My Boss, My Husband

My Boss, My Husband

By:  Mairisian  Completed
Language: English
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Everyone thoughts, Tamara Palmer's life was perfect. She was the campus queen, popular, sexy, and admired by all. But it was all a façade. She may have the loveliest face but she's got the loneliest heart. When Magnus Wellington came into her life, for the first time, she let herself be happy. Tamara thought she finally had her happy ending when they got married, but little by little, Magnus changed. She never thought that the love they once shared, that something so beautiful could end painfully. She run away from her husband. Nearly seven years later, they meet again. Years had passed and yet Magnus still looked at her as if she was his, like she would forever be his. And Tamara knew, in the deepest recesses of her heart, that she would always be...

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67 chapters
Chapter 1: Tamara Palmer
   “Oh, hurry up, kids, and you’ll be on your way to school.” I looked at the head of the family, Uncle Arthur, father of my cousin Rebeka. I am completely orphaned, but I have an uncle who kindly adopted and taking care of me now. My parents left me to him, they died in a tragic accident when I'm only 9 years old. He treated me as if his real child. Unlike other orphans completely covered and enslaved. Mama and Uncle Arthur are siblings. So,that's how my Uncle takes care of me. Also provided me with all my needs, not only in school but also in personal things. No.I'm spoiled like my cousin who's pretty much just that things want to get. For now, Uncle Arthur runs and growing my parents ’small business. "I'm done, Uncle," I replied while
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Chapter 2: Cheer dance
   "HEY! TAMARA. What happened to you there? You are been so quiet there again?” I was even more surprised someone touched my arm. "I'm not used to it, beshy." “N-nothing. I was just nervous about the performance let's go now,” I replied and simply looked away outside the window. since sports fest week, there will be competition at school. The two have an intermission number of cheering groups —  one is the one I belong to, and the other was Rebeka's group. We count in the group Magnus, and Rebeca in the opposing group. “Wow! 'eh? you, nervous? To whom and why what about?” Aira asked in astonishment and raised an eyebrow. “Tsk! Aira, I'm really just thinking.” “I know who and where you were looking before. I bet he’s occupying your mind no
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Chapter 3: Hood Jacket
I was just alone in the dressing room area. I was the first to almost clap at the ending of our dance number. And it was because the new transferee was flirting with me. Oh, Magnus boy, that doesn't really work for me your pranks.  I first fix myself in front of the mirror, before I prepared to leave the dressing room. Carrying the bottled water, I walked to the door. But I stopped when something suddenly stopped there. I looked at the person, and the face, his eyes were fixed staring at me. Those are also the eyes that wink at me, and cause I almost fell earlier in the air.  What is he doing here right now?  Frowning — when I raised an eyebrow at Magnus.  He glanced at me from my head to feet. And for the very first time, I felt awkward. I’d admit, my attire was different from the other squad members. The others ’were slightly seductive, but mine was very seductive. But hell, I didn’t care. What is this per
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Chapter 4: New Heartthrob
 "GOTTA go, sexy. Thanks to this water. Again wear it!" Magnus pointed to the hood jacket, then turned away. I still frown as he walks out of the dressing area. Wait! Did he just approach me for this water and this hood jacket? How weird he really was. Oh, boy! you are not important for me to follow on this school. You have no right to say 'I don't want to share what's mine'. For your information, no one owns me here. Not even you. I suddenly stared at the jacket, then checked it out and smelled. Well, the brand is luxurious. and another, the fragrance as well. Well! Nice. Why not use it temporarily and return it to him later? But I'll wear it not because I follow him but because I decided. I went out and went straight to the gym. "Magnus! Magnus! Magnus!"Read more
Chapter 5: Shameless
 She smirked. "Don't dare deny it, dear. Even if not I use eyeglasses, I can prove it to you. What, now? This is the advanced contact lens you suggested to me? Fake?" one of my eyebrows rose. "Is this fake, Tam?" She repeated."You're being funny lately, Aira. You were always mistaken. Look, I am also watching, but I Did not see it. Tsk! I think you are very hungry, Let's eat later after the game.""It's up to you. I just really have a feeling that he is looking at you. Hmp, I don't want to admit it, eh." Aira smirked. And suddenly looked at me again."Beshy, let's jack en poy.""What?""Let's have a game," Aira challenged me. "Killjoy is not allowed, And it's just for fun, Tamara.Like the old times. You agreed, it's fun.""U-uhm... Okay, s-sure." I also agree with what he wants."Okay. Whoever loses, will be ordered. Like be
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Chapter 6: Rude
I WAS WITH Aira and Alberta walking into the school that morning. As usual, there are many more looking at me. Well, my dance moves yesterday were trending. And of course, they are also talking about I made Magnus cheer. So I'm duper trending all over the campus. Not only me — including Magnus.So there was Rebeka, seemingly disgusted again especially to me. Because he likes that rude basketball player. If only Rebeka knew Magnus let me put his jacket on, oh, maybe that cousin of mine will go crazy with so much envy."Hi, babe." I felt someone walk up and stand beside me on the walk."Hey, Kevin, what!" I lost my grip.Kevin Alcantara was my latest suitor. But I didn’t like him even if he was one of the most famous heartthrobs on our campus and star basketball player of the opposing team of Magnus.“You’re so hot yesterday, Tamara. I liked every movemen
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Chapter 7: First Kiss
I frowned."About you did Yesterday, I still need an explanation on why you did that.”“Whatever. I’m hoping this will be our last conversation” I faced my two friends. “C’mon, girls. Our  class is about to start.” I turned my back on Magnus and to the people around.“Oh, Magnus. Thank you so much. Don’t mind our friend, huh? Aira and I will thank you for being there for our friend," Alberta whispered to Magnus.“Yeah, yeah. Thank you, Magnus, for the defense you did to our friend,” Aira also thanked."Will you follow me or not?" Suddenly the two looked at me, then they followed.“Are you happy to feel that you are being quarreled with the two varsity players just because of your flirtation?” I frowned when someone interrupted me when I will pass.Well, it was Rebeka again with her ugly friends.I raised my brows while smirking. "Of course, becau
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Chapter 8: Playful Woman
[Magnus Pov.]Magnus Wellington. Eighteen years old. Heartthrob. Basketball player. Self-centered. Handsome. Bad boy. Martial arts expert and a total Womanizer.In fact, I would have been in college, but because of my pampered and always cutting class, I still back and forth in the last grade of high school.Clever but mischievous. Loves to mess so, I always at the guidance office. That's why my mom was so worried about me. While Dad no longer cares about me that's because he is in all I do blasphemy in life. I was stubborn and had nothing to fear anybody. I even have a discussion with my father in a wrong and arrogant way.I also never cared about what my dad would say or think. In total, we are far, far away from each other. After all, he doesn't have time for us anymore as his family. His job and his pure enrichment are what he does. We have a lot of money but w
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Chapter 9: The Deal
 I even nodded at their story. Obvious even if they don't say it. Because there are many as well I hear about Tamara. "Sounds interesting, huh? But what if I tried? let's see if she works for me." I said, still nodding. Suddenly the two looked at me, and they both scoffed. "All right, you try. Nothing to lose, eh. You give some lesson for her to learn," Dalton said while smirking. "Don't try, Magnus. Because you will surely get embarrassed like me," Jimbo said while frowning a bit. I don't know if he's really concerned or he didn't just agree with my plan. "I'm serious. I just want to test Tamara, if how far she really is. If she could really do resist me," I still insisted on what I wanted to happen. Knowing Jimbo and Dalton, they are both goofy
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Chapter 10: Flowers and Chocolate
[C’anne Pov.]“HEY, WHAT? Why are you crouching there?” I asked Roberta as my attention as it's in my bag because I'm looking for something. But my friend still doing it. "What's the matter with you, Alberta?" Suddenly my head heated up.“B-besh, l-look. Someone’s blocking our way,” he whispered"Who?""Look and you'll find out," Aira uttered.I held my breath when I saw the mischievous Magnus smiled. He even winked when our eyes had met.I raised my eyebrow at him. I turned to my friend who is now also stunned by the person in front of us.“I thought who. Tsk, come on, girls. Keep on walking and ignore him. We still have classes.” I continued walking while my friend also followed so I don’t know if we will avoid or overtake his way. Until he conforms to m
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