The Alpha king’s Mate Is A Hunter (BxB)

The Alpha king’s Mate Is A Hunter (BxB)

By:  Faithuba  Ongoing
Language: English
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Alpha Adonis finally found his mate after waiting for seven years. Alpha Adonis is beyond happy except there are two problems; His mate Alex is the son of the Hunter lord terrorizing Alpha Adonis’ pack. Secondly; An Alpha with a human Mate is seen as weak and unacceptable. As much as Alpha Adonis wish to reject Alex as his mate, he can’t because he promised his mother on her dying bed that he will only be mated to his destined mate. Alpha Adonis have no choice than to fight the hunters and also convince the werewolf council to accept Alex as his mate. Will Alpha Adonis be able to accomplish all this or will it be the cause of his downfall? Find out more as you read…

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68 Chapters
Prologue - visiting the shaman
“Alpha the people are worried about you being mateless!.” My beta Jason nervously told me. “How am I being mateless in their business?.” I snapped at him. “Well, you are now twenty five and you have been thinking about your mate since seven years ago. The pack wants a Luna. Don't you think it is time you stop waiting for your mate and just get Luna?.” Jason asked. We are now in a modern era where werewolves can choose their mate by themselves. Only a few of them actually mate with their destined soulmates. Most Alphas choose their mate because of political gains and power. Infact some Alphas have already suggested marriage proposals between their children and I but I turned them down. I sighed in defeat; “ you know very well that I can’t do that!”. Right before my mom died, she made me promise her that I will wait for my destined mate. Mom and dad were destined mates and I witnessed the love and bond they shared with each other. I want to experience that too. “I know. It’s just th
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1 - visit to Crystal Blue Pack
Alpha Adonis POV~ I was in my office doing some paperwork when my beta mind linked me. “Alpha you need to see this!.” Jason said. “What is it?.” I asked him. “I can’t say it, you need to come and see it for yourself!.” Jason exclaimed! “Okay! Where are you?” I asked him. “At the pack’s broader. Towards the northern side!.” “Okay, i will be there in five!.” I got up and left the office. I entered my car and drove to the northern border of the pack. Once I reached, I went out of the car and found Jason and some of the warriors surrounding something. As I got closer, they parted ways for me to see what it was. My hand clenched into a fist when I saw what it was. It is the dead body of one of our pack members. It looks as if he was stabbed with a knife. This looks like the job of those hunters! Those hunters are on it again! If they want trouble, I will give them trouble. “How did this happen?”. I glare at the warriors on duty. “A-Alpha, w- we don’t know. We were patrolling the o
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2- Mate!
“Alpha Adonis please wait!” I turn to see Luke running after me. “Sorry if my father annoyed you!”. Luke apologized. “It’s fine! I expected this even before I came here. Anyway, you surely didn’t stop for this right? I asked him. “No actually! As soon as Alpha, I look to you and wonder if you will do me a Favour and be my mentor?.” Luke asked me. I looked into his eyes and saw sincerity. He looks like he doesn’t have a hidden motive. “Sure! Here Is my card, call me whenever you wish!.” I removed a card from my pocket and passed it to him. “Thank you Alpha Adonis!” Luke smiled at me. I smiled back at him and walked out of the house. He seems like a nice guy. If I had the privilege to choose my mate myself, I would surely choose him. I got into my car and drove off.. *** Alpha Wick’s POV~ I stood and watched through the window of my office as Alpha Adonis drove away. That pompous bastard! He thinks he is above everyone. When I invited him here, I was sure that he would give in
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3- Running away
Alex POV~“Lastly, did you sabotage my plans about the attack on the Crystal forest Pack?”. My dad asked me. “No I didn’t!”. I denied even though both my dad and I know very well that I am lying. I hated the fact that he keeps attacking innocent werewolves for no reason. Such an insane man. So when I saw his plan about invading a werewolf pack, I changed the plans and the map to the pack. At the end of the day, when the hunters went out for operation, the map led them to a dead end. They came back and reported it to my father who is the lord over the hunters. My dad knew somebody had tempered with the plan. And who else will it be except me. My dad has always hated me since as long as I can remember. Why he has not yet been killed, I have no idea. “I had enough of your stupid behaviors! You are not but a nuisance to me. You don’t work, you don’t do anything only to stay in the door every day like a weakling you are. From now henceforth, you are no longer my son. Give him thirty strok
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4- I am mated to the enemies son
Alpha Adonis POV~ I opened my eyes and saw my mate screaming. He is sitting on the bed and my arms are still around his waist. I let him and he quickly shifted away from me. He ended up falling from the bed. “Hey are you okay?”. I quickly rushed to his side. “Don’t touch me!” He said and away from my touch. This action hurt me more than I will admit. “How are you? What do you want from me?”. He asked, scared. “Hey calm down! I am not going to harm you!”. I pleaded with him. “How can I trust your words? I woke up and found myself in bed with you shirtless’ what did you do to me? Why am I wearing your shirt?.” My mate looked at the shirt he was wearing. He kept on ranting on and on, not allowing me to talk. I grew tired of him and so I pulled him into my arms and kissed him. At first he stood in shock with his mouth closed and not moving. After a minute or so, he started moving his lips along with mine. From his movement, I know that he is not experienced. I love it like that. I
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5- getting to know each other
I honestly don’t know how to react to this new piece of information. So I am not only mated to a human but to a hunter’s son. Why didn’t the shaman inform me of this piece of information? “Do you know my father?” Alex asked. “Of course every werewolf knows who Taifun is!”. I uttered before I realize what I just did. I just informed him that I am a werewolf. “Wait, you are a werewolf?”. Alex asked. There is no point of denying it and so I nod my head. Alex then shifted away from me. “Is that why I am here? Because you want to use me and take revenge on my father?”. Alex asked. “What? No! Where did you get such ideas from? I did not know Taifun Is your father until a moment ago!” I defended myself. I can’t believe I am defending myself. Jason will laugh if he sees me like this. I usually just ignore any accusations. But then this is my mate we are talking about here. “Then why can I be here? Are you trying to make me your sex slave?.” Alex asked, making me to laugh. A sex slave ser
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6- who sent you?
Alpha Adonis POV~ After I made sure that Alex was comfortably asleep, I left the cabin and drove to the pack house. It was only dark and most people were asleep already. I made my way to the beta’s office where Jason was waiting for me. “I was beginning to think that you won’t show up!”. Jason said once I entered the office. “And why Is that?”. I raised my brows at him. “Well for some reason known to you, you have forgotten about being an Alpha and have taken refuge in your cabin house. It struck me as curious though. What are you hiding?.” Jason asked, looking directly at me. “Since when did you start to question your Alpha?” I asked him, staring at me. “Forgive me Alpha! I don’t mean to interfere!.” Jason apologized with a bow. Knowing Jason, I know that he is surely going to make me bite my words someday. “Forget about it! What is the report concerning the recent rogue attacks? Any positive results?.” I inquired. “Well apart from capturing the rogue who killed the guard the
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7 - You won’t harm me?
Alex POV Alex woke up and found himself alone on the bed. He was disappointed. He hoped to wake up smuggled in the Alpha Adonis side just like yesterday. But unfortunately his wish didn’t come true. He got out of the bed and tried to look around for Adonis but after a while, he discovered that he was alone in the cabin. Just when he was about to start panicking, he found a card on the coffee table in the lounge addressed to him. I have a pressing issue to solve in the pack house. I have already made breakfast for you. Microwave it when you are about to eat . I will be back before you know it. I lock the door when going out but I kept a spare key for you on the shelf by the door. Don’t miss me too much! Alpha Adonis. I smiled when I read the message. So thoughtful of him to cook for me. Don’t miss him too much? I am already missing him. I don’t know why I felt like this for him. I mean I only met him two days ago but it seems as if I have known him all through my life. I blush
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8- Suspicious
Jason’s POV For the past two days, Adonis has been acting really suspicious and to confirm that, he said he would be staying at the cabin for sometime. That again is so unlike him. Adonis only goes to the cabin when he wants to think and hardly spends the night there. So for the fact that he is talking about spending some days there, he must be hiding something. That I am very sure of. I tried to get him to talk about what he is up to but he refused and so I decided to find out about it myself. After we were back from the dungeon, Xander decided to take a rest in his room in the pack house so I decided to use that opportunity and find out what he is hiding. I went to the cabin and found the light turned on. I tried to open the door but it was locked so I knocked. I heard footsteps inside the cabin and became on alert. Did Adonis first me and come back or what? Adonis would never allow anyone to come here because this is his personal heaven. I knocked again and the door clicked and
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9- why don’t you leave
Alpha Adonis POV I just finished having my bath and decided to take a rest when Jason mind linked me. “Adonis, where are you?.” He asked me. “In my room? Why did something happen?.” I ask him wondering why he is distributing my peace. “Well I am in your cabin. There is a boy…” he started to say but I cut him off. “What the f*ck are you doing in my cabin without my permission? I am on my way and if you harm the boy, you will regret it!.” I said and closed the mid link. I quickly got up from bed and all atoms of sleep disappeared from my eyes. I rushed out of the pack house and entered my car and started to drive towards the cabin. Damn Jason and his unnecessary curiosity. He must have guessed that something was up with me deciding to stay at the cabin and so he went to check things out for himself. The next time I build a private cabin for myself, I will make sure that Jason won’t be aware of the location. Immediately I reached the cabin. I jumped out of my car and rushed for th
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