Saved by the Mafia

Saved by the Mafia

By:  Zanele Ngcobo  Ongoing
Language: English
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Jaymes Tevin Jones aka JT A 20 year old girl Studying Bachelor of science degree in software development engineering in Seattle University. Alexei Ivan Ivanov A 27 year old Russian billionaire mafia in Seattle.

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    9 chapters
    Jaymes PovLife for me has not been the greatest for the past two years because two years ago I lost my family in a car accident. They where coming back from one of the many business meetings that they had went to. My father owned a shipping company and he was grooming my big brother to take over my brother had been so to be taking over in a few weeks but he never got to.So they had went on a business meetings and from what I was told my brother had been driving and my dad was sitting shotgun so that left my mom in the back and didn't have her seatbelt on because she was most probably sleeping. The other car who was a drunk driver had t-boned the car from my dad's side he and my mom died on impact, my brother on the other hand died five-six minutes later from a severed carotid artery my guess is it was a very painful death.The drunk driver on the other hand broke his leg and had minor scraps and bruises he lived and well is he is prison but I'm not gonna act
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    Chapter 1
    Jaymes POVIt's been two months since my final year began and it has been good so far one of my friends Stacy is on my case about going to parties don't get me wrong I don't mind going to parties it's just that I don't want to go every night.If my mom was still her she would have given me hell being a black woman she prided herself in her success and family and my dad being white would have been more understanding as long as my grades were high and I was safe and to answer any unasked question yes I'm biracial.One thing I'm to my family for is that I don't to work because they had sorted everything out so my studies, my living situation, and transportation was taken care of which is my Mazda 6 that I got ob my sixteenth birthday, with a lot more to spare from my parents but what I didn't know is that my brother also wrote me as his beneficiary if anything were to happen to him before he got married and had kids.So I took the rest of my inheritance and I inves
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    Chapter 2
    Ivan's POVToday had been a very busy and stressful day because a small gang tried to steal our shipments but the key word is 'tried' so it means they didn't succeed and now we have them in on of my warehouses just to get some information on who told them about our shipments.When I get home today I'm very relieved because I finally get to rest today was hectic, this week was busy and frustrating but I'm glad I solved everything else. when I look at the clock I see today I came back 21:20 early because tomorrow I have to interview my guests and give them the five star treatment for think they can cross me.I take a very quick shower and then get my track pants and get into bed because I'm tired. I slept maybe ten minutes before my phone rings I ignore it at first because my men know that if it's important I will answer when they call me a second time and it does ring, I guess it's important. So I answer, I give a groan as a sign for him to speak but when I hear sniffing I first think i
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    Chapter 3
    Jaymes POVHe tells me he is coming for me and I believe him. I don't know this guy but he is coming to save me. I just need to keep quiet until he reaches me. Wait how is he going to reach me.I hear them pass by and hear them a little further than me so I decide to ask to be sure he is coming. "How do you know where I am?? You never asked. Are you sure you coming to the right place. Oh Gosh you not coming are you." I whisper rapidly all at once and then cover my mouth with my hand to not make a sound."uspoykoysya (calm down), moy brat khaker (my brother is a hacker). how you say in English?" he says asking probably someone next to him. "Da, come down, we track phone, we find location. so see we come for you." He says in a calm voice and that calms me down a bit."Kay I'll be wearing my faded blue high waist jeans, my white crop top and leather jacket and my sneakers just in case. I'm sure you'll find me but still so you know." I say so they won't leave with someone else thinking it'
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    Chapter 4
    Ivan's PovWe drove and finally got home and took the girl in my arms to the one part of this mansion that we use as a medical wing. I quickly laid her down and one of the doctors the my youngest brother call to come and check on her did his work.I don't know what is wrong with me but I have never felt this protective over a girl before. She just looks like a kid and I feel like I should protect her from everything bad that might happen to her but maybe it's due to the phone call when she placed her trust in me a stranger to her.It seems Niko has taken a liking to her. So we left the room to give the doctor some privacy to make sure that nothing is wrong. I don't need her being even more traumatized by three men being in a room with her while she is being checked over by a doctor.While we are waiting out of the room my brothers start disagreeing about if she should be here or not. Then my brother Niko says "I know she is not a danger to us because l
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    I know her
    Ivan's POVAfter taking her to my room I quickly take a shower and change into my track pants and take one of my pillows from the bed and a blanket from the closet and just get on the couch that is in my room and to be honest it's a very comfortable, big couch.I set my pillow and blanket on the couch and I go fetch a few files from my home office to do a little bit of work before I fall asleep because I'm still in a bit of a high from what just happened I needed my mind focused and tired enough for me to sleep.When I get back to the room I check the time and see that it's just turned to 01:07 am and I know that I have about 45 minutes to get my mind focused and my body in a calm state so I can fall asleep.I do my work for more than the time that I thought. I finally fall asleep sometime around two something so I just go to sleep and don't fight it.I know I slept for a very short time and I'm bloody tired but my phone keeps telling me that I need to wake up. I get of the couch and
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    Get rid of her
    Ivan's POVThey both walk into my room busy arguing and I just stood there looking at them because I have nothing to say to this. The girl in my bed called me to help her and I will not because one of them wants me to or because the other doesn't.I know people might think I'm choosing her over one of my brothers but I'm not. She has no one at the moment and it sucks she can't call her brother or father to help her so I'll do it. I have my brothers, father, family and my men, the one thing I know is that when push comes to shove both my brothers will have my back and hers."So as I was say she could be a danger to us because he knows her from varsity doesn't mean anything. WE HAVE TO GET RID OF HER!!!!" Lev shouts and before I can say anything I see Jaymes move on the bed and before I go to her she quickly grabbed the gun that was in front of her on the nightstand table.Jaymes POVEverything was dark and my body kept on fighting me why you might ask? I have no flippen clue I know whe
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    Jaymes POVI took care of myself the weekend and today when I woke to go to my lecture I realized that I can't remember the last 2 months and I don't know how to fix that but the one thing I know is I'm not gonna miss any lectures its my final year.I wish my parents and brother was here to talk about what is going on. It feels like the world has gone crazy, its like everything is upside down it's not like there is anyone I can talk to and have them listen to me.I know I promised my late family to not disappoint them and I won't let anything bring me down. I tried not to get seen by my roommates to not worry them and that is why I had to wear make-up to campus today.I walk to campus and go to my database management course and I keep my focus on Mr Thompson and try to stop my mind from wondering what the hell happened in the last two months. After my lecture is over I quickly go to my programming course and that is when I start to feel like someone is watching me and when I look arou
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    Jaymes POV"I see that you girls found her." Says a deep voice behind me and it's the same voice from my memory I don't even bother raising head as I also remember the phone call.I now get why I woke up in the three guys mansion because they saved me from my so called friends. The one who raised his hands first was the one on the call. They saved me and I pointed a gun at them and stole Niko's car.I should have just listened to what they had to say to me. I hear a small laugh coming out of my lips and before I know it I'm laughing at my own stupidity and false confidence that I knew what was going on. I see them all look at me as if I'm crazy and maybe because at the moment I feel myself going crazy. When I calm down I see myself sitting on the ground looking at the girls I thought had my back and I theirs. "Wow this is great look at this you girls actually f*cked me over. I guess this explains the injuries, I would say no offense but I would be lying because I say this with the mo
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