Of Hearts and Stripes

Of Hearts and Stripes

By:  H.E. Nightowl  Ongoing
Language: English
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Beau Oaklee, is unusual for a Skinwalker, though she does follow most traditions of her people, she refuses to eat the hearts of those who possess a human soul, well except for that one guy whose heart she ate, he was a Skinwalker that deserved it. And of those she ate before she made her oath. Killian Castellani, Alpha King and half Weretiger and Vampire. There are 5 words to describe him. Cold-hearted, mate-less, fierce, loyal, devilishly handsome. Okay make that six, Beau calls him a lumberjack.

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20 chapters
I - Beau
 Were you ever told those stories? You know the ones that were meant to scare you at night when you were kids? To make or prevent you from doing something? I bet one of the stories you were told the most was of Skinwalkers that would kidnap and kill those of you that would do bad things. I was told the exact same stories about Weretigers, Werebears, Werewolves, etc. I of course never really believed it until the day my family was killed. I of course didn't see them as bad; I saw them as my rescuers from my family. Because sometimes family will hurt you more than the people in the stories you are told. My family never found out I betrayed them, until the day they died. Since 100 years ago, I've lived on my own, hiding in the woods. The world changing, both good and bad.I stood at the edge of the woods, watching the teenagers leave the school, before I noticed the young group
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II - Beau
 To say I was surprised that I wasn't put in a cell for what I was, was an understatement. I was surprised and embarrassed. The Skinwalkers I fought ended up using their venom at some point when we fought, so I wasn't healing as fast. The Gamma's mate had to help me wash myself, since I could barely move without feeling sharp shooting pain. Skinwalker venom was dangerous and could cause a lot of pain, but if used in the right way could be used as a pain reliever, or paralytic agent or if mixed properly could be used as an anesthetic, or heat suppressant."Beau, we're going to be downstairs in the kitchen." Elia, the Gamma's mate spoke from behind the bathroom door. "Do you remember where that is? Or should I just wait?""I remember." I replied, as I stared into the mirror.

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III - Killian
Marlowe and Maddox were going to wish they were dead, when I return to the Stripe. Now I was going to have to apologize to the Skinwalker girl and explain that I was just going to continue being the Alpha King alone, without a Luna Queen. I looked at the number Marlowe had given me, debating whether I should call her or not. Just as I was about to, I received a text from her. I tapped it and read the message.Beau Oaklee- Sorry but I will not be able to make it. An emergency popped up, that I must deal with. Rain check?Killian Castellani- Alright. We can reschedule for a day after your emergency is dealt with.I put my phone away; I wasn't returning to the Stripe to announce anything quite yet. I picked up the files we had on Thomas Mills, looking to see if there was anything we missed, on where he could be or what he even looked like.Thomas Mills, a Vampire that was a wanted Black Marketer of Sup
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IV - Beau
I guess to understand why I'm running from my friends, a blind date, and the monster I had for a mate, I would have to talk about my life before I was on my own in the woods for 20 years. Back to the year of 1612.My family was what you would call royalty amongst the Skinwalkers. We had people everywhere, including in those serving the royal family of England and the royal family of France. Everyone wanted to either to mate into our family or work for us.There was our Matriarch Lennox Langley-Oadham and our Patriarch Galfrid Oadham, they were the heads of the family when I was born. There was Elizabeth and Richard Oldworth, and there 5 kids, I could never remember their names because they were always out on missions for Lennox and Galfrid.  Oh and then there was the Dackinsons, they were the hunters of the family. Then there was my mother and her mate, who was the son of Lennox and Galfrid. I never bothered to learn their names because I wasn't born the gender th
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V - Beau
1635 - Age 23We had moved again, Thomas and I. We were in Paris, France now. I had learned 3 years ago that there was going to be no way for me to escape without help. I needed to find Bridget Bishop and could convince her to help me. Bridget was the key to many of Thomas's victims' freedom, but she still wasn't born yet; I would have to find one of the in-color people from the visions I've had of her.I looked in the mirror and starred at the cuts that covered my skin. Some were old and healing but then there were the new ones, the ones I received last night for trying to help one of the new girls that Thomas had brought in. I knew she was here against her will.The men had decided they wanted to have their 'fun' with the young girl. Those five men were my first kills, and I relished in the taste of their blood, their flesh, their hearts. It was the only time I had never done the ritual before eating hearts.I felt a sharp grip on my fa
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VI - Anne
Originally I hadn't planned on bringing Louis into this, with Edward and I but he was the only one of us who wasn't either an Incubus and Succubus. He was the only one who could lie and no one would question it. With the way we held this ball it would be easy for us to slip her away, especially with the amount of Incubi and Succubi, we had to sneak in to hide as servants.When I went looking for her, I didn't expect that she would know who I was right away. Edward had only told us so much about the young girl, he met when she was still just a child. I was able to get her to join me outside, where Edward was waiting."Hello again, Beau." He said, removing his mask."Beverly." She said, with wide eyes before she hugged him in an unlady like manner.Poor girl. What did Mills do to her?"What is with the name Beverly?" I asked, with a frown."It was the town I was born in." Edward explained, as he wrapped a protective arm around her, once she mo
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VII - Marlowe
1703 - (Marlowe Age 176)After years of searching I found the place mentioned in the letter I recieved 3 years ago. Though the letter was meant for someone else, there was a note saying that if someone else were to receive the letter to go to the place mentioned. The persons name was Beau and that was all I knew. Now I knew Beau to be a male name but I was not expecting to see a woman at the small cottage. She was just in the garden, working. She looked my way as I approached on my horse."Get off the horse, the Sprites will take care of her." She said, as she went back to pulling stuff out of the ground.I listened and sure enough Sprites led my horse away."I received a letter meant for an Edward Bishop," I told her. "Are you Beau Oaklee?"She got to her feet and nodded."My real name is Hecate Oadham, but I have disassociated myself from my family so I came up with a new name. I find that Beau fits me well."And it
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VIII - Beau
1703 (Beau Age 91) After the whole fiasco from the ball Edward and I had travelled across the world, helping others like me, who needed an escape. We both had killed many people and I got to eat many hearts. We did that until we met Bridget Bishop. She was perfect for Edward, they were mates and then Bridget had to fake her death, when they accused her of witchcraft. I guess it was true. Though Banshees were harbingers of death, they also were skilled Witches, but she was a good one. Edward was still in Salem, pretending to be human, but he had aquired a white cat, who was really Bridget but the town loved her in this form, because she wasn't a black cat and that they didn't know she was Bridget. Marlowe and I were in Blackbeards cabin, talking with him about possible places to go, when I got a vision. "North Carolina 13 years from now, Teach and Marlowe" I said, looking at them. "Until then we just sail wherever, doing whatever. Remember onl
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IX - Anne
1723When I had gotten the letter from a M. Higgins that Thomas had taken Beau again, I knew I had to track down where Bridget and Edward Bishop were located. Edward was the only one I knew of that could handle her when she went into a bloodlust state after not being fed for too long.I had found myself in Spain, after years of tracking and getting help from other demons who owed me favors. It also got me thinking on why Thomas was so insistent on keeping Beau with him. There had to be something more than just her being able to turn into a dog and being a conduit for the Fates. Something that she wouldn't tell anyone.I read through letters from her and everyone I knew associated with her; I couldn't find anything. What was she hiding? When I arrived at the Inn, I saw Edward and Bridget, arguing with another man. They stopped when I walked over."Anne Benavente," Bridget greeted, bowing her head. "What brings you all the way out here to S
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X - Beau
1734Thomas had been careful not to leave any marks on my face, marks that couldn't be explained. He wanted me to look perfect, so no one would suspect that he was the one taking their children, wives, husbands, friends. We were in Spain, I knew my friends were here but I couldn't let them know that. Not when they were sending in a man who did everything to help his people. So I convinced him to lie to them and I made sure no dream walker could access his or my dreams.Arung had somehow earned Thomas's trust, so now he was my guard to make sure I stayed out of trouble and did as I was told. He got messages to Teach's crew for me. They were the only ones I trusted with my actual location. Yes I trusted the others but if they came for me right now, they would be killed.Arung and I had been sent to scout for more victims, but having not eaten for years was making me weak and lethargic. I must have not been paying attention because Arung was shakin
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