Witches Vs Werewolves

Witches Vs Werewolves

By:  WildRose  Ongoing
Language: English
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Have you ever had a livid dream when you woke up the next morning and found out that you had three babies in the backseat of your car with no clue of where they came from? Well.... welcome to the world of Lorraine Warren. Lorraine was a vet, who had a weird past she couldn't explain when she came across the supernatural at a tender age and all she wanted to do was to prove that what happened to her parents weren't an animal attack, but something much more. But when she tumbles across three kids with no background of who they are...Lorraine might finally have a breakthrough.

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14 Chapters
WITCHES VS WEREWOLVESCHAPTER 1 “Could the second in command, tell us about the results of the meeting that we had with the neighboring packs.” Alpha Adam said in a loud clear voice as everyone kept quiet as one of the wolves stood up from his seat and walked to the center of the room. “Greetings, wise Alpha. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to talk before you all. Like our Alpha asked of me, last time, I went to the neighboring pack on behalf of him, so that we could figure out what to do about the borders clashing and we finally got a solution.” “What solution could that possible be? The land is ours. Blood Crescent Moon has been here for centuries, they were a scattered pack that we allowed to stay on our lands when I was just a kid and now, they have the guts and audacity to drag the land with us. We are giving them nothing, instead I advocate we go to war, the Moon Goddess
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WITCHES VS WEREWOLVESCHAPTER 2 Suki pushed him off her and cleared her throat trying to take back control of her own body as her wolf whimpered in her head. Lanai, her wolf was enjoying the special attention she was  getting. “Please, he is so hot when he does that.” Lanai said as Suki replied in her head. “No, we are pissed off at him, we can’t let him know that he affects us. If we give in, every time he played cute, he would never take us seriously.” Suki replied before turning to face Adam. “You promised that you were going to have time for me and the pups.” She said in a stern voice as Adam  slapped his forehead. “Oh shoot, I totally forgot….not that I meant to, I just wanted to round up the meeting that I had with the council before I came to meet you, please forgive me.” He said as Suki rolled h
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WITCHES VS WEREWOLVES CHAPTER 3 Immediately Lorraine dropped the phone, she shook her head and went back to packing. Yeah, it was a bit strange when she put it like this, no one goes for a 11 months vacation because that is already a year of not working and no one goes without a boyfriend or a husband. She wasn’t married but she did have a guy she saw. They had a big fight before she left so they weren’t really on speaking terms. Noah had insisted that she was running away with another man, which was absolutely false. Shaking her head to remove those disturbing thoughts, she finally zipped up her suitcase and dropped beside the door. She was packed and ready to go. She glanced at the opened envelope that laid on the table as tears trickled down her face as she wiped it away. She couldn’t bear to read it one more time so she quickly stashed it in her bag. She would deal with it and l
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WITCHES VS WEREWOLVES CHAPTER 4 The next morning, Lorraine was already packed and ready to leave when her phone rang again and she smiled. Shaking her head, she picked up the phone as Sarah quickly said, “I know before you say anything, I just wanted to re-confirm from you that you are coming back today.” “Yes I am coming back today, and if you do not cut this call, I swear I will just start a new life here and never return, I am beginning to like here already.” Lorraine said with a laugh as she pulled her suitcase to the door, still holding the phone to her ears with her shoulders as she packed her bags. “Why are you laughing? You seem happy? What happened? Did you meet a guy? How hot was he?” Sarah said with a gasp as Lorraine rolled her eyes and said, “You and guys. Honestly I wonder why I am even friends with you.
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WITCHES VS WEREWOLVES BY WILDROSE CHAPTER 5 “Is everything okay? You have been spacing out?”Alpha Adam murmured behind Suki’s ear who was lost in thoughts as she quickly nodded her head giving him a fake smile and said, “Yes everything is in place. Tonight is going to be the most wonderful night ever. We are finally going to name…our kids.” She faltered as she choked on her words. Her eyes darted to Adam’s uncle Silas who was holding one of the female pups. “Did we really have to give your uncle one of the female pups to hold, we could have share the two girls and boy between us, or even given your sister one, to hold. After all she is expecting too, so she should better get used to kids.” Suki said as Adam chuckled and said, “You of all people know how my uncle is attached to the kids, I am beginni
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WITCHES VS WEREWOLVES BY SNOWHEART CHAPTER 6:THE GREAT ESCAPE The woods was dark, gloomy and quiet…too quiet as Lilianna brushed aside the shrubs and made her way into the woods walking with her torch light. The barks were becoming faint and less loud as Lilianna quickened in her pace. She couldn’t afford to let some innocent and defenseless pups stay alone in the forest. They could get hurt. She tried to pinpoint the direction the howls were coming from when she tripped over a branch and fell face splat into something wet. She groaned as she slowly stood up and turned her face then screamed when she saw what it was. It was blood. She quickly flashed her light on the ground and saw that she was standing in a bloody bloodbath as wolves were seen everywhere and also humans covering their body. She took some steps backwards as she hit a tree behind her back. She was hyperventilating and scared. She didn’t know what the hell happened here and why there was a bloodbath. She thought o
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WITCHES VS WEREWOLVESCHAPTER 7: A FUZZY MEMORYWhere did it all go wrong? One thing she knew that she was heading home and now in a twinkling of the eye, she was being chased by wolves. She was trying to figure out her bearings, but the adrenaline she had gushing through her body was something new, she felt powerful in a way but she didn’t know how to express it. She was part of the earth and the earth was part of her. She felt tainted yet free. She kept on watching seeing everything.It was almost a dream, her falling unconscious but she could still see what was happening, she could still feel the fear that surrounded her, the whimpers of the pup. It was as if she was a spectator watching her body.She whirled around in shock, the wolves didn’t see her and so passed through her heading for the pups who scurried back in fear, trying to lick Lorraine’s face in a bid to wake her up. Lorraine saw that they needed her help and tried to wake up. She tightened her fists and focused on waki
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WITCHES VS WEREWOLVESCHAPTER 8“What I am about to tell you is going to sound incredible and mind blowing but it is the truth. Everything that I am saying is the truth and nothing but the truth.” Lorraine said as Sarah watched her with confusion and said,“If you think some half cooked lie is going to get me on your side and forgive you, you better think again. Further more, you still haven’t told me why your car looked like something that had been hit by a hail storm and what was that babies cries I heard in the background earlier?” Sarah said sitting down on the couch as Lorraine ran a finger through her head and said,“That is what I am about to tell you. Look at this.” Lorraine said as she walked towards the cage and pulled the cloth from the cage revealing the triplets as Sarah stood up shocked to the ground and said,“This are puppies, wolves and I can prove it.” Lorraine said as Sarah rushed to the cage and opened it saying,“Are you out of your fucking mind? These are babies,
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WITCHES VS WEREWOLVES BY WILDROSE CHAPTER 9: TAKING RESPONSIBILITY FOR THE TRIPLETS “What the hell did you just say to me?” Noah said as he slammed the door shut and turned to face Lorraine who was already shaking but she managed to stand her ground and said, “What do you want now?” She asked as Noah replied, “Why didn’t you tell me you were back?” He said as Sarah shifted uncomfortably. Noah didn’t know that Lorraine actually knew the truth about them sleeping together and she wasn’t able to say a thing because Lorraine was here and everything was happening so fast. “Really? I never knew that I had to report my movements to you at all? What makes you think you have that right?” She said crossing her hands as Noah replied, “I am your boyfriend and fiancee, I have every right to ask you such a question. And what happened to your car?” He added as Lorraine laughed and said, “My boyfriend? I am sorry I never knew I was getting married to a cheater in the first place. Also can you
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WITCHES VS WEREWOLVESBY WILDROSECHAPTER 10: SOREN, LAYLA AND CLAUDIALater that day, after putting her things in order, Lorraine called a cab for her and her kids. She had also called the towing company and they came and towed her car away. Throughout the day she had been busy as her colleagues at work all trooped in to welcome her back and was shocked at seeing the new babies but since they were all nurses and doctors, they quickly helped her get formulas for the babies and feed them and also change their clothes while Lorraine took a bath in the bathroom and had a change of clothes from the storage room. There were take outs or her to eat and regain her strength and told her not to bother about working at the moment, she was free to stay with the kids and get her life in order. She told them the same sad story she told the cops. It was easier to stick with the lie she already told the cops, rather than tell them what actually happened.And now presently, she fixed the babies carr
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