Locked In The Snares Of Illusion

Locked In The Snares Of Illusion

By:  krosspilgrim   Ongoing
Language: English
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They were the cause of murders in their place, their territory was known to be precarious. They are struggling to blend in, for the world is against them. Cases unsolved and lives at risk, who will survive at the end?

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32 chapters
Traipsing their feet onto the wilderness, lost and in torment. From the moment they withstood the misery of this earth, they already knew that the world is against them. Because they are chosen, yet the devil is attempting to destroy their lives; to steal their freedom, and to kill the happiness they longed to have. They're lost sheep, being caged by insecurities, discomfort, resentment, vengeance, bitterness, grudge, and sorrow. They never know which way to go, nor who to trust. Because of the stinging miseries in their hearts, it made them even worse and they seek hope, peace, and freedom from satisfying themselves—destroying anyone they think would harm them. They've encountered the light amidst the darkness of the world, yet the spirits which enticed them were gradually pulling them and strangled them. The desire to seek something to fill in the void within their hearts comes to perish. Yet will they still able to fight the spiritual battles they'
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01. Accusation Of Astrid Hawthorne
The officeholders were engaged in reviewing the outbreaks they dealt with for the whole month as their appointed task. Rough murmurs could be given attention over the place. The noise of chains and guns that were being positioned on metallic furniture gave a disturbing noise. "I believe they are trying to torment us with these cases, the two of us are assigned to this task, Officer Scott. Would it be nice if we have our team with us?" The officer named Dale stretched his arms and sipped his coffee. His colleague, Officer Scott gazed at him and strived to soothe himself. "You are right, this work is quite risky as we think it is, the culprit that we are looking for is none to be found and the traces are relatively confusing. We desperately need our crew because this issue is no joke at all. This is giving me a headache, sir." They altogether shook their heads, fixing their eyes upon the whiteboard located in the front room.Based on their postures, they were no
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02. The Stealing Case
"Oh my goodness, did you know that I almost can't come to school today because of the incident last night? It was a total mess, seriously." "Really? I thought it wasn't true? Mom told me to be careful because there are lots of murder cases happening in our place.""Half of the school almost got burnt! I bet that girl from the class got high up again and played with fire." Laughter filled the corridor of the school when students walked in with their topics. "She's really a mess! They should place her in a ward! She's sick, I knew it!" The pupils were giving rise to mockery with their gossips once again while stepping around the school corridor. What do people expect? Everybody was speaking about the occurrence that had arisen last night which was truly outrageous. Smoke that was induced by a drastic flame was in the atmosphere and is yet visible. Last evening was total havoc in the school area, barely half of the academy got scorched by an enormous fire
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03. Hidden Gallery
Men in black were leading the way towards a huge door while one of them opened. One of the men came into the office table's location where a swivel seat was facing the vast glass windows behind it. There, a big old man was sitting—satisfied with what he was seeing on his mansion's wide ground which became his men's training ground. All of these men are ready and concentrated on their workouts. Firearms were loaded and they promptly pointed them to their different targets.One of his people leaned closer to him and whispered something. He then turned his swivel chair back to its position and asked his man, "Where is she?"Confidence could be heard in his voice, he situated himself on his chair and put both his hands on the furniture."Outside sir...""Let her in, I can't wait to entertain such a beauty. " the old man cracked a joke and laughed so devilishly. His men quickly made their way in, together with her. Three guys were handing a huge suitcase, and
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04. Stolen Letters
It's a fine day and Renesmee decided to stop by a bookstore to buy her favorite collections of book series from her valued author. After her class, she directly went out of the campus and headed her way to the Cassinfield Bookstore which is well-known as CBS. Her school is not far away from the place, since the South Castrill Bridge isn't distant at all. Valliree Morgan, the team leader of their group project who was also a member of a cheerleading team—was anyhow looking for her existence and Renesmee Fuentes made sure that the young lady wouldn't be bothering her. She rode a cab and upon arriving at the place, her smiles wouldn't go away. It's been a while since she got back to the place. "I wonder if Isle is still here," she mumbled and led the way toward the main door. "Hi, good day. How can I help you?" A young lady at the cashier greeted her and Renesmee smiled back upon seeing her friend. "Whoa, it's been a long time since we saw each other, ho
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05. A Date With Kendall
"Damn, Kendall! You can't just make unnecessary actions! The target might notice us." The guy gritted his teeth in outrage as he puffed his cigarette and diverted his eyes, he couldn't grasp himself anymore, he hated it when she abruptly took action without him knowing. He feels like he is being shut out, he thought that she doesn't need him at all because she was keeping her agenda all by herself."What? I didn't strike him. I am just trying to distract him." She answered, almost whispering. He didn't respond and stared at their prey instead.They are inside a huge building—Eovi Hotel. It is known as one of the prominent refugees run by one of the influential people and they are located on the 9th floor, room 117. They purposely chose the room number since they already searched the area secretly and found it very calming because it has vast windows which would let them have easy access to their victim in the opposite building. The compartment is wide, th
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06. Come, Have A Coffee With Me
"Hey, could you please tell me what's wrong? I mean, you don't look good since we got off from the hotel. You're not talking with me and I wanna know why because it's making me uncomfortable." It's noontime yet the climate produces a mist that eventually has its way to downpour towards the earth. It's making the atmosphere even colder. The two had their way to have their lunch, they'll be staying overnight at the hotel and Kendall Von desires to visit the mansion. Unfortunately, her companion, Hugh Turner disagrees. He wants to have a moment with her and being her assistant has been one of the best things which recently happened in his life. "Von, come on." Kendall shrugged off and faced her pal with a serious countenance. "What?" She replied and gazed at him. He feels uneasy, he doesn't want her to get mad at him so he wants to catch up. "Look, I'm sorry if I offended you. I know my behavior isn't appropriate for you and I wanna make things u
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07. When I Am Hopeless
Midnight was approaching and darkness constantly filled the atmosphere. The neighborhood had their time to sleep, neglecting the loud noises and shouts from a certain house of the district. They are used to it, every day, the same voices and noise were all they could hear. They couldn't do anything about it, the desires they had in their hearts to help slowly vanished upon knowing how ruthless the owner of the house could be. "For whoever's sake, bitch! You're not getting away from me!" Screams echoed all over the roof as the noise of strings was being dragged on the base. Drops of red liquid were strewn on the floor, and on the white wallpaper there were flickers of blood, they were near the doorway of the room. An 18 years old young lady was on the carpet floor, full of bruises and swollen cuts on her arms and legs. She was now sobbing, pleading for pity as she crawled on the ground looking so helpless. Those severe cuts and wounds on her face were in
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08. Her Escape
"How is she? She almost stung you the last time you scanned her. Any updates, Culzean?""As far as what I have examined in her weakest state, her vitals were now stable. She's been asleep for almost a month now, doctor."A smirk escaped the doctor's lips because of what he attended, he could still recall how the patient harmed the other nurses as well as the inmates. "Hmm, certainly. Let's wait for her to attain consciousness. Let's run another test. Make sure to stay alarmed, I don't want any turmoil in her ward. Tell the security to focus more on her." After hearing small conversations, the door swayed open and the two physiatrists went out of the room. The patient moved her hand and even though her head sting she still managed to withstand it. The doctors continued talking in the headquarters, they needed to assemble for what might occur in case their most awaited client wakes up. Her eyes opened, revealing those sapphire irises. She then roa
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09. The Invitation
It's lunchtime and Astrid was now walking in the pathway with her unusual grin. She didn't go to the cafeteria and decided to go check some books in the library to see what would be the nicest book to read for today. She's not that hungry at all, in fact she is used to not eating much food. While she was walking down the corridor towards the school library's building, she noticed something. She paused for a moment and turned her back to see what's behind her.Astrid could feel that somebody was following her, she never saw someone when she turned her back to look, and so she continued walking. While walking silently something got into her mind, "Hmm three men and I'm done for this week." She whispers as excitement begins to arise from her system, her aura today is more different, she's quite happy and in a good mood. The other students were surprised by her change and it made them hate her more. When she entered the library, she passed by the counter where the school
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