Luna of the Menae

Luna of the Menae

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Kas Mason isn't just a werewolf. She's also a Goddess. One of the Moon Goddess' fifty daughters known as the Menae. After Kas dies from starvation in the dungeon of her own packhouse, at the order of her mate, Bronx, the Moon Goddess gives her a second chance at life. When Bronx, children of her friends, and children of the ranked members of the pack suddenly go missing, it's up to Kas to accept her heritage and fight for the ones she loves the most to bring them home, even if it costs her life. Note from the author: This is the third book in The Blood River Series. I recommend reading Forever in the Future and Forever in the Past AND Daughters of the Moon Goddess before starting this book.

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105 Chapters
Chapter 1
Marco’s POV “Don’t pull the trigger.” My name’s Marco Sanchez. “Don’t. Pull. The trigger.” I’m twenty-four years old. I’m a werewolf. My wolf’s name’s Clash. “Don’t pull the fuckin’ trigger.” I got a beautiful fiancé. Her name is Musu Goba. “Did you fucking hear me?!” We’re gonna have pups soon. Twins. A boy and a girl. “Marco!” And if I manage not to pull the trigger on my pistol and murder my Alpha, maybe I’ll get to see them someday. “MARCO! YOU LISTENING?!” “CLASH, I HEARD YOU! SHUT THE FUCK UP, ESE! I’M TRYNA CONCENTRATE!” “Marco, I can’t take the voices anymore.” “I just need you to focus on stopping me so we don’t kill the Alpha.” “She tricked us. We trusted her and she tricked us. And you told her to leave!” “Not now, Clash. We gotta focus on stayin’ alive and not killing anyone.” The gun is shaking in my hand, pointed at my Alpha. I’m tryna lower it, but I can’t. I wanna lower it, but one of the Luna’s sisters just used some sorta magical bullshit to force m
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Chapter 2
My name is Marco Sanchez. I’m a werewolf. My wolf’s name is Clash. I’m twenty-four years old. I’ve been in a soundproof cell in the dungeon of the Blood River pack house for ten days. I’m charged with treason, but I’m innocent. If you get this message, tell my fiancé I love her. Don’t tell her my I’ve been wearin’ a silver collar since they threw me in here. Don’t tell her the skin has burned away from my wrists. Just tell her I love her. My name’s Marco Sanchez. I’m a werewolf. My wolf’s name was Clash, but I think he’s gone now. I’m twenty-four years old. I think I been in a soundproof cell in the dungeon of the Blood River pack house for thirty days. I lost track of time. They charged me with treason, but I’m innocent. If you can hear me, tell my fiancé I love her. I think our pups were born. Don’t tell her I’m dying. Just tell her I love them. My name’s Marco… Sanchez. Marco Sanchez. I’m a werewolf. I’m twenty somethin’ years old. I can’t fuckin’ remember. They got me in a sound
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Chapter 3
Kas’s POV Hi. My name is Kas. Well, actually its Iokaste, but please don't call me that. You’ll have to excuse my language. I try not to swear much, but a lot of really weird shit happened that got me to this point in my life… err… death… no… rebirth? I’m not sure exactly what you would call it, and I don’t really have time to explain right now. I’m kind of in a hurry. Someone could probably write a book about it. I bet people would read it, but no one would believe it’s a true story. It would have to live on the fiction shelf. Right now, my human spirit is sitting next to my wolf’s spirit, Elexis. I call her Lex. We’re sitting with my mother, the Moon Goddess. She’s the mother of all werewolves, but she’s also my actual mother. Yeah, that makes me a Goddess too. No one can see us, of course. We’re watching the Blood River pack medical staff take my dead body out of the dungeon on a stretcher. The human shell that contained my spirit looks so small and frail. It’s hard to believe
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Chapter 4
I thought I had forgiven him. I thought I was at peace with what happened, but seeing my former mate standing in the doorway triggers a fear I forgot existed. He killed me. He intentionally left me in the dungeon to die. My heart hammers in my chest as the fear solidifies and spreads, trying to overtake me. “No. No, please! Bronx, don’t hurt us!” My voice is scratchy and desperate. I try to scramble up to grab my children, but my arms are so heavy. The nurse holding my baby boy uses her other arm to pull me toward her to protect me from our Alpha. The sudden movement makes me dizzy. I shut my eyes and hear a scream. I sit up in bed and look around. Where am I? Wherever this is, it’s nighttime outside and I’m alone. I had a nightmare, but damn, it felt so real. Someone was trying to take my babies away from me. Who has them now? I need to find them. I wonder if Nurse Diane is here? Maybe she has the pups. She’s my friend. I can trust her. After a quick check, to make sure Lex is with
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Chapter 5
“You think I cheated on Bronx?” My mouth drops open and I pull my hand away from him. “Are you freaking kidding me? Of course Bronx is his father!” “Kas, please don’t be mad. All we know is that you left through that portal and came back four months later, pregnant.” Ashley steps forward to defend Milo. “I mean, we all know Bronx broke the mate bond, so you know, if you found someone else, it’s not like there’s anything wrong with that. We just need to know.” “Ashley, absolutely not. I didn’t cheat on Bronx. He was the one who broke the mate bond, not me. I never broke it from my end.” I can’t believe they would think I would do that unless… Oh my Goddess. My hands move over my mouth. It feels like someone sucked all the air out of the room. My mind goes from a dead stop to a hundred miles an hour in an instant. “D-did Bronx find someone new? Ashley? Is Bronx dating someone else already? Don't lie to me. Are they serious about each other? Will she be the new Luna? Are you telling me
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Chapter 6
“Kas, the doctors think it’s going to be a while before you’re able to move around without help.” Reggie drums his fingers on his hip and looks up at me. “How long is a while?” I frown at the idea of having to rely on other people to help me do basic things. “I want to take care of the twins myself.” “Uh, let’s not put a date on it. You’re in way worse shape than you were when we first found you at Silver Moon.” Reggie drums his fingers on his hip and looks up at me. “Once you can manage it, we’ll have you go to your office or something while Bronx comes here to see the kids. We’ll make sure a nurse is here when he is. Until then, we can arrange for a couple of guards to be here when he wants to visit. You don’t have to interact with him if you don’t want to.” “Um, okay. Thank you guys so much for not giving up on me.” I look at my friends gratefully. “I know I scared and upset so many people. That wasn’t my intention. I did what I had to do to protect my sisters.” “We’ll have t
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Chapter 7
Bronx’s POV I let the door of Kas’s suite slam behind me and go back to my office. First she killed my sister, then she somehow cheated death… again… now she’s fucking my Beta? I hear the door open behind me and Milo’s footsteps come running toward me. Saint bristles in my mind. “If you’re not going to listen to him, then get rid of him. I can’t stand to listen to you make a fool out of yourself anymore.” “Bronx, stop!” Milo chases me down. “It’s not what it looks like.” He’s got to be fucking kidding me. I turn around and glare at him, stopping him in his tracks. “Really Milo? Because it looked like you were holding Kas in your lap.” “I… okay… yeah. I was… but not it’s not like that, bro. I was just giving her a hug.” Milo follows me while I keep walking back to my office. “Bronx, she’s been through a lot. She apologized for what happened to Lenora and I was telling her I forgive her. We were just talking.” “Whatever, Milo. She’s not my mate anymore. You can have her.” I flick
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Chapter 8
I turn and walk back to my office without looking back at my Beta and shut the door. The physical separation between me and the rest of the world brings an instant sense of comfort. I take in a deep breath, grateful for the privacy, and look around. Shouldn’t I want to be with my pack? A few months ago, sure, but when I rejected Kas, Saint told me it was the end of our spirits’ journey. What’s the point of trying to put up a good front if it doesn’t fucking matter? Since then, I’ve been more and more content being alone. Maybe the connection between Kas and me was only because of the mate bond. It was supposed to be forever. What if it was never really love? I’ve spent months thinking about it and I’m still not sure. Sometimes I wonder if she meant all the things she told me when we were alone. I thought I meant the promises I made to her. I was a fool.The moment Kas died in my arms in that cell in the dungeon, I thought I felt guilty. I thought it was my fault that she died. I was
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Chapter 9
“He’s our miracle baby.” Shelly strokes Andy’s white blonde wispy hair to the side after I explain how Kas’s father died. “Dave’s mother told us she had never heard of a werebear being able to have a hybrid baby. We just assumed we were on our own and we were okay with it. Half the time, Dave’s out wandering the woods anyway, but he’s gotten better about staying close to home these days.” “Yeah, things used to be quiet around here. Shelly woke up one morning with crazy morning sickness. I thought something was really wrong with her.” Dave pulls her close and kisses her forehead. She smiles and scrunches her nose while she almost disappears into his arms. “We found a werebear shaman who confirmed she was pregnant. He was able to treat her throughout the pregnancy. Unfortunately, they don’t stay in one place very long. The day Andy was born, he said our cub was healthy, gave him a blessing, and wandered off. Haven’t seen him since. Last I heard, he was in Alberta. We’ve been lucky. And
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Chapter 10
Saint’s POVEven seeing Endymion in person didn’t convince Bronx that he’s wrong about our mate. Wait until that cute little kid grows up and finds out what Bronx did to his baby girl. I don’t know about you, but I can’t wait to see the demigod grandson of the Titan Perses go one-on-one with the first Alpha. Place your bets now, folks. It’s gonna be a grisly one.I probably won’t get to see it, though. Knowing Bronx, tonight’s my last night of freedom before he blocks me. It’s a shitty way to end my spirit’s journey. Hopefully, the Moon Goddess has answers for me before she lets me rest.The dark sky reminds me of my mate, Elexis. Lex has silky black fur and beautiful violet eyes. We’ve been in love forever. I wish she was here. I guess I’ll never see her again.Whatever her reason for letting Lenora die, it had to be worth risking everything. Hopefully, Milo and Reggie have an answer that will convince Bronx to clear her name. She still won’t be our mate, but at least she’ll be able
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