The Most Wanted Luna

The Most Wanted Luna

By:  Leyla McKenzie  Ongoing
Language: English
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Kayla has always been different from other wolves as a child. So different that everyone seemed to despise her for it, everyone except the family who took her in as their own. On her eighteenth birthday, an unexpected turn of events causes so much mayhem and disruption to her normal life which causes even worse judgement from members of her pack. But it is an unpredictable betrayal that strikes the last blow and leaves her heart so broken and wounded that she leaves her pack and nothing is heard of her again. Just when everyone forgets about her existence, she returns to her pack but she is not the same woman they once knew. [ THIS BOOK IS UPDATED DAILY]

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108 chapters
1: The Sister he never had.
Kayla's POV I woke up from a dream but I wasn’t quite sure if I should call it a dream. Aren’t dreams peaceful and calming? The one I just woke up from made me feel extremely afraid. I was sweating and shaking all over and it made me certain that I just had a nightmare. However this wasn’t just any nightmare, every year I would get this dream at least once a year and even though I didn’t exactly remember what it was about, there would be a certain feeling that followed it and then I would hear a faint voice in my head – like a woman screaming. Back when I was younger and I’d have this nightmare, I would cover up myself in the sheets shaking with fear but not knowing what I just dreamt. Tia, Aidan’s mother would come to my rescue, sitting with me until I fall asleep but she hasn’t been doing that anymore because I stopped screaming and learned to deal with it on my own. Even though I couldn’t remember what I dreamt of, I always had a feeling that it was about my parents. My fath
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2: His eyes on me
Kayla’s POV I cursed as I wiped away the tears that poured down my cheeks. The men’s room smelled awful but I wasn’t ready to face April’s confrontation. I couldn’t believe that I lost control like that, why was I so aggressive?! “ Our mate is currently in the arms of another woman and you’re just going to stay here and cry about it?” my wolf Sapphire barked in my head and I bit my lip in frustration. “ Just shut up Sapphire! You’re the reason everyone is never gonna stop calling me a freak – just…please stop taking control like that!” I begged, holding my head in my hands as I remembered how everyone stared at me when they saw my outburst earlier. “ It’s not my fault that they’re ordinary.” She muttered and I took in a deep breath and instantly recoiled because of the stench. The ladies room was occupied and this was the only place I could go. Knowing full well that there is nothing I can do to hold Sapphire back and that I couldn’t just stay in the rest room all day, I decided
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3: She's my mate
Kayla’s POV The silence that engulfed the class was too much as he just stood there and stared at me. My heart was thudding violently wondering what this was about,or maybe I was just not properly processing how a man could be this attractive without even trying. As he stood in front of me, I noticed how he seemed like the direct opposite of Aidan. He had ebony black, thick, messy long hair that stopped just above his shoulder as opposed to Aidan’s short, blond hair that was always neatly slicked back. He was bigger and taller than Aidan and though he was fully clothed in white sleeves that he rolled up, showing his strong arms and sky-blue Jean pants, I could still tell that he had a sexy body. Besides, the three buttons in his shirt that he left unbuttoned was more or less a clear testament to that fact. And then his silver eyes…no one should ever look that good with an eye color so rare. “ Hector, what the hell? Are you nuts?” His friend Devon asked him, pulling him by the arm
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4: Hot, sweet kisses
Kayla’s POV The stares I was getting as Hector and Aidan declared that I was their mate was enough for me to wish for powers that could make me disappear. Now they have something new to hate me for, what have I done to deserve this? Hector seemed to realize that he said something he normally wouldn’t, I could tell by the way he looked so shaken before his friends pulled him away. “ Why did they take him away?” I heard someone ask. “ Where Hector comes from, they do not admit or acknowledge a mate that isn’t a rogue. It’s believed to be physically impossible but Hector didn’t seem to have any difficulty saying that Kayla is his mate.” Said a boy who stared at me as he said these words. “ Wow, she has two guys at school willing to fight each other when she is one of the most useless wolves at this school. Don’t even delude yourself and think that you’re special, you’re just an abnormality and I wish you’d just die alr- ”April was saying, she must've not realized that Aidan was st
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5: An unfriendly confrontation
Kayla's POV When I turned around and saw that Aidan was still shirtless, I realized they must’ve figured out what we were doing. Embarrassment washed all over me as we all stood there silently – not Aidan though, he was unbothered. He opened the refrigerator and poured himself a glass of water, drank it in one gulp, and then poured another and walked up to me before handing me the glass of water. I didn’t know what to do so I just held the glass cup in my hand and looked at the floor. Aidan stood behind me and wrapped his arms around my waist before kissing my cheek, it betrayed me and must’ve become so red as I blushed because Tia seemed even more surprised than before. “ Aidan! We are literally in front of you!” she finally said, pulling him away from me and standing between us. “ So what? She’s my mate, there’s nothing wrong with that,” Aidan rebelled but all it took was one look from his father for him to behave. “ Is that why you two almost had sex?” He asked coldly. “ Dad-
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6: Controversial Partners
Kayla's POV My eyes searched for who it was that poured the good on April and my heart skipped a beat when I saw that it was Hector. His eyes carried so much contempt and spite as he looked at April, he was dressed in all white from head to toe that I nearly thought it was an angel who saved me. “ I brought the rest of the goo for you April didn’t want to waste it.” He said, putting his hands in his pocket as he glared at her intensely. Even with all the splashing, a single whip of goo didn’t even touch him. “ What the hell is wrong with you?!” she shrieked as she got up and wiped her face so she could take a look at Hector. “ Hey, get up, take my hand,” Becka said as she extended a hand to me and pulled me up. “ I should be asking you that question since you orchestrated a prank that the whole school was in on, just so you could embarrass a girl that has never bothered you before” “ And how the hell would you know that she doesn’t bother me huh? How do you know?” “ But it
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7: " I can't choose"
Kayla's POVI sighed and exhaled, trying to focus on what our mission was. When he was done assigning the first batch to a rogue, he told us our paths and immediately started the timer while we all swung to action. It was hard keeping up with Aidan and Hector as they ran but they would occasionally slow down so I could catch up to them. “ Stop!” Aidan said. Hector and I stopped and he took in a deep breath“ we’re wasting our time. I can’t think straight because all I smell right now is her,” Aidan said pointing at me. “ Kayla, just save us the trouble and choose one of us. It’s not that hard is it?” Aidan asked. I looked at Hector but he said nothing, he just looked away from me and faced a different direction. “ Say something, Kayla.” He said, coming closer to me. “ it was even worse when I woke up and you weren’t home. I got so mad at my parents this morning, they shouldn’t separate us.. “ he said before his eyes trailed off to my lips.“ This is not the time Aidan,” Hector poin
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8; A place to think
Kayla's POVI came out of the woods with Aidan and Hector behind me. Aidan told Hector to just show us where the hidden item was but Hector said that it would be suspicious if we come out with the item because he and the other rogues hid it so well that no one would find it. To keep things neutral, we came out empty-handed. Hector escorted the next batch of wolves into the woods and Aidan hung with Jason and the rest of his friends. We all acted as if we didn’t just spend almost fifteen minutes in intimate sexy acts. “ Are you okay?” Becka asked when I returned. She must’ve seen how much I was holding my breath trying to keep myself from latching onto Hector’s arm as he went with two girls inside the woods. Maybe I wouldn’t have been so jealous about it if it was another girl but the fact that it was Daphne and Gale put me in a bad mood. When we were done with training, Tyrone was disappointed that none of us during the time given, was able to find the hidden items. He eventually t
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9: The pendant
Kayla's POV “ Hector?” I called softly. He turned around, his silver eyes sparkly and a little startled. “ What- what are you doing here?” “ This is my place, you’re the one I should be asking that question,” I said, folding my hand and suddenly getting sulky. “ You own the woods?” he asked, sounding arrogant and irritating to me. “ No, I just mean that I’m the only one who comes here because of the…wolfsbane…” I said, noticing that I was significantly farther away from where I was before. “ There are no wolfsbane here” “ There are over there, that’s where the river is, but no one can go there except me.” “ They must really hate you for that huh?” “ Yeah,” I said. We stared at each other for a while. I was appreciating his…everything. He was what every girl describe as her dream man. Today his black, long, hair was even more ruffled and curly than before – a trait that would make any man look adorable didn’t change a thing about his sexiness. With his hands in his pocke
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10: A rogue like me
Kayla's POV“ Your what?” Hector asked, starting at me critically.“ My father, Hector, I’m telling the truth.” “ Who is he?”“ What do you even mean by that? You already know my father is a Rogue!”“ Sure but which Rogue? What’s his name?”“ Baynes,” I said regrettably, knowing how much evil I had heard he was responsible for. Maybe he even punished Hector’s parents too, just like Alpha Kent said. I summoned the courage to look at Hector and I find him looking at me with adorations instead of the fear or hate I had expected. Those two expressions were the most common looks I got whenever people mentioned that my father was a Rogue.“ I knew it…no wonder you’re so special.” He said with a smile so bright that I too started to smile unconsciously. “ I thought you would hate me.” “ What? I could never. Baynes is a legend amongst us. It is he that every one of us strives to be like. He was a hero but a lot of people misunderstood him” he said as his smile started to slowly fade away.
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