Trapped By My Forbidden Alpha

Trapped By My Forbidden Alpha

By:  Kara Sin  Completed
Language: English
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(Daily Updates) When Mia commits a crime that no one ever expected from a submissive Omega, the whole pack is left in shock and dread. But then, with the arrival of a new alpha who not only snatches her hard-earned prize with the use of his powers and influence but also rejects her as his mate assuming she has evil intentions, how will Mia survive? Can she prove to Alpha Alessio that she’s not the evil person he thinks? Is it easy for Alpha Alessio to reject his fated mate and let her be in someone else’s arms? When the forbidden secrets and past come to light, what will be the end of their story?

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121 chapters
“Murderer! Alpha Killer!” shouted a man. I shivered and stumbled back. “She killed him. She killed the alpha!” “Sinner!” a woman spat with disgust. I looked at the man standing in front of me. Alpha Alessio. My newly found mate. My new Alpha. “Don’t listen to them,” I whispered. I did it for the greater good. I did the right thing! His eyes glowed chilly blue. The adoration had disappeared from his face. The love, the longing, and the happiness, all faded within those few seconds, and sternness and suspicion took their place. I was terrified. The drastic change had taken me by shock. I wanted to go back to when everything was fine. When mom and dad were still alive. A man walked forward and grabbed my hand in his. I looked up at him, “Liam.” I whispered. He loved me since we were kids. The beta of our pack. He is the one who risked everything and sacrificed everything for me. But there is nothing I can do about it. I don’t have a choice. My gaze shifted back to my mate w
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It felt like just yesterday when Olivia, I, and Liam used to be best friends. Five years ago when I was the alpha’s daughter, when mom and dad ruled the pack, Olivia always laughed at me for being too naive. “You are the luckiest girl in the world. The world is literally at your feet, Mia.” she said, grinning happily. “I know.” I smiled delightfully, “the only one missing is my mate. He better be strong and handsome. I want to fall in love with him at first sight.” I giggled. “And good in bed,” Olivia smirked. She can be crass sometimes, nasty to others, and mischievous. But she is my best friend. I will love her and protect her as she is. You don’t try to change the ones that you love. Everything was good. So happy and playful. But then one night changed everything. I remember mom wearing a yellow, flowery dress and bending down to kiss me goodbye. Mom and dad were going out to do their annual inspection of the pack territories. But they never came back. Wyatt, our beta, retu
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Opening the back door of the dungeon, I climbed up the stairs to enter the packhouse. My steps were quick and fast but I was not running. When I reached in front of Alpha's study, I grabbed the handle, inhaled a deep breath, and pushed it open. The first thing I saw was a strong body shivering on the ground with ragged breaths escaping his mouth. Alpha Wyatt. Liam was lying right next to him on his back. The empty bowl of dessert lay on the ground. Liam must have taken a bite out of the dessert to convince the alpha it’s not poisonous. Alpha Wyatt’s green eyes shot to me, his mouth opened, trying to say something but nothing came out except a struggling moan as if he wanted my help. But then his eyes gradually became clearer, recovering from the madness. He knows. I slowly walked toward him, my heart beating fast and loud in my ears. I could not tear my eyes away from the scared look in Alpha Wyatt’s eyes. As I got closer, Alpha Wyatt gathered enough strength to speak, “I am goin
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Alessio “Mate.” I found myself whispering. My whole body had gone still in shock. All emotions faded in a few moments as I stared at the girl standing in front of me with a transfixed gaze. My wolf jumped in happiness in my chest. I felt like I had never even experienced a moment of this feeling before. It was different, the world suddenly felt like a brighter, more beautiful place. My whole world changed within those few seconds. My coldness and frivolousness had faded, and warmth had taken over my face. My hand suddenly lifted up in the air to touch the side of her face. She closed her eyes, leaning close to his touch without even realizing it. As soon as my fingers touched her skin, I felt like my skin was on fire. Her scent had surrounded my whole body like I was in a valley of flowers. Her scent surrounded me, making me feel protective and loving of her and all the thousands of emotions that I had never experienced before in my whole life. “You are mates? Mia is your mate
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Mia As soon as the breakfast ended, Beta Daniel had announced that it was time to commence the Pack Bond Ceremony to connect Bloodmoon Pack to Silver Lining pack and Alpha Alessio. Everyone had gathered in the packed field. Beta Daniel was almost the same height as Liam. With his dark skin, light stubble, military-cut hair he looked like someone very serious but that constant amused smile on his face betrayed his appearance and showed his playful side quite openly instead. With the heat down on us in the ground, even though it was still a bit chilly, he wore a black west and black cargo pants with white sports shoes. Most of the pack members stood on the sidelines, Beta Daniel stood on the stage. I was standing on the other side of the ground, leaning against a pillar, away from everyone. There were eyes on me, and whispers, but I kept my eyes on the ground and remained silent. I could see the excitement and nervousness on their faces, anticipating the process of pack binding. Th
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The next day, the whole hall was filled with excited whispers among the omegas. I did not know what was so exciting that had their eyes lit up and talk about it constantly. I touched the bandage that covered the mark on my neck, making sure it’s still there and then went into the crowd. As I go to wash the dishes in the sink, I heard two omegas who are cooking food whispering quietly, ‘Will you be going? I am excited!’ ‘Of course! Stay with me the whole time, okay? I would be scared alone there. I can’t help but think how generous it is of the alpha to make it a rule that now all of us omegas are compulsory to attend school! We can train like other pack members from now on!’ My hands stilled on the dishes, my body in shock. I kept staring at the wall blankly, trying to process what they had just said as they continued chatting excitedly. ‘Alpha Wyatt always told us that we were only allowed to do house chores and sleep. I feel like it is a new beginning for us.’ ‘It is. All our
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The wolf had ice blue eyes that burnt into Olivia’s trembling figure. There was no scent emitting from him for us to recognize, perhaps it was just an animal wolf instead of a werewolf? But it’s freaking HUGE. It had its eyes pinned on Olivia as it jumped down from the edge. The fear was clear in her eyes, she was much smaller in front of it. The wolf could open its mouth and tear her head off at once. Olivia stumbled back on shaky legs, noticing that the animal was only staring at her with bared teeth. In her attempt to get away from the wolf and flee fast, she grabbed one of the boys that had come with her and threw him towards the wolf as a distraction before making a dash for the stairs. The wolf jumped as well, throwing the boy aside, and pouncing on Olivia, pinning her to the ground with its massive body. It looked like it was starving and was ready to eat her alive. Olivia cried out for help, but all of her friends stepped away from the wolf, petrified. The wolf had Olivia
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The moment our lips touched, I felt like I was on fire. I could have melted right then and there. I hadn’t planned the kiss. In my moment of agitation, I had just acted on my impulse. I don’t think he had either. It was as if our lips had collided in the silence, like we’d both been waiting for it without knowing it. The second our mouths met, I felt like I had been struck by lightning. My hands were gripping the edge of his t shirt, and my feet were arched up to keep my lips on his. It was the most intimate moment of my life. Not a single word was spoken, just the sound of our breathing and the beating of our hearts. I could feel Alessio’s heartbeat against my chest and his warm breath on my neck. I closed my eyes, the world had faded away. *CLAP* *CLAP* *CLAP* The sound of clapping made me snap my eyes open. Alessio’s gaze was on me, intent and intense and burning. “That was awesome! You go Mia!” A girl's loud and enthusiastic shout shook me from inside, bringing back the remin
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While preparing the dinner, Diana came to the kitchen, her fingers shook and a fearful expression was on her face. I was worried instantly. Has someone bothered her? “Alpha Alessio,” her voice trembled, her hand shot up to wipe the sweat off of her forehead, “alpha has just given a new order.” “What order?” Nia, one of the cooking girls asked worriedly. What did he do now? Oh god. “Well, he has ordered that all the omegas have to arrange the dinner at once and place the food on the dining table,” her gaze swept at all of us, whispering in a hushed tone like she was about to spout a blasphemy, “...and then he wants all omegas to sit with other members from now on. Have dinner together.” “What?!” Nia dropped the pot that she had in her hands, thankfully empty, her mouth open in shock. I bit my lip, my mind running through all kinds of scenarios and thoughts and the most prominent of all was wondering what the hell was running through Alpha Alessio’s mind? When he had come here, an
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“You need to go to the Alpha’s room.” as soon as I came out after changing my school dress, Nia sneaked a glance at me and murmured, “your duties as his maid are starting from today. He has just come back from the training ground.” I changed my path. Instead of going inside the kitchen, I started to walk towards alpha’s bedroom. I was still irritated by the punishment that he had given me. Personal maid? Seriously? Didn’t he already have like hundreds of people working for him at his beck and call? Moreover, he and I don’t have any relationship except for being ex-mates. Wouldn’t it be awkward? Deep in thoughts, I reached outside his bedroom earlier than I had wanted to and knocked on the door. “Come in.” HIs deep voice came from the other side. Opening the door with my head down, I walked in. Four steps in, and I halted, my eyes widened in shock and I immediately turned around, “Why would you ask me to come in?!” The man was freaking half naked! He was wearing black pants, but s
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