Against the rules: The rise of the Queen

Against the rules: The rise of the Queen

By:  AARVI  Completed
Language: English
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An overnight conspiracy crowned me the ruler of East Millsdearne. A ruler unfit to rule, a ruler always questioned, and looked down upon as weak. Why? Because I am a woman. Princess Adria was a rebel. Since young, all she wanted was the power and respect in every eye that looked at her. But all she got was lust. Where the crown gave her the power, she still surged to get the respect. Respect that came laced with lust, loss, and sacrifices. Sacrifices that kept her away from the love of her life. Tangled in a journey to find and give what women deserve, Adria tangles her love life. Will she succumb to the power of the throne, or will she draw herself out? A tale of the queen, that deserved power, and love. The question is how will she hold onto both.

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    PROLOGUEA sharp pain shoots down my abdomen, as my toes curl gripping the gravel underneath me. My senses flutter in and out of consciousness, and a loud groan escapes my lips reverberating through the walls. On instinct, my hands rush down low to clutch the pain, but something buries deep into my wrist. It sends a jolt of new cry right out of my mouth and I whimper. My cries echo through the wall, they reach me ten times more gruesome, more torrid, and it pulls me in my senses.Wait! I know this place - how can I not. It’s the dungeon I built for the prisoners of my kingdom. A place that tortures them, rendering them mentally unstable with the loud noises leaving their skin. A place that fulfills their desire to hear others scream. My face contorts to a mock, this is not going to be easy, not with the tortu
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    Chapter 1: Underestimated
    Chapter 1:   A loud whistle breaks the silence of the air in the garden as I draw my sword from the scabbard, slashing the sunlight falling on my foot. The sword points to the ground and I glide my eyes over the twenty soldiers positioned around me. Adorned with armor and helmets, to the highest rank of the kingdom fighters, they stand ready to fight any passerby.   I ball my right hand against the back of my hip and Max wraps a silk cloth around my wrist. I hiss as the silk burns my skin at the impact of the scorching heat.   My eyes scan through the set of soldiers - heads high, all mighty, aware of the strength they hold against me.   Oh! So foolish, cause they always underestimate me.  
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    Chapter 2: Born to give birth
    Chapter 2:   I hear the clung of the metal, echoing through the walls of the palace, and my tiny eyes shoot up in excitement. Sherlin holds onto my hair braiding them, making me all prim and proper.  I swat her hands pumping my small feet to make a run through the palace to the training ground.   I see my dad -King Adrian, fight with a soldier twice his size, all unfazed by the size of the person in front of him. His eyes are fierce, they seep with energy that can mesmerize you on the battlefield rendering you weak in the knees. His gaze zeroes on the soldier, and the soldier whimpers. His eyes look all hazy in contemplation of how he could hit the king.   “Don't go easy because it’s a training ground, or because I am the king”, dad’s voice echoes
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    Chapter 3: A Friend, A Love
    Chapter 3:    “How was the dinner?”, Max asks as soon as I walk down to the east wing of the castle.   “You know.”, I say sighing, “Dinners with mom are always dramatic. She always has these grooms ready to marry me. Where does she bring them from?”. I say rolling my eyes.   “Brings them from thin air - like a witch”, he says motioning his hands in circles like performing witchcraft. I glance at him raising my eyebrows, he straightens his back folding his hands near his crotch.   “Sorry”, he says and I burst into fits of laughter.   Max is my real home. He is by my side since I was ten. All I know is he was one of the lankiest, shabby kids that strolle
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    Chapter 4: A Night of Pleasure
    Chapter 4:   My eyes travel to the men. Exactly my type - muscular, chiseled to perfection, with fear in eyes. I slide on the chair near the fireplace crossing my legs one above the other.   The men have their heads bent down, their pretty necks arching as light casts a shadow on their curves. I snap my finger, they look at me their eyes running over my face. I point my index finger at them indicating to come near. They get on their feet their hands tied behind, as they kneel before my legs.   I bend a little getting closer to their face sniffing, the musky sandalwood mixed with their natural scent. Great.   “Did you like the bath in the palace ground?”, I ask tracing the jaw of one, my eye on the other.
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    Chapter 5: A night of Pleasure -2
    Chapter 5:   I lick the slit of the length in my hand, and it twitches growing in size. He scurries on his knees on the bed, dipping his mouth to my neck, nibbling my sensitive spots. The dick in me rides me to the edge, as it thrusts in and out at an inhumane speed, rendering me speechless. The dick in my hand twitches as if releasing the pressure, and I let go of it, “Not yet, sweetheart.”.   The slapping of the skin echoes through the room, the strokes of the cock pumping in me, with deep strokes. Hands hold my legs wide apart, as hips move in between. Pleasure contours the face of the man, and I clutch the silk in my hand as I cum hard from the cock in between.   I feel the cock throb inside my pussy, digging my feet on his chest, I pull him out of me. “Not yet sweethear
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    Chapter 6: Wait, What?
    A loud thud on the door wakes me up. I groan rubbing my eyes, pulling the silk sheets to cover my body. I twist my body in a more comfortable position, clutching onto the cool of the cushions. The room fills with frantic shuffles of footsteps, and my senses waver bringing me to partial consciousness.   “Get up”, Max shouts near my ears shattering my eardrums, almost making me deaf.   “Get lost”, I shout twisting on my back, as stray strands of hair tickle my face.   “Adria, get up; the king.”, my eyes shot open at the mention of the king. I straighten up on the bed, a cry leaving my lips as I clutch at my hips.   The bed is clear of all evidence of the activity overnight, even the men. Max makes sure to, get the men
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    Chapter 7: Mine
    The entire courtroom echoes with silence, as every King is stuck in their seat, digesting the words they heard. Like me.   “Princess Adria Canmore, we request you to take your honorable seat on the throne.”, I hear Sir. Andrew addressing me as he looks at me through the sheer, cloth. Max scoots near me, “Shall we Princess”.   I rise from my seat still stunned, as I descend with audible clicks on the marble floor.   As I walk in front of the courtroom towards the throne, I see fire; rage evident in the eyes of half the people sitting there, not attempting to hide even the tinge of disbelief that crosses their eyes.   “This is absurd, a woman can never rule the kingdom.”, King Benjamin Vernes, stands from his seat. Th
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    Chapter 8: Can I love you?
    I run a finger along the edge of the throne admiring the beauty under me. It’s ethereal. The gems reflect the lights as my fingers expose them in a tiny pattern to the light above me. The throne speaks power in itself, and as my finger brushes the surface I feel the surge of light in me; a surge to make people understand how rightfully I deserve the power.    “Queen Adria”, I hear Max call me, an unexpected emphasis on the word Queen. I look at him, his lopsided smirk in its place as he climbs the stairs to the throne. I look at him mirroring his expression, gliding my hands on the texture of power the laid underneath me.  “So Queen Aria, huh”, Max says, as he stands beside the throne.  “Yes, the Queen”, I say grinning giddily at the new title.    Read more
    Chapter 9: Lost me to you.
    I barge into Max’s chamber. I see him sitting near the bedside, his eyes moist. I rush to his side, “Max what happened?”, I ask checking him for any injuries - not that he would cry for them, but what if they are serious. He shrugs my hand as he gets up walking to the other side of the room.“Tell me Max what happened? Did anyone hurt you? Tell me I will kill that person.”, I say fuming with anger. He laughs as tears roll down his cheeks. “Yes, You”, he says looking at me. Me. I point at myself, looking for answers in his eyes.  “What
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