Emergency: you stole my heart

Emergency: you stole my heart

By:  K3n Dall  Ongoing
Language: English
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Charlotte is a resident doctor with the body and dreams of a model. She is in a cat and rat relationship with billionaire business man Ontario who has a crush on her since like forever. Charlotte had a huge crush for mega super star, Jake Reid but Jake turns out to an arrogant clean freak. Will there be a love triangle?....

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22 chapters
Charlotte Slim Meyers
No pain, no gain. The expression on her face said it all. I knew had I had to cheer her on.“There you go, sweetheart. I told you that you can do it, didn’t I? You are amazing dear”Christine was involved in an accident some months back and for the first time in months she took her first steps.“You are amazing, Christine!” I cheered again and earned a smile from Christine. I am proud to have been a part of her healing journey. It like adding a feather to my cap.“Thank you, Doctor Meyers” Christine Appreciates. “If not for you, I wouldn’t have recovered this fast. I’m really grateful” Aww! That was sweet. I mean, I’m awesome, aren’t I?“Stop with the flattery.” I say acting shy.Stop but don’t stop, I love to be praised. I mean who doesn’t ?“Excuse me Christine, I’ll be leaving now” I said to Christine and left the examination room. I’ll just go to my office and rest a bit.I’m relieved she’s able to walk after all this while. It’s a plus to my short list of achie
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Celebrity Crush
“But Doctor Bell, you know how much that family hates me, don’t you? Sending me there sounds worse than skinning me alive, Please Doctor Bell please!” I begged kneeling on both knees, Fuck self esteem, all I care about is getting out of this mess. He should be able to help, just do something Doctor Bell, please.“There is nothing I can do about this Doctor Meyers, the family specially requested for you” Doctor Bells said but honestly I think he is only trying to play safe. Those people are filthy rich and getting on their bad isn’t really a good decision to make. Just saying.What the! Has the man before me gone stupid or what? Of course they’ll request for me, after all it was me who almost murdered their child. They wouldn’t miss the opportunity to have their revenge on me or are they not the Reyes family that I grew up knowing so well? Inviting me to work for them is like giving them the free will to make my life a living hell. Is this raise worth it?Do you remember the Med School
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Arrogant Jerk
Ever heard of the relationship between the tongue and the teeth, always fighting but can’t do without each other? Well that’s similar to the situation ship between me and Ontario Reyes, well except I can do without him but I do no think the same is the case on his end. Don’t ask me why, I don’t know. We’ve just been in each other’s lives since like forever.Let go of me!” I half-yelled“FINE” His annoying voice said and with a loud thud, I found myself on the floor. Silly me! I couldn’t even manage to gain my footing. To think he’ll even drop me to the ground? Really?“Ouch!” I think I sprained my ankle; I winced in pain. It hurts! So bad, somebody call my momma.But the Devil?😠 he did nothing but stared down at me like I was some kind of entertainment or something.“Won’t you help me up?” I asked through gritted teeth.“It was you who asked me to let go of you” He replied with an annoying smirk on his face. I just want to slap him across the face and wipe that smirk off it.“
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Time to play
💫💫JAKE REID 💫💫 “YOU’RE FIRED!!” I yell at my assistant who’s kneeling in front of me and begging me not to fire him, not to fire him? He nearly killed me! Not allowed to take anything that has lactose in it, why? Cuz it’s bad for my health. Life of a lactose intolerant celebrity. Lol That’s my life and I’m cool with it, Well today like a few times before, someone had managed to sneak lactose into my meal or drink! Here I was thinking I was super careful, you can’t just be smarter than these manipulators. The only person allowed to make and deliver my meals to me is my assistant and now he’s getting fired. He should be glad I’m not arresting him “But sir, why?” He asked with a pathetic voice I don’t have to reply him, do I? NAH! I don’t think so. I mean he knows why I’m firing him, right? I’m firing him cuz he sneaked lactose in my meal, well he was paid by someone to do so therefore causing me to land in the hospital where I was annoyed by the clingy and star-struck doctor t
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👩‍⚕️Charlotte Meyers👩‍⚕️ 🎶"Rain on me, rain rain! rain on me!"🎶 My phone is ringing, I was enjoying my sleep, why did you have to call just this moment? I was about to kiss Jake Reid in my dreams! Urghh! who the fuck is calling me this early in the morning😪😪 "What is it!!" I said grumpily into the phone after picking up. The person on the other end of the call chuckled, I looked at my phone screen to see who it was that called to make jest of me this early on a Saturday morning, the only day in the week that I'm off duty. Oh guess what? UNKNOWN NUMBER was boldly written on the screen as the caller ID. Is this a prank call? Seriously? "Hey are you crazy? did you call to make fun of me?" I'm getting so annoyed right now, what right does this person have to wake me up? I deserve rest and not to be disturbed by a prank caller early on a Saturday morning. "Calm down!" It's a masculine and it sounds so cool, Oh soothing and familiar! "Who are you?" I asked, not so calm now but
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Million Dollar Dresses...
👩‍⚕️ CHARLOTTE MEYERS 👩‍⚕️👩‍⚕️“Thanks’ Ma, I enjoyed the meal, it was so delicious” Ontario appreciated as he made to leave our house after consuming all of our breakfast. Grr! Eat at your own house, Mr.All he cares about is food and food alone, Imagine him leaving immediately after the meal, Normal people would stay for a while and hangout but No! Not Ontario Reyes. Mtcheeww! He should be tagged Minister for food affairs or something.“Hey Ugly Doctor you look like you’re gonna cry!” The fool started to say looking at my face “you’re gonna miss me right?”What? Miss him? what’s he feeling like? Boy I only look this way because I’m trying to figure out what goes on in your head and all I can see is food, my mother’s food precisely.“What are you feeling like? Me miss you? In your nightmares!” I retortedHe gave a slight grin and hugged my mom and walked towards the door, he was about to open the door but he stopped in his tracks like he forgot something, and inst
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Five Dresses
👩‍⚕️ CHARLOTTE MEYERS 👩‍⚕️If I do not reply his texts will he keep on sending more dresses? What kind of guy spends this much money for just one date? this dresses are both lovely though! Do I reply his texts or make him keep on sending clothes? I mean if he wants to spend his money on me, then who am I to stop him? 📩📩 "You don't like this one too?" A new text from Jake.📩📩What the? he is acting like it's the first time he's asked a lady on a date, or is it? There is really no news about his relationship status online or anywhere. I mean on blog once painted him as asexual but the post was deleted less than 24 hours later.I better reply him before he squanders his account balance on getting me the perfect dress, that’ll be nice though, I’ll just sell out the dresses and keep the money, probably invest in good business and get Khloe life long supply of insulin. Ha 😂"The first dress is really pretty, there was no need for the second one" I typed on my phone, I
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💫JAKE REID💫 I parked my car right in front of Charlotte Meyers' apartment at exactly 7:00pm. I adjust my tuxedo, wait is it right to wear a tux on a date? yeah right. Come On Jake, you've acted in way too many movies to be nervous on this date, just relax and you'll do great. Heaving a deep sigh, I walked to the front door and rang the doorbell twice before the door was answered. A cute and adorable little face came into my view immediately, this little one bears a very striking resemblance to Doctor Silly, Oops! I mean Charlotte. This must be Khloe, her little sister who is low on sugar. I did my research on her family. Why not? I need to know who it was that I’m going out with. "Hi, little one" I greeted bending low so we were on the same level and by the way, she hadn't let me in by now, I was still at the door. "Who are you and what do you want?" She asked with a sassy little voice. Who am I? It's been a long time since I was last asked this question, almost everyone in th
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I'm not dirty
💫💫JAKE REID 💫💫"The sea? really? Way to go dude! I have a phobia for large expanses of water, Seas, Oceans, Rivers and the likes! Oh Mama, I'm about to get sea sick please take me home!" She criedHa!"Hey, I'm so sorry, I didn't know you were scared of water. I actually booked our dinner on a cruise ship but it's okay. I'll just cancel and we can have dinner somewhere else"I said trying to calm her down. See I did kind of do my homework pretty well, so I did know she had a phobia for water, I brought her here so I could have a laugh!"But you already made a reservation! I don’t want you to waste your money" She said looking down and playing with her.One could easily tell that she was blaming herself. Oh nice 😊The money is a piece of cake, nothing to be worked up about. But it's good to see Charlotte all stressed up. It’s like comic relief of some sort."No, it's fine" I said but I pretended to look sad "It's just a pity, I'd have to waste money!""Wait! you're worrie
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Are you stranded?
👩‍⚕️CHARLOTTE👩‍⚕️Charlotte Fool Meyers, I should have been named that instead of Charlotte Slim Meyers. Why on earth did I have to leave the restaurant in annoyance uhn? Now how do I get home? there are no cabs in sight too. Stranded, that's what I am right now.Oh, a car is coming, let me try and see if I can hitch a ride. Hitchhiking is illegal but I'm in a tight sitch right now."Hey.... stop...!!!"gosh! they are not stopping.....Is that Jake's car approaching? Yeah it is. Oh thank goodness. It's getting late and no one would want to be stuck in this deserted area.He's parking, thank God the arrogant TV star has a good heart! Even if it’s pretense, I don’t care. Just get me out of here."Are you stranded?" He asked after winding down his car window"......"Do I say yes? if I do he might make fun of me"No, I'm just having a hard time getting a cab" I replied"Sorry, cabs do not ply this route!" He said "Are you sure you're not stranded?" He asked again"I'
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