The Mafia and His Angel

The Mafia and His Angel

By:  Crystal L  Completed
Language: English
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What's a Mafia without his Angel? Theoretically speaking, more devious, out of control, and needless to say, heartless. What if this Angel is a cop to want to put him behind bars? But when the mafia and cops are forced to work together to solve a serial killer case, all the tables are turned. Join Anastasia and Elijah on their journey to uncover who the mastermind behind this entire case is...

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50 Chapters
Chapter 1
Anastasia:I walked toward the poker bar where one of my colleagues reported to have seen him going inside. Watching as the team of officers surrounded the place from far, waiting for my signal.“Anastasia, you are playing a dangerous game” Blake, my partner said wrapping his arm around my waist, stopping me. The man was insane if he believed that I was going to let the bastard go this time.This time, the man was mine. One way, or the other, I’m going to have that bastard behind bars, and I wasn’t going to allow anyone, not even Blake, to stop me from doing so.“Blake, darling, unless you want to lose your hands; I do suggest that you unwrap them from around me” I said glaring at the bar that was literally across the street. Blake sighed and unwrapped his arms from around me knowing that I was dead serious.I crossed the street, the cars stopping at the sight of me not looking left or right, some honked, others
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Chapter 2
Elijah:I had to fight back rolling my eyes at the woman as I watched her pace around in front of me.Her dark brown hair was tied in a bun. Her brown eyes were fixed on the ground as she waited for whatever her boss was going to say. The two of us knew that they wouldn’t be able to do anything, but she was still doing her best to get me ‘behind bars’ and again, she was going to be disappointed.“You’re making me dizzy” I said catching her attention. She glared at me as I broke whatever train of thoughts she was lost in.“Good”“Can I at least have my things? You know, watching you pace around like some idiotic fly can become annoying, might as well use my phone until I leave” I knew that I was testing her patience. She wasn’t what one called ‘social’ when it didn’t come to her job, and frankly, I believed that she hated me too much to want to be around me to begin
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Chapter 3
Anastasia:“Nasia, if you keep this up; you will end up losing your job” Blake said as I drove toward the murder scene. This was the fifth one this month, and the pattern which would have usually taken a month or two to repeat itself has become too frequent for anyone’s liking “and how the hell are you sure that it’s another Z case anyway?”“A pattern was followed, and it’s like the person is leaving the people on the same trail. Plus, he left him beside the car” I answered as I sped up, avoiding the cars as I did. They mostly moved out of the way at the sound of the sirens, but I still needed to reach the scene as fast as I could before the FBI claimed it as their case “as for Elijah, the man killed someone right before my eyes…”“To save your life, Anastasia. Yes, it’s not right, but the system…”“What the bloody hell are they doing here?” I ask
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Chapter 4
Elijah: “Why is the cop coming here again, Ilya?” My aunt, Nikita asked, calling me by my Russian name. Her blue eyes met my brown ones as she entered the living room. She was on edge because I told her that Anastasia was coming, and I couldn’t blame her. The number of times they sent Mikhail because Anastasia decided to want to play cop on me were annoying enough as it was. “Because Aunt Nikita, Alexander is one of my men, and unfortunately for me; Alexander died by a killer their looking for, at least that’s what she assumes. We need to see if there’s a link to lead us to the bastard for me to make him pay, and also for us to ensure that nothing like this happens again” I said cupping her cheeks. I kissed her forehead and smiled “you just relax; I’ll take care of things with her” “You can’t seriously expect to leave a case like this to her, right? Whether the man is someone they’re looking for or not…” “If I was leaving the case to her, I wouldn’t h
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Chapter 5
Anastasia: “You’re back early” Elijah said opening the door for me “care to come in?” I nodded and walked inside. Elijah closed the door after me and guided me to an office where Yaroslav was sitting. He already knew that I arrived having been told by his security men which were by the door. He gave them the approval to let me in before they opened the door for me. “I see your friend decided not to show up” he stated. “He’s no longer taking care of the case. It’s you and me on this one” I said pointing at the two of us. Yaroslav nodded at me and I returned the favor before taking a seat on the chair in front of the desk which I assumed was Elijah’s. “Drink?” Elijah asked motioning to the bottle of whiskey which was on the bar table. Yaroslav nodded as Elijah poured him a glass and the man waited for my response before pouring at third glass. “At eleven in the morning?” “There’s no specific time to drinking” Elijah answered.
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Chapter 6
Elijah: I watched as Anastasia walked out of the house, heading to her car which was now parked in the garage. Aunt Nikita who was standing beside me looked at me “are you sure this is a good idea?” “There’s no better way to stay off the grid than to bring in the grid” I said keeping my eyes on Anastasia “she’s ruined far too many businesses for me so far, and I would rather have her in front of me, watching her before I make my next move. Plus, the case does concern Alexander, and he’s one of my men; I won’t let her or her cops leave it to die” “The girl is smart, Elijah; she won’t just give in to what you say, nor would she fall for simple tricks” Aunt Nikita warned me. I looked at her, seeing as Anastasia entered the garage, and nodded in agreement. “I know that she is, and that is why I chose to have her instead of one of her colleagues. Her determination is one thing that I respect, and I would rather have her by my side than theirs” I sa
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Chapter 7
Anastasia: I walked out to the front porch where Elijah was standing in front of the fence after he made a phone call. I could see Yaroslav standing by his car, keeping his ‘Pakhan’ safe in case things went wrong. He nodded and I returned the favor before looking at Elijah. Mum having just walked to her room to rest, gave Elijah and I our privacy believing that he’s my friend who I suddenly have a romantic fling with. “Is everything alright?” “Must there be something wrong?” Elijah shot back. He turned to face me and for a second, I swear I saw anger in his eyes. “Do you want to tell me why you traced the house and came all the way here?” I asked. Seeing him in my house was the last thing I expected, and the fact that he parked a few blocks away from the house only made it oblivious to me that he did show up to begin with. I didn’t even know how he managed to convince mum to let him in, but whatever it was; I knew that he didn’t come here to s
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Chapter 8
Elijah: “Fucking hell” I said as we caught sight of the man’s body. The street was empty despite the few cars that passed by every few minutes. That explained why the ‘killer’ ended up throwing his body here, and how the cops got the call. “I must admit, whoever this ‘killer is’ he seems to be a little too creative with his methods” Yaroslav said standing beside me as Anastasia inspected the scene. The man was dead, placed in a sitting position with his back against the car. Blood came out of his mouth as he was slaughtered, his face was bruised, his eyes swollen, I could already tell that his nose was broken, and the letter Z was carved on his forehead. I could also tell that the man has been taken a long while before today, the cuts that were on his face revealed dried out blood. However, I also believe that he was killed today, but it must have happened early morning judging by the dried out blood on his neck and shirt. Anastasia pinched the bridge
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Chapter 9
Anastasia:I handed Jason my badge and my gun before taking a step back to stand beside Elijah who entered the station with me. Yaroslav and Timur waited outside the office’s door, not trusting me to have their boss inside the police station. I couldn’t blame them either; therefore, I didn’t bother questioning them about it.“Thank you for your services, Anastasia” Jason said dismissing me. I knew that he didn’t want to do this, but Blake left him no other choice when he handed him the video of me taking the file from the cabinet. I knew what was in stake when I did it.Blake arrived to the station alongside his new ‘partner’, one of the FBI agents, and smirked when he saw me standing in front of Jason. I shook my head at him knowing that he would come to taunt me, but I wasn’t in the mood for that. If anyone knew how much I worked on this case; it was Blake, and to see that he did what he has so easily only
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Chapter 10
Elijah:“Thank you” Anastasia told the maid who took her coat from her. The maid walked toward the closet to hang it while Anastasia watched before she was guided in.She held her mug of coffee in her right hand while her phone was in her left. Her laptop bag was strapped on her shoulder. Her dark brown hair was tied in a messy bun over her head. She wore a black shirt and black pants, and I couldn’t help but notice that she didn’t have any makeup on.“You do realize that we have coffee in the house and all you had to do to get a mug was ask” I said nodding at her mug.“Hello to you too, Elijah. I hope you had a pleasant evening” sarcasm dripped from her tone and seeing the dark circles under her eyes, I realized that she may have not had a good night herself “if there’s anything that you may need; you’ll find me in the office”I nodded and watched as she walked toward her offi
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