Nobility of Vasking.

Nobility of Vasking.

By:  phuongmai137lala  Ongoing
Language: English
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Vasking Empire is known as the richest land on the continent. All social classes here live in luxury, especially the nobles. But sparkling diamonds are washed from fresh blood. As flashy as the outer shell, the inside is rotten and rotten. ----- Anthea, a strange foreign girl, suddenly one day set foot in the Empire, to fulfill her father's last wish. This girl, little by little, lifted the mystery, exposing the lust, darkness, scams, and misery of the Nobles. Anthea also met her destiny. But like life, once again she had to watch the person she loved left. After so many difficulties and dangers, can Anthea get back what belongs to her, or protect the people she loves? Hope you enjoy reading.

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5 chapters
Chap 1: Oak wooden box
“King Coong…King Coong” The bell at the bar counter rang softly as Anthea pushed open the bar door and entered. A gentle, but equally seductive scent of wine hit her nose, making Anthea's mind feel extremely relaxed. For some people, for alcohol, they always think: alcohol is fun, drunkenness, and wild nights. They consider alcohol to be an evil thing. When people are immersed in it, they can no longer keep themselves. Just like that, the mind gradually became confused, the mind was dreamy, and the perception of the surrounding world quickly changed. Since then, I have done many terrible things, which people cannot predict. Some people who believe in religion and heresy believe that alcohol is a liquid that can awaken the beast that is sleeping deep inside each person. A kind of water that lures the demons that are hiding in the subconscious of each individual. This is extremely scary and dangerous. Those people hate alcohol and denounce this liquid. They eve
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Chap 2: 'Goute d'Or
 “Cluck… Cuckoo”Anthea tapped lightly on the table. Her eyes focused on the wooden box that was neatly placed on the table.The steady sound, coming from under Anthea's slender fingers, startled Maxi out of her hazy thoughts. Unexpectedly for a moment of absentmindedness, Anthea was right back in front of him.Maxi's voice reading, regains the style of the ordinary day. Smile faintly at the opposite person.“You also guessed the target I brought you here for. And I'm sure she also guessed what was inside this box…”While saying that, Maxi ran her finger gently through the oak bark, the same details made on the outside of the box. Respect the words, do not hide the irony part.“I did not expect the record itself to be correct.”Anthea leaned against the wall, finding herself a comfortable position, and spoke softly. But her eyes, blue and as deep as the ocean, still didn't
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Chap 3: Knife
 "Invite her"Maxi held out a small, oval-shaped transparent glass to Anthea, which was filled with a beautiful, ocean-blue liquid."Thanks. I invite you"Anthea took the glass from Maxi's hand. I don't know where in the cellar with hundreds of oak barrels, he can find a glass that fits like that. It is possible that while, with her eyes closed in contemplation, Maxi prepared these two glasses."Edge"At Anthea's surprised gaze, Maxi showed a cheerful smile.“It's just a ritual in this Empire. When two people drink together. If one of us is not focused, we will touch our wine glass with the other's, to get their attention."Anthea thought to herself: perhaps standing in front of such an alluring wine, her mind has gradually become hazy. Better yet, let Maxi find out she wasn't paying attention. Anthea shook her head slightly, staring at the wine glass in front of her eyes.'To see how the 'Goute d'Or' which i
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Chap 4: Hambris
 Anthea was startled for a moment when she heard Maxi's words, her face flickered with a hint of awkwardness. But very quickly, Anthea returned to her usual cold expression. Quickly take long strides out of the awkward atmosphere in the room.In her mind, she couldn't help but think about what had just happened. A large cellar, inside a rundown popular pub. In recorded history, each oak grain represents the longevity of the tree. The older it is, the better the quality of the wood and wood resin in it, which can harmonize the taste of the soaked wine. The oak barrels used to store wine in the room are all hundreds of years old, the veins are very even and beautiful. The value of those oak barrels is probably not much less than their age. Also, the glass of wine she had just sipped on was 'Goute d'Or Commanderie du Clos du Montmartre' to be exact. That flavor is unmistakable. Anthea's father had also let her taste it before. The spicy, intoxicating flavor is extre
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 “It is true that Maximilian Hambris is different, extremely observant. I hid it so well, but you still found out.”Japhis whistled appreciatively as he threw an arm around Maxi's neck. Not stopping there, his other hand gently caressed Maxi's tightly furrowed brows."Relax, I don't want to see those ugly wrinkles on this pretty face."Maxi emulates Japhis' overly intimate actions. He was too familiar with this joke, males can't be male, females can't be female. Maxi's full attention was focused on the letter in his hand. The smile at the bottom of his eyes gradually disappeared as he read its contents.“Do you know how hard it must have been to exchange this letter for you…?”Japhis deliberately let out his voice. Normally his voice was extremely pleasant to listen to, now Japhis deliberately added a little high and low. Causing his voice to hum, so crisp that it fell apart. While saying that, Japhis mad
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