The Rejected Luna

The Rejected Luna

By:  Bee Diaz  Completed
Language: English
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Rae of BloodMoon is engaged to the Alpha of StonePaw, Negan. Her love and admiration for him are boundless and she has been looking forward to their mating day since she was sixteen. But when, on her mating day, it is revealed that her sister Kara will take her place, she is stung and betrayed. She vows revenge on her family and leaves the pack to become a rogue. She meets Keegan deep in the forest along with a pack of rogues. They have common goals and so they form an alliance even though she finds him provocative and despicable. But when Rae falls in love with him, she begins questioning everything. Her whole world turns upside down and she has an important decision to make. Is she willing to sacrifice her love? Is revenge worth losing everything?

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Cecilia Denver
like this author shes good her books are different also this story is nice reading the start and its nice!
2023-06-12 05:01:24
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Such a lovely book and well written! I love the slow development of Rae‘s and Keegan‘s relationship. It‘s not superficial and goes more deep. Keegan’s deep love to her is amazing, a lovely male character. Wonderful story ...
2023-03-08 21:48:23
86 Chapters
Chapter One
Rae stared at her reflection in the mirror. It pleased her immensely. She pursed her lips to apply lipstick. It was a bright red like the color of her hair. She also made sure that it matched her dress. Her evening had to be perfect and she was going to make sure it ran smoothly. It was her last evening as a single female. She was going to mate with Alpha Negan of StonePaw the next day and her heart hammered relentlessly against her chest whenever she thought about him and their union. They had been engaged for five years. She was sixteen at the time. She will never forget the day he showed up at their door barring gifts for them all. She watched from the staircase as he spoke to her father about wanting a mate and what an honor it would be if their packs could be joined. Her sister was away at the time and so she knew she would be called down. She knew it deep in her heart. She ran up to her room quickly and put on her best dress. It was also red and she loved how powerful she felt
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Chapter Two
Rae managed to finish her dinner.It was delicious. Even Negan complimented the chef and StonePaw's chef was the best in their district. Rae ate raspberry mousse for dessert and it left her mouth watering. She watched Negan the entire time but he rarely met her eyes. She didn't want to think that something was amiss so she attributed his behavior to nervousness. Yes, he was probably nervous. He couldn't hold her gaze for five seconds.Yes, she was counting.After dinner, they sat hearing her father talk about the economic state of their kind and Negan joked about how similar to humans they were becoming. It was a tasteless joke but Rae smiled warmly and reassuringly at him. Werewolves hated being compared to humans. They were completely different beings. Her father hated it more and she could tell because his nostrils flared a little and all conversation ceased.Rae cleared her throat after a painful moment. Her father looked at her and then at her mother. Something passed between the
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Chapter Three
Rae's mating day had finally arrived.She woke up with a smile on her face. She sat up in bed and stretched her arms above her head. She checked the time on her alarm clock and it said 8 AM. The ceremony would start at 10 AM but she wasn't concerned because she still had time. What she found strange, however, was the fact that there wasn't anyone in her bedroom.Nobody had even tried to wake her up.She slid out of bed and freshened up in the bathroom. When she walked back into her bedroom, it was still empty. She frowned and opened her closet to make sure the dress was still there. It was. It looked a lot more magnificent in the daylight and she couldn't help but admire it.Where was everyone?Two hours wasn't much time. The vows would only be said later at night but the party would start much sooner than that. She had to be ready and she was running out of time. A spark of anger lit her soul on fire. She couldn't believe that her family was so irresponsible. It was her special day a
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Chapter Four
Rae awoke in the dark. Everything came rushing back to her. The mating day, the bitter betrayal. She could hardly believe it. The memories were a hand wrapped tight around her neck, squeezing her life's force from her veins. She couldn't sit up. It was almost as if she was glued to the bed. Her heart was hammering against her chest and she was paralyzed with fear. Negan. Kara. No. The thought hurt her physically. The pain was enough to make her sit up and look around the room desperately. She was on a bed and the room was dark but not the corridor outside. Light seeped into the room from the crack under the door. She looked left and saw that the window was open. She didn't know why but her heart swelled with pointless hope. She sat up and slowly climbed out of bed. Her eyes were on the window. As soon as she neared it, she saw that it was nighttime. The moon shone brightly in the sky. She could see nothing else but that was enough. It was enough to rock her foundations and bring he
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Chapter Five
Despite their efforts to get her to talk, Rae didn't say another word to her parents. She didn't regret her decision and was certain that she never would. She didn't care that it looked bad on their part. She wasn't going to act as if what they did didn't hurt her and remain in the pack. She would rather be a rogue than be a laughing stock. Kara and Negan could look bad. In fact, they could die for all she cared. Rae sat beside the window until the sun went up. She didn't feel tired, only emotionally drained. She tried not to think about how excited she was only a day before. She thought she would mate with the man she loved and live happily ever after but it seemed life had other plans for her. Or perhaps there was no plan. Perhaps she was destined to live an unremarkable life deep in the woods. She would find an empty cabin and inhabit it and forever be the rejected Luna.She didn't care. All she wanted was to leave.She hadn't decided what to take with her on her journey. Taking n
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Chapter Six
Although Rae's head was pounding with everything that was said and done back at BloodMoon, she kept going. She didn't know where she was going, that was the truth. She didn't have a map with her and she had no experience hiking or venturing too deep into the woods. She was the Alpha's daughter and so hunting was never her obligation. She was, however, taught to hunt and prepare the meat for consumption. It was basic training that every wolf had to have at some point in their lives. It was necessary. She was glad that she had done it at eighteen. She remembered most of it and so she would be alright. She wouldn't starve, at least. Making camp was an entirely different story but she would have to adapt and learn. There was no turning back, not after what she said. She didn't want to, in any case, and it didn't matter to her how scared she was. She would keep her word and never return to BloodMoon unless it was under force. She doubted that they'd come looking for her, anyway. Her moth
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Chapter Seven
"What are you doing here!?" she asked hysterically, backing into the wall. To her dismay, she noticed that her backpack was right beside him. It was wide opened. There was a banana peel by his feet which meant that he had been eating her food for some time. She hadn't noticed him come in. He was eating her food. The only food she had left. "Give that back!" she exclaimed. "That's mine!" "Not anymore," she said, opening his mouth and pouring the remnants of the crackers straight into his mouth. He then balled the empty packet in his fist and threw it so it landed beside the peel. He began rummaging through her bag and she immediately reacted. She stood but he was too fast for her. He stood as well. She was instantly intimidated by his height. He could hurt her if he wanted to. He still might. The chances of her running out and escaping were higher than recovering her backpack. He said, "Not so fast. Sit back down.""No.""I can easily catch you," he remarked. "You're not much of a
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Chapter Eight
"Where are you going?" he asked her. "You got the information you wanted," she said, zipping her backpack shut and slinging it over her shoulder. "You can leave me alone now.""Do you have any idea where you're going?" he asked, ignoring her statement. "You can't be wandering around the woods without having a clue of where you are. You might accidentally wander into someone's territory."Rae let out a scoff. "Someone's territory? This is the wilderness. It doesn't belong to anyone!" He was catching up to her so she sped up. "See, that's where you're wrong. You don't know anything about being a rogue, do you? Come on, tell me. What do you think a rogue is? We were all told stories about them when we were younger. Trust me, it's far from the truth. Rogues aren't wanderers or simply packless. They have packs. They have territories. When a rogue is in a pack, he abides by certain rules and you'll be lucky if you come across one that's in a pack.""Like you?" "Of course," he said. He the
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Chapter Nine
Rae and Keegan walked for what felt like an eternity to her. She was tired, thirsty, and still hungry. Since he was carrying her bag, she couldn't access her food and in any case, eating out of her stash would mean she would have to share with him since he was kind enough to offer her help. She didn't want to. Yes, it was a selfish way of thinking but she was on her own. She had to think of her survival. It was the only one that mattered. "We're almost there," he said over his shoulder. "Do you live alone?" she asked. She had to start asking him questions related to that. She should have done so earlier, actually, before she accepted his help. "I have a pack." "You do?" "Yes," he said, "I've been building it for years. It wasn't easy but I managed. There are a few wolves I don't trust as much but trust isn't essential at the moment. I need numbers to overthrow Negan. After that, I'll decide what to do about the ones that don't please me.""That's harsh," she said, unable to keep
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Chapter Ten
When Rae awoke, it was still day. The caravan was gray, though, not bright with sunlight. She parted the curtain above her bed and saw that the sky was overcast. She heard thunder rolling and rumbling in the distance. Still, the windows were dry, so it hadn't rained yet. She lay back down and sighed heavily. She loved this kind of weather. She'd always find something fun to do whenever it rained, like read or work on her craft. She had left her box of handmade jewelry behind and now she regretted it. She felt taking it with her would add to the weight she had to carry and anyway, those bracelets wouldn't help her out in the wild. But she had been working on them since she was nine years of age, they had meaning to her. She made them before she could ever read. Now, there was nothing to do but stare at the red curtain above her and think of a more simple time. She always felt that something was missing from her life but she was happy. She was happy and didn't realize it until she lo
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