The Alpha King and I

The Alpha King and I

By:  Archaengela  Completed
Language: English
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Ethan smiled. “Nothing. I love hearing you say my name. It sounds so good to hear it from your mouth.” "Oh! You’re teasing me!” I pouted. “You’re mean. You know I’m in a weak state right now, but you take advantage of my situation and tease me.” "Helena Starr.” I stopped when he mentioned my full name. “Yes?” "Your name is appropriate for you since your blue eyes shine brightly like stars.” It was unexpected, so I bent my head and blushed again. “Oh, thank you.” If he kept saying sweet things like that, how could I survive? My heart, oh, my heart, I was in danger! *** Helena Starr (22 y/o) is an orphan raised by an adoptive mother, Freya Ross. Helena has a relationship with Kenneth Williams (25 y/o). When everything does not work out, somehow Helena meets with Ethan Cross (30 y/o), the werewolf king, an Alpha. However, their relationship experiences so much turmoil, mostly from Ethan’s side. As the story goes on, Helena also will discover something about herself. What will happen next? When the challenge arises, how will Helena face it? Will Helena and Ethan be together? Will they find happiness ever after? Find out in the sweet, thrilling, and steamy story of true love, heartbreak, kindness, loyalty, and determination.

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95 chapters
Chapter 1: Kenneth
~ Helena ~It was a drizzling day in Moon City when I visited Kenneth’s apartment. Kenneth William has been my boyfriend for six months. I brought a picnic basket since I always wanted to go on a picnic date with him. But so far, it hasn't been fulfilled yet.From my house to Kenneth’s, I used a bus. It took a half-hour. It was a sunny day when I left my home, but it was drizzling suddenly after arriving at the bus shelter. Fortunately, I brought an umbrella.I knocked on the door. It took Kenneth a while to open the door. When he opened the door, he wore no shirt on, and his sweat was all over his neck and chest. “Are you exercising? Have you finished yet?” I opened my purse, took a tissue, and wiped it on Kenneth’s neck. I almost pla
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Chapter 2: Betrayal
I frowned. “I’m Helena, Kenneth’s girlfriend. Who are you? Why are you answering Kenneth’s call?”“Kenneth’s girlfriend?” The woman gave a long sigh. “Are you sure? Since Keneth and I have just shared our intimate moment.”“What?!”“Are you deaf? Oh, right! No wonder Kenneth told me that you were so naive. A virgin!” The woman laughed. “Well, Helena, for your information, Kenneth and I have just had a mind-blowing sex moment.” Then she laughed again. “Do you know what mind-blowing sex is?”I gasped. “Y-you!”The woman sighed. “Kenneth is in the bathroom now. He’ll go to meet you soon. I guess he&
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Chapter 3: Ethan
I blinked my eyes, too shocked since Kenneth admitted it. Was it all about that? Sex? “But—”“Look, Helena, what happened between us is nice, but it’s time to end it.”I caught Kenneth’s hand and shook my head. “No! We can fix it! Please give me more chances.”“Helena, do you want to sleep with me?”I stood and shook my head. “I-I can’t.” I stammered“Can’t or won’t?”“I ….”“Then there’s no other way than to end this. Goodbye, Helena.” Kenneth walked away, but I grabbed his hand. “Please, don’t do this to me, to us.”“There is no us anymore. I only had fun with you.”“You lie!”“No, I don’t!”“Ken! Why are you so mean to me?” My tears were flowing down my cheeks. “I love you ….”&
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Chapter 4: It Hurts More
~ Helena ~“Admit it.” Ethan’s smile showed on his lips. “Do you realize you’re like an open book? Your eyes tell everything inside your head.”“B-but ….”“You like my body and want to touch it. No need to be shy.” A statement, not a question.“Are you a mind reader?” I worried he could read my mind. But, oh, what did I think before? Did he know I admired his handsome face and fantastic body? I blushed again.He stared at me, then tried to avoid answering my question. “It’s so obvious. You want me.”Again, a statement, not a question. It was another bold one, like the previous statement. I was speechless since what could I say? What Ethan said was the truth, after all. Yet, I was too shy to admit it. “Ethan?”“Repeat it.”“Ethan? Why?”Ethan smiled. “Nothing. I love hearing you say my name. It sounds s
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Chapter 5: Perfect
~ Ethan ~I sighed. It hurt me to hear her sobbing. So, I pulled Helena into my lap and hugged her. “Poor girl. You don’t need such a wimp beside you. Trust me! You’ll be better without him.” I patted her back. “You’re such a beautiful girl. Any man will be lucky to have you.”Helena then stared at me while still crying. “Including you?”“Not me.”Then she sobbed again. “Even my savior rejected me.”“It’s just ….”“What?” She glanced at me again. “Forget it! You’ll be better without me either. Trust me!&r
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Chapter 6: My Mate!
I pretended not to hear that and rubbed Helena’s stomach. “If you feel ache, tell me.”Helena nodded. She didn’t winch again, so I was relieved since there was no pain other than Helena’s waist and feet. “I’ll leave you now so you can rest for a while. I will send your dress back when it is dried.”“Thank you.”Then without glancing at Helena again, I walked outside of my room. Being so close with my half-naked mate wasn’t easy for me, especially since the wolf inside me urged me to claim her. After half an hour, my maid brought Helena’s dress to me. So, I finally returned to my room. “You can wear your dress again.”Helena then took her dress. Blushing since I still stared at her, she muttered, “Don’t look at me.”I gave a long sigh, then turned my body. Helena immediately wore her dress. But then, she whispered, “Help
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Chapter 7: The Burning Inside
~ Ethan ~Then I slowly pushed Helena until she laid on her back on the bed while I was on top of her. I touched her neck and then lowered, but she shook her head. “E-Ethan? W-what are you doing?”That was when I stopped. Like a flashlight struck me, I moved back a little, looked at Helena’s swollen lips and disarrayed clothes in horror. But not as much as when I stared at the bite mark on her neck, I immediately released Helena’s body. “What have I done?!” I held my head with both of my hands. “Ethan?”I immediately opened the cupboard, took a shirt, and wore it fast. Then I walked quickly and scooped Helena into my arms. “You should go home now!”“But, what did I do wrong?”“Nothing!”“But then, why do you want to get rid of me?” Helena bit her lower lip, and her tears fell one by one to her cheeks. “I know I am inexperienced, bu
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Chapter 8: A Rush of Fire
~ Helena ~I gasped. The ache was no more. What happened to me? Realizing that Ethan was waiting for me to answer his question, I said, “Strange, when you touch it, the ache is gone.” Ethan removed his finger. “Thank goodness. Maybe you should rest more. Go to sleep. After dinner, I will bring you home.”The relief lived shortly. Since the pain came again, I screamed, “Ethan, argh! It hurts!”Ethan grabbed my body and held me in his arms. He kissed the mark. “Does it still hurt?”“No ….”“How about this?” He touched my cleavage with his finger again.&
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Chapter 9: Ernie
~ Helena ~After a few hours, I awoke. I blinked my eyes then sat on the bed. When the blanket dropped, I just realized that I was naked. So, I gasped, and my face blushed immediately. I wrapped my body with the blanket while patting my hot cheeks. “Oh, that’s what having sex is. Now I know. No wonder everyone was telling me how incredible the experiences were.” But then I frowned. “Something’s wrong. Why didn’t Ethan undress? Why was it only me?” Since I didn’t have any experience before, it confused me greatly.Before I could think further, the door was knocked. I gasped and tightened my grip on the blanket that wrapped my body. Then, a young woman came with a lovely smile on her face.“Luna Helena, our Alpha
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Chapter 10: I'm Yours
“Please, tell me the truth, Ernie.”“Well, for complete mating, usually both will be undressed, Luna. Maybe our Alpha didn’t want to startle you.” I nodded. “I see. Ethan is so considerate and gentle with me.” I smiled as I touched the bite mark. “I guess I’m lucky to have him as my mate.”“Yes, Luna. Our Alpha King is the best! But I’m glad that you are our Luna. You are nice and warm.” “So, what are both of you talking about me?” “Ethan!” I gasped. “How do you come so suddenly?”Ethan grinned while his eyes stared at my naked body. Those eyes were s
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