Abnormals: Rise of Kronos

Abnormals: Rise of Kronos

By:  welchzac79  Ongoing
Language: English
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The land of Ocrad is home to dragons, giants, orcs, and griffins amongst other mystical creatures. But amongst these various species, there is one of which is shunned by all. Half-Breeds, half mystical creature, half human. Kronos is one of these Half-Breeds and is despised as a result. Then one day his village is destroyed and he is taken prisoner by an old friend. He soon finds himself thrust in an desperate act to stop the awakening of The Paragon. However, the more Kronos looks into matters, the more he is unsure who he can truly trust and who is trul

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11 chapters
The Massacre
The sun rose for what would be the last morning the Zlona-Sintar Village would see. The village was bustling with life. Young children were playing in the cobblestone streets, their older peers were off to their day spent at the Schola. Adults were preparing for a day of work. Blacksmiths were preparing their forges, shopkeepers opened their shops, the warriors of the village were awaiting for their orders while milling about the gray stone barracks. All except one.  Deep in the woods, lying on the branch of an oak tree was a man who had seen twenty-three winters. Nothing about him really stood out. He had a round face with a square jaw and stood at 6ft 3 pale white skin, silver eyes with black hair that hung just past his small ears. For attire, he wore a hybrid of a vest and trench coat. His right arm was covered in a sleeve, his left arm exposed, his well-toned torso also exposed. The coat portion reached to the ground. He also wore a baggy white Gi bott
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The Arena
When Kronos woke up he noticed he was being transported in a carriage. He sat up and winced, placing a hand on his head. “ Dust and cinders!” He swore “ Hey. You’re finally awake,” came a voice. Turning his head left, Kronos saw he was not alone. Three others were with him, one male two females. The male was scrawny with a bald head, triangular face with a round jaw, purple and green scales where his hair should have been, green snake-like eyes, and skin white as snow. He was shivering in his simple brown robe as if he were cold despite the warm morning. This was a Naga of the Azrez Naga Tribe, or as most Abnormals called them, Imperial boot lickers. The Naga were well known as being Abnormal traitors, allying themselves with the Ishtar and their gods. The word Naga was thrown as a curse amongst other tribes. They were the most despised of all Abnormals and the only reason they weren’t
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Enter Acacius
When Kronos woke up, he noticed he was in an infirmary, torso heavily bandaged. It was a small room, with only a few beds. He winced as pain raced throughout his body. He didn’t think he had an ounce of strength left on his body. Blazes. I can hardly move; I’m as weak as the day I was born. “ So you’re awake,” came the cold, calculating voice of Calypso. Kronos turned his head to the left to see her standing in the doorway. The Lord Commander strode into the infirmary and glanced at a nurse wearing a simple gray dress and leather boots who was writing some notes on a chalkboard.  “ Will he be able to keep fighting? He better be able to. I just bought the armor I’m wearing and I’d hate to have to get his blood on it,” She said. “ With enough rest, he should recover all of his Mana.” The nurse stared at Kronos with mild curiosity. “ That
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The Ishtar Plot
“ Kneel!” Came the harsh command from the woman who sat upon the golden throne. She was tall, at six foot five, elegant, and majestic looking. She had a square face with a round jaw, narrow nose and drooping ears. Long flowing platinum colored hair, piercing amber eyes, tan skin, her face, while lined with wrinkles, was still that of nobility. She wore an elegant green gown and a silver crown on her head. This was Hera, the queen of the Sintar Dragons. Calypso dropped to a knee, bowing her head at the foot of the twenty steps that led to the throne.  Lustrous braziers encircling each of the six marmoreal columns lit up the lower levels of the throne hall, and their light wrapped the hall in a warm radiance. The artistic depictions of legendary battles on the embowed ceiling danced in the flickering light while dragons and statues looked down upon the stone floor of this imposing hall. A silver rug ran down from the throne for a few meters before
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Calypso’s Labyrinth
Kronos sat in his small cement cell, staring at the floor. He didn’t know how long he has been in this cell but it felt like it had been days. Shortly after they had arrived to the Sinter Royal Island, they had been herded to a large cavern and forced inside. Afterward, they had been locked away in prison cells somehow every smaller then the cells in the arena. Kronos could stand in the middle and touch both walls by spreading his arms. Other than meals, the prisoners were not allowed to leave. Are we going to remain in this prison for the rest of our lives?  Then the door opened, and a guard walked into Kronos's cell. Instead of carrying a food tray, he hauled Kronos to his feet.  “ Move it! Lord Commander Calypso wants to talk to all of you!” Kronos was pushed out of his cell and forced to start walking through a narrow stone hallway lit by torches. Kronos noticed several stone doors that seemed to blen
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A Deadly New Foe
Kronos tensed, sensing the approach of the Mana getting closer by the second. A bead of sweat dripped down his forehead. This Mana was like nothing he had felt before. It was ice cold, full of malice. Kronos could sense the blood lust in the approaching person. Whoever this is has me dwarfed several times over! And what’s worse, what if this is only the tip of the iceberg?! Kronos gritted his teeth as a tall, slender man emerged from the dark corridor. He has long silver hair, pale green almond-shaped eyes, and ash gray skin. He had a lean face with a cleft chin, with thin eyebrows. He had unnaturally long, muscular arms, long legs, and average feet. He wore a scarlet and gold armored robe and red boots.  “ Oh, what have we here?” He asked in a calm, mocking voice, his accent broken glass and splinters. He bent down and examined the dead body between himself and Kronos. “ Pity. It would seem my
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A Desperate Struggle
“ Well then, shall I retaliate?” Menkera asked, a sinister smile spreading across his face. Kronos and Acacius tensed, a bead of sweat racing down the face of Kronos.  “ As a reward, I shall show you two my true form. Prepare yourselves to witness fear itself!” Menkera exclaimed before he began to grow. Kronos and Acacius gasped as his body grew countless crimson red hairs. No, Kronos thought, watching in horror. Those… are spiders! Menkera’s body bloated, four crimson spider legs, made entirely out of chattering, scrambling spiders burst underneath a spider bulb that formed under his waist. As Menkera continued to grow, his eyes turned into golden orbs, jet black hair, all hair on his now crimson upper body gone. Four tentacles made entirely of more crimson spiders shaped like spider legs sprouted out of his back. And his underbody… “ By the warm sands!” Acacius
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Kronos swung wildly at Arai, desperate to hit her. The experienced Kitsune easily dodged his blows without trying to fight back. Instead, she looked at the surrounding crumpled and dirty trading arena they were in. “ My, what a beautiful day,” she commented. “ Cease your daydreaming!” roared a new voice. Thora ran past Kronos and fired several purple icicles from her palms at Arai, who shielded herself by tapping the ground with a palm and conjuring a mud wall.  “ Oh, come on!” Thora shouted, stomping a foot on the ground. Due to the enhanced perception his Ryuijin granted him, Kronos caught the slight smirk that flashed across the face of Arai. Damn! He thought. Using the power of his left eye, he was able to pull Thora towards him using Telekinesis. He locked his right eye on his brother and, using its ability, communicated a message telepathically. Read more
Wasteful Death
The cold wind whistled as it pierced the air. It blew so powerfully it carried off away anything not tied down. The wind only made the freezing temperatures of the surrounding arctic environment even worse. The only relief Kronos had from the blistering cold was the tent he was currently in. All he had for bedding was a worn blanket that had plenty of holes. Calypso wasn't about to provide her prisoners any decent protection for the frigid environment. Kronos, Acacius, Thora, and Arai had been selected along with two dozen other prisoners to accompany Calypso and her troops on a mission. This was a common strategy for many Abnormal tribes, gather prisoners, usually sentenced to die, put them in squads, then send them into situations where death was all but guaranteed.   “ Fodder Corps!” The tribes gleefully called them. There would be no rewards for exceptional service shown in battle awaiting them, should any one of th
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Frigid Warfare
OKronos shivered as the cold of the frigid cavern engulfed him. He brought up the rear in the single-file line who walked through the narrow passage. Thora led the way along the winding path, the only one unaffected by the cold that ks to her Augar heritage. Kronos rubbed his arms, wishing he was wearing thicker clothes instead of his regular attire. No one spoke in fear of drawing unwanted attention towards them. They stopped when they came to a wide-open space with three paths in front of them. “ Which way should we go?” Arai asked. Thora didn’t answer at first; she just closed her eyes for a moment. When she opened them again, they looked completely different. The whites of her eyes had turned into a light green color that glowed. The Iris turned a dark purple, and the Sclera had become a crimson red. Glowing silver spirals markings appeared on her arms, neck, face, and torso “ That’s the Kumoijin, the Tribal
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