Married With The Playboy Billionaire

Married With The Playboy Billionaire

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Natasha is just a simple and ordinary girl while Alexander is a playboy billionaire CEO because since his ex-girlfriend left him he never got into a serious relationship since then. One night, Alexander went to the bar with his friends and he met Natasha there and he got interested in her because she looks like his ex-girlfriend and they drink together. They got drunk and they had a one night stand but Natasha did not remember who was the man who took her virginity. Natasha applied at the Montilva Corporation as the secretary of the CEO and later she found out that her boss is the same man whom she had a one night stand with before. Natasha's mother got sick and they need a huge amount of money to pay her bills at the hospital so Natasha has to look for money and it happened that Alexander needs to find a wife as soon as possible for his inheritance and he offered Natasha a contract marriage in exchange of money and Natasha has no choice but to accept the offer. Is there a chance for them to fall in love with each other and make their contract marriage a real one? Or someone will come back from the past and ruin their relationship.

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62 Chapters
CHAPTER 1: FIRST MEETINGNATASHA POVWe are at the bar right now to celebrate the birthday of Julia tonight. She is one of my best friends. Actually we are four in our group. Me, Julia, Celine and Brian, the only boy in our group but unfortunately, Brian is not here with us right now because he had an emergency in their house so he can’t go here to celebrate with us so it is just the three of us right now. Me, Celine and the birthday girl, Julia and I guess we can consider this night as our girls night out and we are now waiting for our drinks that we order and I am not really planning to get drunk and wasted tonight so I will just drink a little bit just to grant a favor for the birthday girl because I don’t want to be a killjoy tonight. “Tsk, it is really better for us to celebrate my birthday tonight if the group is complete but unfortunately, Brian can’t really make it tonight but well I understand his situation so maybe
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CHAPTER 2: AT THE BARNATASHA POV“Hi, Natasha. Why are you alone right now? I saw you with your friends earlier but where are they right now?” he simply asked me with a curious face and it is really true that he is already staring at me earlier when my friends are still here with me and I don’t really know why he seems to be really interested in me that is why he really approached me right now. “Ahm, they went to the dancefloor to have some fun there,” I simply answered him and he just nodded to me and stared at my face like I am really going to melt by the way he is staring at my face right now. What is his problem with my face really? Oh My Gosh! I am starting to really get conscious with my look right now. “Oh, is that so? But why did you not join them there? Don’t you want to dance too?” he just asked me curiously while not cutting his weird stares at my face right now.<
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CHAPTER 3: YOU'RE HIREDNATASHA POVI woke up with a headache and when I opened my eyes, I saw myself laying down on a bed here in a room. Wait, Oh My Gosh! This is not my room so where am I right now? I checked myself and to my surprise, I am totally naked but the good thing is there is a blanket here so I hid my body inside the blanket and I just saw my clothes that are scattered on the floor. Damn, what happened to me last night and shoot because I can’t really remember any single thing that had happened to me last night because the last thing I knew was I was with Alex last night then I got drunk and I felt dizzy and everything went black. Yeah, I remember that I was with Alex last night but what am I doing here right now? Is he the one who brought me here? But where is he right now? I have so many questions inside my mind right now and I can’t really answer any of it. I immediately checked myself and when I tri
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CHAPTER 4: BIG PROBLEMNATASHA POVToday is my first day of work as the secretary of Mr. Montilva here at the Montilva Corporation and until now I still can't believe that he will be my boss because we already met at the bar and he probably had a not so good first impression to me after what happened that night because I got drunk but luckily he still hired me as his secretary even though I heard that he is really picky when it comes to choosing his secretary. "Hey miss, is Alex inside his office right now?" a girl asked out of nowhere with a slutty voice. I looked at her and she is wearing a red fitted dress and her lips are red as blood and just by the look of her she can really pass as a model. "Ah good morning, are you referring to Sir Ale
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CHAPTER 5: THE OFFERTHIRD PERSON POVAfter his work, one of Alexander's fling called him so he invited her to his condo because he is a bit bored and tired so he wants some relaxation and he knows that only a girl can satisfy him right now. Alexander is a playboy because he never entered a serious relationship since his ex-girlfriend left him. That is why since then, he has never committed to a girl and only plays with different girls especially when he is bored. "Aahhh…" the girl moaned while she was doing a hot session with Alexander while he was on top of her pounding so hard. Alexander is so good in bed that is why there are a lot of girls chasing him and begging him to take them into bed. He is almost there and he simply wiped his sweat on his face when someone knocked on his door all of a sudden. He just frowned and immediately got irritated because someone is disturbing t
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CHAPTER 6: MY FIANCE NATASHA POV Oh My Gosh! I’m so shocked with what Mr. Montilva has said to me right now. I just need money but I never expected that he would offer me a marriage because it was all too sudden plus the fact that we just have known each other for a short period of time. Is he out of his mind or is he just joking around? Arrgghh! I don’t really know how to react with this just to be honest here.   “W-what? Marry you and be your wife? What kind of offer is that sir? What do you mean by that and can you enlighten me please?” I just asked him with a confused look because I can’t really understand what he is talking about right now. No, he must be joking because he doesn't really have a reason to marry me right?   “Yes, you heard it right Natasha. I will give you money and in exchange of that, you have to marry me and don’t worry because I will handle our marriage and what important now is we need to go to the ho
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CHAPTER 7: CONTRACT MARRIAGENATASHA POVMr. Montilva said that we are going to prepare for our wedding today. He called me here inside his office so that we can talk about it but until now he is still inside the private room with his attorney and I don't know what they are talking about there. Later, I will move to the condo of Mr. Montilva because as he said, he wants me to live with him already and until now, it feels so surreal with me because I still can't believe that I am going to be his wife anytime now but he said that it was just a contract marriage and I still don't know the details about it because he did not explain it to me yet. Hays, my family seems to be really happy about my marriage especially my mom because she thought that we really love each other tsk but except for Camille because she looks like throwing a tantrum because she can't accept the fact that Mr. Montilva chose me to be his wife and I am sure tha
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CHAPTER 8: UNEXPECTED VISITORNATASHA POVWe are now here at the condo of Alex and starting now, I will going to live here.It is just the both of us here in this huge condo because according to Alex, he don’t want to live with other people that is why he don’t want to hire maids so he was just alone here before. I wonder now if he survived living alone and doing all the work for himself. As a token of gratitude because of his help to me and my family, I volunteered myself to do the household chores so that I can help him in my own way so he agreed with that and I am also glad because he let me stay in his company and still work as his secretary even if we are already married. “Woah! This bathroom is really huge and classy. It
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CHAPTER 9: MEET HIS FAMILYNATASHA POVAxel entered the condo and we went to the living room and gladly, Alex already put me down and he just let me sit on the couch. I awkwardly fixed myself because I am getting nervous right now because of the way Axel is staring at me right now and I don't really know what is his problem with me just to be honest here, hays. "Hey, quit staring at my wife okay? You might scare her because of your weird gazes," Alex simply said with a warning tone and I am just wondering how this weird man can be related to him because they really have similarities with their physical features. "You must be kidding me bro. Can you please explain it to me and why did she look like Abegail and how come she became your wife?" he
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CHAPTER 10: SHE IS MINENATASHA POVAfter we ate our lunch at the Montilva's Mansion, Alex decided to go home already so now we are already at home and Alex is in his room right now because he said he needs to rest because he is getting tired during weekdays because of his work.While me, I am stuck in my room right now doing nothing because I have nothing to do here in the first place and besides I am still thinking about what Alex had answered the question of his dad earlier and until now it keeps hunting me why he really said that and if he really means what he has said.I remember again the way he seriously answered the question of his dad.“Ofcourse son, we have no problem with your marriage but I just want to know if you truly love each other. Do you really love your wife, Alexander?”"Yes, dad. Of Course, I love my wife, that's why I married her so I hope you will accept her like how I accepted her in my life because she i
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