Beloved Alpha King

Beloved Alpha King

By:  Lullabybao  Ongoing
Language: English
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¹"the werewolf Alpha king, the eternal monarch, will be born. He will take back his rightful place and rule the three kinds. Followed by bloodshed... a new world will be born." His father's words resounded in his mind. Nicolai peered at the beautiful lush forest in front of him. The river that was once been eternally frozen was rushing and gushing through the small river bed. "huh!.. isn't Greenland supposed to be covered in snow? Where am i?...." The world he once knew changed in just a few days.. Nicolai glanced at the coffin he woke up in. "not a few days.. how many years has it been? How long was I asleep? Where is my father?..." "howl," Startled, he glanced to the side. Twigs snapped... a white wolf walked out of the forest. "mate," its husky voice whispered.

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161 Chapters
Chapter 1 - The Vampires and the werewolfs
  A lone car drove down a frozen lane. The path was so curvy and treacherous that they had to go slow. The tires screeched now and then, crunching the layer of ice that was forming on the roadways. These were the only sounds soothing his anxious soul. Nicolai closed his eyes tightly, holding back the puke that was rising in his throat. “Whoa, whoa kid, are you going to throw up!” his dad glanced back. His muddy grey eyes were looking at him with worry. “Umm, we will be there soon kid. Just hold on for a bit... is your stomach okay now...” “Y-yes... I think so...okay i take that back….” he held his stomach tightly. “dad, stop the car.....” “Tsk can’t, it’s a curvy road. It’s too dangerous to stop here. Try to hold it back or.. or... wait a bit..” he hurried searched through the dashboard and came out with a plastic bag. “use this!” he happily handed it over. Nicolai peered at his dad’s wrinkled hands and then at the plastic
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Chapter 2 - The Alpha King
 The alpha king, was just a prophecy spread by fanatic werewolves ages ago. It was said an alpha will be born with the blood to take control of all living beings. With eternal life, he will awaken a new world, a world where humans, vampires, and werewolves live peacefully together.Nicolai unwrapped a piece of gum and tossed it in his mouth. The taste of that spoiled blood still lingered in his mouth, along with the taste of regurgitating puke it just made his mood much worse.The prophecy of the alpha king was awesome and all but the only problem was this mythical prophecy also mentioned a lot of bloodshed before the start of this new world.The vampire elders who have been the keepers of knowledge became fearful. If the werewolves got control of all the races, then their race will be the first to get annihilated.Thousands and thousands upon years these races have been crossed with each other.s the lone wolves who prayed the moon goddess an
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Chapter 3 - Meeting Rue
 After that dramatic meeting, his father looked completely dispirited.“Dad... what’s exactly going on? Why were you even sent here to this place? You know how strong the wolves here are. Why would the elder council send you here... please... just tell me? We can find a solution to this,”He held his stiff shoulders.“no... we... you.. have to stay here. It’s your mother’s last dying wish. That’s why I volunteered to come here,” he turned over with a sad smile on his face. His eyes, we’re tearing up.Nicolai gently caressed his cheeks. “Why this house? Is it a memorable spot? You never mentioned this place before...”“I was waiting for you to turn eighteen. This place will change your future Nico. So remember, don’t head butt into the werewolves. Make friends with them..” he walked towards the door that was left half-open. Snow was fluttering in with th
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Chapter 4 - Suicidal Plan
 The admission process went smoother than expected. He submitted his documents and got the class schedule his father has chosen for him. Art, music, advanced algebra,.....It was very unusual.It was not the elective he had chosen in his previous school. for his father to choose this schedule, there must have been a very good reason.Nicolai picked up the sports uniform and walked over to the locker.He threw all the books in and left for his class. The first elective was English. he was, of course, ten minutes late. He walked through the empty hallway and reached the class.Nicolai didn’t want to attend classes today but this new class schedule really piqued his interest.He knocked on the door. The teacher opened it for him.“Ah you must be the new student, come on come in,” the older balding man with clear specks called him in.Nicolai walked in glancing at all the students. As she had expected
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Chapter 5 - Unexpceted visitor
 Nicolai hugged his dad tightly. “I thought you were suicidal again. Oh, thank gods, I’m wrong,” He mumbled softly.Right after his mum died, his dad was said to have lost hope. The vampires described his state as suicidal.Nicolai was just a baby then, so he was not aware.When he was fifteen, his father quit his job to stay with him 24/7. that’s when the rumors started to resurface.Rumors that his dad was trying to kill himself again.After hearing that, Nicolai started to fear that possibility. He kept a close eye on him.Years passed, nothing happened, and that fear left his being.‘And now it’s back. That illogical fear that dad will one day disappear…’ he hugged him tightly.“Why would you even think I’m suicidal? As long as you are here in this world I will be too,” he whispered gently caressing his head.Nicolai pouted. “it was
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Chapter 6 - A witch's breath
Chapter 6The next day at school, everything was normal. He got the usual dose of stares, leers, and growls and, as an added touch, a few scoffs. Nicolai ignored all of them as usual and got to his class.It was a class he shared with rue. In fact, he shared all his classes with rue.She waved at him from the front seat.The wolves behind her were growing loudly.He peered at her. She genuinely looked excited to see him.But he was not. After what she said yesterday he became cautious of her.He walked past her and took the third-row seat. The werewolf next to him was a nerdy guy with glasses and a starched shirt. He gave him a shy look.“Nicolai,”“Gary,” he said softly, exposing his gappy tooth.“Nice to meet you, Gary. Say, show me your schedule.”“y-yeah.. sure.” He readily handed him his schedule. They shared four out of five classes.“Can yo
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Chapter 7 - A promise and a secret
  While his son was getting dressed, Kieran silently walked out of the room. the information he just gave was weird. Why did the alpha daughter call his son out to that particular house.... why.... Werewolves did not like sharing the information of their clan’s witch’s location. Even if it was an abandoned house, it would have been kept a secret from anyone. Then why... why did his son know? He did not want Nico to learn about anything beforehand. It will only put him in danger from all three species. “I’m running out of time.. I need to see this Rue girl.” With a determined mind, he set out to the local high school. Lunch break had started and the wolf children were all making a racket playing and laughing in the lawn. He got down from his car. As he walked, the wolves became silent. It was not his intention, but his body exuded a sense of blood lust after years of being the top predator. The younger wolve
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Chapter 8 - Pretend mate
 Kieran heard soundless footsteps following him. Even though the person following him made sure not to make any obvious sounds, he could still hear it with his keen hearing. “what?” he glanced back.Rue stood there blankly. “Well, you have to make your son agree to my plan. He thinks I’m a weirdo,” he grimaced.“I still don’t trust you,”Rue frowned. “I told you everything. What else do you need to prove my sincerity?”“There was an obvious flaw in your story. You said you were born on an eclipse and the moon goddess did not gift you with a mate, if so, then the whole clan must have known about this. There is no use for you to act out a charade. If you clan doubts your lies then Nico will be in even greater danger,”He sighed loudly. This young girl was smart, but sometimes younglings were quite naive.Kieran glanced at her but she had a triumphant smile on
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Chapter 9 - A Secret coffin
  Nico silently left to his room after that. he did not even bother to ask. He knew he will only get radio silence for his questions... Laying on his cold bed, he peered up at his ceiling. The paint was peeling off and hanging by a small bit. ‘that’s my life right now. It’s hanging by a thread. So many lies and so many hidden truths. I don’t know..... dad doesn’t have to complicate things. He can just tell me the truth. I can handle it... I can...’ But his father only treated him as a baby boy. It was so unfair. He silently hummed a song waiting for nighttime to arrive. By then his stomach started to growl. He tottered over to the small mini-fridge in his room and drank some goat blood his father got from the local butcher. It was tasted grassy and kind of different. He was not used to the taste. Grimacing, he placed the bottle in the fridge. ‘Pancakes. I saw pancake mixture down.’ He decided to give up on blood and chose
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Chapter 10 - The owner of the coffin
 Deep in the night, Nico snuck down to the basement. His dad usually sleeps right at 11 pm so he was in the clear. He can finally uncover the truth.He tightly clenched the torchlight as he moved closer to the basement door.It was left open to his relief. He snuck in and climbed down the cold stairs. Last time he didn’t notice it but the basement was pretty deep underground.He flashed the torch at the walls. The walls were translucent blue in color. ‘blue?’ he touched the surface. It was very cold.The thing he previously thought of as a rock or a boulder was actually frozen permafrost.Permafrost, a layer of ice deep underground the arctic that never melts. It was natural that this old castle had one. Many houses had this. it was to store meat. it acted as a natural refrigerator.But none of the wells dug up to permafrost was this deep or this spacious.It usually looked like a small well where people
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