Desired By My Mate

Desired By My Mate

By:  Empress Des  Ongoing
Language: English
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Avery is the daughter of a strong Alpha, however she is weak and is treated like a slave in her own pack, her father decides to send her to a supernatural academy that would help her grow past her weakness and even be able to shift, there she finds out that her roommate happens to be the Lycan's son, Alexander, the school's hottest bad boy who is an hybrid of a werewolf and a wizard as if that was not tensed enough, he happens to be her mate. He instantly disliked the fact that the goddess has chosen to punish him by giving him a weakling as a mate, he refused to reject her but he does not accept her either, instead, he decides to make her life miserable by bullying her by the day and torturing her by the night, also, making his witch mate seem like the better option.

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47 Chapters
       ~Avery~‘’Ave! Avery!’’It was not even up to a ten minutes that I was allowed to rest, my name was called again for the umpteenth time today, I was basically a slave to my own people that was only because my father gave them the right time to treat me like an omega.I manage to get up from my bed and staggered out of my room because I was feeling dizzy, all I wanted to do was to rest for a bit but of course, they would not have any of that.I got to the kitchen and met an angry looking Emily, the head maid, she was holding a spatula and I knew better to stay away or else, she might hit me with it out of annoyance.‘’Why did you take long to answer your name?! Have you suddenly gone deaf?!’’ She yelled at me.‘’I am sorry; I was asleep before…’’ She did not even give me enough time to defend myself before she dashed me with
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            ~Avery~I looked at my reflection in the mirror to make sure that my clothes covered each and every one of my bruises, if I could do my own makeup, I would have used foundation to hide them, I did not know why I bothered so much, it was not as if anyone actually cared to notice, I was basically invisible at school and I liked it, it was my escape from this hell that I call a pack, if I had the guts to get into trouble so I would be stuck in detention, I would do it but Liam would make sure to whip me because of the time I wasted at school.I walked to my bed and grabbed my bag pack when Emily got into my room without knocking, as usual, she had a frown on her face.‘’Good Morning, Emily.’’ I greeted her.‘’What exactly is good about the morning, huh? The Alpha wants to see you, I don’t know what kind of trouble that you have gotten yourself into but it better not cost me m
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          ~Avery~Anxiety embraced me as I stepped out of the car with Liam, I was finally in front of the Academy and I could not deny that the environment seemed quite good for my mental health, at least, I would be far away from toxicity and even given the chance to start a new life, oh, except, one little detail, sharing a room with a guy would be bad and tempting.The Lycan’s wife who seemed to be the headmistress stood outside with her daughter and some other students to welcome me with a wide grin, I had to mirror their action even though it was forced.‘’Don’t think you will stay here for long, soon, you will be back into your cage and I will make sure of that.’’ Liam whispered and my smile instantly dropped.It was heartbreaking to know that my blood brother did not want me to be happy, not even one bit, I would just have to behave myself.‘’Welcome to Mason Academy!&
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           ~Avery~ I felt weak in the knees under his stare, he accessed me slowly from my head to toe and made the atmosphere more tensed than ever, from the look on his face, it could tell that he was not impressed by what he saw, my anxiety was eating me badly that I could not take it anymore.I was scared that I did not meet up to his standard since he was the Lycan’s son but still, I wanted him to prove me wrong, I needed him to tell me that I have been overthinking and he was blessed to have me as his mate.He opened his mouth to finally speak and I prayed that they would not be hurtful words.‘’Are you done cleaning?’’ Gosh, his voice could make me addicted to hearing him speak all the time.His question startled me but then, I realized that I had just moved in so of course, I would clean up my space.I quickly replied him with a nod, unsure of whether he l
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          ~Alexander~There was no way on planet Earth that I would accept a weakling as my mate, not in this life or the next, she would have been perfect if she was not frail and shabbily looking, yes, her blue eyes matched well with her ginger hair, she was not ugly, I would rate her beauty, an eight out of a ten but other factors just cancelled that out, I was really hoping for a strong mate, Alison would have been good but she was a wolf and not a witch, I needed someone who would not be scared during war, I was not going to babysit anybody’s daughter.Nobody must find out about us being mates, it would be disgraceful, I did not have to worry too much, she seemed like the type that did not even have the guts to speak, whether or not, she did, I would make sure that she hates me to the extent, she would not want a second chance mate from the goddess.It was a pity that I had to be stuck with Alison, I was planning to dump her b
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               ~Avery~Pain?No, it could not be, whatever I was feeling was worse than that, I did not know rejection hurt badly even though he never pronounced it with his lips, sooner or later, he will, the boy that I have been waiting my whole life to rescue me from my misery disappointed, my spirit felt weaker than ever because I have been holding on to a false hope for so long, there was no one out to actually love me, I did not want to even live anymore because there was no point.I was already having headache because of how long that I have been crying, I got up from the floor and chose to look at my reflection in the mirror and I regretted it because it made me cry even more, it would have been so much better if I had not come to this school, I would not have met him, my eyes were bloodshot and I did not want anybody to see me in this horrible state, it might scared them.Just as I was about to wash my face
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             ~Avery~The only thing that I have never experienced in my life was peace, I thought my stay in this school would relieve me a bit from stress and give me a chance at happiness but that was not possible with sharing a room with my mate and seeing him spend time with someone else, maybe, he would have rejected me, instead of giving me false hope that someday, he would accept me.In less than 24 hours, they were both making sure that I stayed out of the room and their plan was actually working because I wanted to move out, I did not care if the room was the worse of the worst, as long as it was far away from them, I would be okay, I cannot afford to be crying every single night.Luckily for me, his sister, Ashley came to my rescue as she walked into the room with a scowl on her face when she saw both of them on the bed, cuddling but it washed away as she directed her gaze to me.‘’Are you ready for
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            ~Avery~My eyes were glued to his chest, there were tattoos that made him even hotter but it was not too much, my mouth watered as I admired how hot his abs were, I felt my wolf take over and I knew that my eye color had changed from blue to golden, she yearned for his touch so bad even though, she knew how much he hated us, it turned to complete torture when heat began to emanate, he smelled my arousal but chose to ignore it as if his nose was not functioning.His action made a tear drop from my eyes as I kept staring at him, waiting for him to at least, say a word to me, he knew how frustrating mate bond could be sometimes, yet, he decided to make me suffer.‘’Why are you standing there? Get inside and shut the door.’’ He ordered, not taking his eyes off his laptop.I instantly wiped my tears and did as he told me, I walked away from where I was standing and decided to shower, maybe, it m
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             ~Avery~My legs were glued to the ground as they could not move, I froze right there on the spot as my eyes diverted from the bed to his pelvis region where I saw his big cock, I gulped down my saliva as I imagined so many things that he could do to me with that.His eyes color had changed to deep red and I knew that his wolf was in control now, the wild beast has been awakened and I was definitely going to get it hot.He did not utter a word, instead, he gestured with his hand for me to come over, with every step that I took, Alison’s words rang in my head but I did not care, nobody was ever going to know about it, besides, I had the same right to him, just like she did, even more.I could finally walk again but the movement was slow and my heart was racing so fast, I had to convince myself that it was going to be different unlike the previous guys that had forced themselves on me.A smirk disp
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           ~Avery~As I stared at our reflection in the mirror, I saw two opposite reaction, Ashely had a pleased, surprised look as she admired her masterpiece while I was shocked to the stupor because I could recognize myself, I was entirely a different person, she did not do much makeup on my face, just mascara, lip gloss and eye liner but the bun was super tight that I was scared of head ache but it gave my slanted eyes, more effect then, the gown, let us not even go there, they were all slutty, she had to pick the gown that was not that bad after she got several refusal from me.Even though that I liked my new look of a high school queen, deep down, I was scared of how he would react, he might not care but I did not want him to insult me, I would not be able to stand it, I would burst into tears.‘’Gosh, Avery, if I was a guy, I would fuck you right now.’’ She complimented.The gown was a pink bod
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