Luna of St. Maria

Luna of St. Maria

By:  hchladybug1218  Completed
Language: English
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Legend tells of the hidden wolf-people who live among the forests. They have mighty claws, large teeth and become human with the moon. But, to Lucia Perez, the wolf-people are a myth her grandmother told her during her childhood to scare her into going to bed. When Lucia discovers her best friend, Cody Colfax turns into one when the moon is full; things get complicated. When Cody mysteriously goes missing, and Lucia gets blamed for his murder, many unfortunate events have her fearing for her life. A mysterious ghost haunts the citizens of St. Maria and creates a rift between the human world and the spirit one. When the two worlds are unbalanced, Lucia finds herself going on an impossible quest to end the reign of terror on St. Maria.

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28 Chapters
Chapter 1: The Ghost (Lucia's POV)
Blood covered the walls the night my best friend, Cody Colfax, was murdered. His body twisted and twitched before my eyes, like a fish out of water splashing around on a boardwalk without anyone to put him back. The possession of his body from the unknown source, the scientists call 'The Ghost,' has haunted the bystanders for weeks now.When we found him, his body was half-naked and covered in ashes. The hairs on his arms were fried by the electrical chords wrapped around his arms. The tattoos on his body were symbolic, otherworldly. The Ghost left them there to make their presence known.The Ghost has never been seen by the eyes of man. But the thing about Cody Colfax, he wasn't a man or a human-not to me. If I had the chance to get to know my best friend better, I would have had the guts to ask him what we all wanted to do.Why is there no food in the kitchen and pantry?Every time Cody would host a party, he would do so by catering food for everyone pr
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Chapter 2: The Wolf Chief (Lucia's POV)
The present..."Did you murder Cody Colfax? Where were you the night of the party? I am starting to grow tired of your petty excuses. Well, let's have it then..." The officer bellows as I fade away into the memory of discovering Cody's secret.The past... "So, does this mean we can't be friends anymore," I ask as I glance at the clouds? They fall back into each other in layers."I don't know, Lucia. I was sent to the world of men by my father, Chief Wolfpaw. The man you know as my human father is my human guardian. The human guardians have protected the royal members of the wolf-people clan for thousands of years. They are the only mortals we trust. The only humans we can confide in."Cody steps under the trees. Everything my grandma warned me about is coming true before my eyes. The wolf people exist under the protection of the moon and hide in sheep's clothing among men."Do you eat human
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Chapter 3: Out of Prison (Lucia's POV)
The PresentThe Officer leans into the table with an angry growl coming from his breath. A fog appears in the interrogation room. The cops think I am a witch or a conjurer for siding with the wolf people clan. But they have little knowledge of their culture and the beauty of how they live.When I was first brought to the wolf clan by the blessing of Chief Wolfpaw, I didn't expect to gain their approval. By day, they walked and talked like my kind. They were timid in their dog-like reflexives. Their ears still twitched when a branch fell in the forest. Chief Wolfpaw ran with the river, and his heartbeat soared with the earth. He was the living legend that my grandmother spoke of in terror. She was wrong about them. She was wrong about every single one of them.  Convincing the Officer that I didn't murder Cody Colfax will be no easy feat. There is nothing amusing about prov
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Chapter 4: Into the Woods (Lucia's POV)
The mist spread across the forest floor as Chief Wolfpaw, and I climb up the mountains of the Saint Maria woods. The rocks become slippery as the mist sprinkles water from the clouds. Then, finally, the fog appears beneath our feet. Chief Wolfpaw has no time to lose. He needs to find his son, Cody, soon. His very bloodline depends on it.The Chief shows me his true form. His claws and teeth are more extended and broader than Cody's. His muscles are aged from their wear and tear. Wolves can be either mortal or immortal. They get to choose their fate and it is clear the Great Chief Wolfpaw has chosen mortality. "Get on my back, Lucia. We have a long way to go, and I don't have time to be held up by the feet of a human girl. So let's go and follow the Ghost into the forest and find my son."I climb on the Chief's back. His wolf appearance scares me, but I obey out of respect for him and his people. I honor the Chief, for it is his people who became my family after my grandmother got sick
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Chapter 5: Cody in the Forest (Cody's POV)
The world went quiet when I disappeared. My body beneath my feet was covered in the red blood of the Ghost. To the Wolf People Clan, the Ghost is a nightmare screaming out into the void of tomorrow. I was severed from my human form; the decoy I created would be called witchcraft by the humans and a rite of passage by my father, Chief Wolfpaw. That's how it is in the mountains, we fly, and we soar, and still, we have no place left to call home. My human form will be returned to me after I have regained enough energy to continue my journey into the Luna Mountains. My best friend Lucia Perez, my gods, I wish she didn't have to find out about me. The night she followed me, I had the yellowing in my eyes, and I almost drifted into hunter mode and ended her: her life force, a timeline in my claws. I always admired Lucia, but I never wanted to drag her into the life of the wolf. The Wolf People Clans corrupt everything they touch, or at least we have the potential. We don't pollute the earth
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Chapter 6: The Pet Store (Lucia's POV)
THE PAST (Six years earlier): "Cody, help me. I need to pick out a pet for my grandma. She hates birds. Want to head to the pet store with me," I ask? My grandmother's birthday is around the corner. She's wanted a pet for as long as I can remember. I've never had a pet. I am pretty sure Cody has owned a few pets. "Yeah, we can go there. Want to walk to the mall," Cody asks while eating the last chocolate chip cookie? That's just like Cody to eat the last of my grandmother's cookies. He likes my grandmother and she makes him cookies regularly to keep him around. She knows he's my only close friend. We may not see eye to eye, but at least we have the love of my grandmother in common. Cody is more outgoing than I am, and my shyness is why we are close. I keep him grounded and he keeps me on edge. Two best friends, keeping each other equally balanced. Cody tears the cookie in half and gives me a bite."Sure. My grandmother needs a pet. Her birthday is coming up and I want to surpris
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Chapter 7: Deals with Ghosts (Lucia's POV)
Chief Wolfpaw leaps onto a nearby cliff. The rocks slide down toward our camp. A rock rolls on the campfire and puts it out. Chief Wolfpaw sniffs the air like a dog. He was once the mighty alpha of the Wolf People Clan. His youth is still visible against the wrinkles in his nose. I bet he was handsome in his youth. It's clear where Cody gets his good looks from. I am surprised a great chief like Wolfpaw didn't choose immortality. Chief Wolfpaw jumps onto a nearby pine tree branch and shakes the ground when he does. Pine needles fall out of the tree like hair dander. The forest floor is blanketed with brown dead pine needles. The earth resembles a damp bird nest in springtime. The dirt beneath me gives off a wet muddy odor that means the waterfalls are nearby. "Hello, Lucia. I've caught breakfast for you," Chief Wolfpaw says as he points at the other fire he built. A cooked rabbit is waiting for me and some blueberries. Not my favorite meal, but these are hard times we are in. We are
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Chapter 8: Chief's Tolerance (Chief Wolfpaw's POV)
Being a Chief is a huge responsibility. When my son takes the throne, he will call the shots. He will tell us where to fish, how to hunt, and where to live. The laws of the Wolf People Clan are sacred. Cody is still learning the traditions of our people. When I was a boy, my father, Chief Bearpaw, took me on a hunting trip. Cody and I never had a chance to share our own hunting trip. If we had, I would have taught him that elk is a better meat. When my son marries I expect to pass down my role as Chief to him. As an elder of the clan, I will guide him and give him counsel on how things are politically run. But I will have no say, for it will be his time to make the final decisions for our people. Lucia is a noble companion as far as human females go. Her defiance with the Ghost is almost unforgivable though. I warned her about the Ghost. The Ghost is my father's former lover, a crazy woman who is power-hungry even in death.My father, warned me about the restless of the Ghost of the
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Chapter 9: The Cave of Souls (Lucia's POV)
Chief Wolfpaw uses magic to make a flame in his claws. He holds it like a tiny heartbeat, precious and guiding us along the green gem pathway. The cave has cave paintings of human and werewolf battles. There are other cave paintings of Wolf Clan hunts, weddings, and other ceremonies in honor of their great people. A living history living among the walls like a timeline of chalk art. I touch the art on the wall. It's chalky and powdery to the touch. It's very primitive and beautiful in its art style. I want to explore each drawing, and know it by name. Who are the names of the people in the wedding? Are they much different than Cody and I? "This is the history of my people. I've never seen it before. My father spoke of a place with our living history painted on the walls. He must have meant this place." Chief Wolfpaw removes my hand from the walls. I do it out of respect for him. I hope I didn't disrespect him by touching the walls in the first place. But it's history pulled me in,
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Chapter 10: The Great Grizzly (Lucia's POV)
The stalactites cling to the roof of the cave. But no matter how much they cling they are meant to fall down. As the cave walls continue to crack and fall, the stalactites break and descend upon us like little spears being thrown at an extinct Mammoth. The cave paintings break and the timeline of the Wolf People Clan demolishes before our eyes as we hurry along the corridor. A piece of the cave painting falls at my feet, I quickly pick it up and tuck it into my green cloak for safe keeping. Chief Wolfpaw looks at me briefly with his wolf eyes, by saving that piece of his history I hope I will gain some respect back. I haven't been following his orders, the way most Wolf People Clan members would. But I am not a clan member by birth, I am human and that's a fact. Being a human among wolves and seeing our years of hatred on the cave walls makes me question all of this. Our journey to get Cody, our efforts to get the luna lily flowers, is it all for nothing? Is our desire to unite our
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