter and joy. Otherwise I will have to force my point. And that method would not be so polite. Believe me, girl, for the first time, my heart has made me want to fall in love with someone. " At the end of the talk he smiled deliberately, touching her slightly open lips in a state of shock and anguish while enduring the demonic gaze of his eyes, she was completely ready for insolence and shed tears of intense feeling of helplessness. She was forced to cry. When Grasis saw her crying like this, he took a deep breath and increased the distance. He was returning when Aliya ran and came in his way. "Look, don't do that. For the sake of your most beloved being, please let me go. I will not bear this humiliation. I will di
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    Marry me
    The next morning, Grasis forcibly took her with him. As soon as he reached his house, Grasis stopped the car in the garage. Grasis got out of the car and opened the door leading to Ayla. Thinking about the future, she did not even know that she had reached his captivity, so her silence made him angry.That is why he himself grabbed her by the arm and dragged her inside the palace-like house. She had regained consciousness a little. Now he knew that she had reached Grasis's house. She was standing in front of a very beautiful house.What is written in destiny cannot be avoided. Destiny has been written for every human being since then. How could she escape from it? She had no choice but to surrender herself to the situation. She had given up all resistance. It is said that the most precious thing a disrespectful person has is his honor. She, too, had agreed to marry him in order to save it.Marry a beast. That was unthinkable under normal circumstances, but now s
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