Alpha Maximus

Alpha Maximus

By:  Jazz Ford  Ongoing
Language: English
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Alpha Maximus of the Blood Moon pack is the last of his kind, mateless and shunned by the werewolf community and unable to control his Lycan making him a bigger threat to all around him. He is shunned and disliked even by most of his own pack until he is captured which leads to him finding his mate in dire circumstances. He frees his mate from slavery and abuse, escaping their deadly situation together. Due to his mate's magic ability, questions are raised and the werewolf community now fear them both and declare war against them. Hidden secrets about his mate's past are revealed, which leads to his mate fulfilling a deadly prophecy.

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31 chapters
Chapter 1
HopeI wake up in the cold of winter, and my breath fogs up the attic window. I slowly sit up, trying not to disturb my wounds. I stand and stare at the broken mirror in front of me.My white dress, not so white anymore, is covered with grime, dust and dirt. The edges are tattered with the odd rip, and the material is thin in places, and has over time, frayed.My eyes are an unusual bright silver and blue. My hair used to be white, almost platinum blonde, but it has been years since I have had the luxury of using soap in my hair, so now it looks ash blonde.Freezing, I grab the only other piece of clothing I have, and wear it over the top of my dress. It is a tatty old cardigan with no buttons, so I hold the front of it closed with my hands, which are shaking from the cold.The sound of birds outside my window captures my attention, and I turn my head to look out the window at the birds, hopping around in the fresh snow. It’s beautiful and calming to watch but does not bring me any wa
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Chapter 2
I wake to an intoxicating smell of sandalwood and cinnamon. I stand, comb my hair with my fingers and straighten out my cardigan to feel a bit more presentable.It's our mate! You must go to him now. Storm says, excitedly.I know. Let's go. I say.Running downstairs and down the hallway, the scent gets stronger. It leads me to the bedrooms belonging to high-ranking pack members. I become nervous and less excited.We’ve never been in this hallway before. I tell Storm.There! That room! He’s in there! Storm says.Standing in front of a large brown wooden door, I’m about to knock, lose my courage, and take a step back.He’s in there. Knock! Storm yells.I can't do it. I say.Turning to walk away, the door flings open, and I make instant eye contact with Alpha Tate.‘Mate!’ I say, in a trance.I hear a chuckle a door down. Someone is there.‘You’re kidding me? Hope is your mate, Alpha Tate?’ Beta Sam asks.I shake my head and break the trance between us. He snarls and growls at Beta Sam
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Chapter 3
Alpha Tate rejected us. Hurt us! He must be playing with us! I don't like Alpha Tate, or his wolf, Grey, who is always trying to argue with me. Storm says.I know. He can't expect me to run into his arms after the way he has treated me all these years. He rejected me!It's getting dark and cold out here. We should head back to the attic. I say.On my way to the house, pack members are scouring the area for me. They must be searching for us. Storm says.I sneak around to the back of the house and climb up the lattice, onto the roof. I crawl low, so no one can see me.Above the dining room, I hear Alpha Tate through the open window below me, speaking to other people. I crawl closer to the edge of the roof to hear him clearly.‘I am telling you now, she isn't an ordinary wolf. I saw it with my own eyes. She has the power to heal,’ he yells.‘Even if she does have this ability, what are your intentions with her?’ Sam asks.‘If she can heal, we can use her to take over other packs, and bec
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Chapter 4
Alpha MaximusMy Beta Alex and Gamma Nathan chain me up in the Dark Moon pack’s dungeon, and inject wolfsbane into me to weaken my lycan, before he shifts. Every full moon I lose control over my lycan. Being chained up in the dungeon until morning is the only way to stop me from hurting or killing anyone.Lycans are extremely rare, and strong. One lycan can take on a few alphas at once. Most of the time I’m strong enough to control Chaos, my lycan.I’m greatly feared by all; even my own pack members. My Beta Alex closes and locks the iron-barred door.‘Okay, Alpha Maximus. We’ll see you in the morning,’ he says.‘Don't break out this time. I'd rather not refurnish the pack house again,’ Nathan smirks.‘Chaos has become more aggressive and stronger. He hasn’t spoken to me in months,’ I explain.‘Relax Alpha. We have more wolfsbane if we need it, and these chains are strong. You’ll be fine,’ Nathan says, reassuringly. I nod and watch them leave. I’m feeling a bit groggy from the wolfsba
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Chapter 5
The next morning, the sun rises, and I feel nervous and worried about leaving the pack for so long and about not finding her, and having to return without her. It would be bad for the pack and myself, because I am struggling to control Chaos as it is. I can't imagine how much worse he will be if we don't find her.I just need to put my faith in the Moon Goddess. Surely, she doesn't want the lycans to die out? Doesn’t she want me to be happy? And my mate to be happy? Maybe she has been looking for me and wants me. Or maybe she doesn't want a mate. And that is why we can't find her, because she doesn't want to be found. Or maybe she wants a werewolf and not a lycan. What if she rejects us?Stressing, I pace back and forth, trying not to panic.‘Alpha, are you okay?’ Nathan asks, and I look up and snarl.Shit! Chaos! Stop! I yell at him.I look at Nathan with my black lycan eyes, and Nathan slowly backs away, pulling out a dose of wolfsbane in case I attack him.Forcing to be in control,
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Chapter 6
HopeAlpha Tate rips the cupboard door off and flings it across the room. He crouches down and stares at me.‘What are you doing in here?’ He asks, pulling me out. I hit and whack him, and he frowns.‘Feisty, I see,’ he says, and I land on the floor.I stand, and try to run past him but he grabs me, and pulls me back.‘You’re actually fun to play with. I have things I want to discuss with you,’ he says, scooping me up.He carries me into his office, and kicks the door shut behind us. He sits in his chair, and holds me in his lap. He grabs my face, forcing me to stare at him. We remain silent and stare at each other.He leans into me, presses his nose into my neck, and inhales my scent. He puts his hand on my lap, caressing my thigh. Stiffening, I recoil.‘It's okay. Just relax. This will only hurt a moment,’ he whispers; his fangs protrude, as he is about to mark me. I punch and kick him and he lets out a vicious growl.‘Keep still,’ he says.‘No!’ I yell, removing myself from his lap
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Chapter 7
Alpha MaximusI have spent the last few weeks travelling through every pack house on the map. I let out a heavy sigh.‘What's the name of the next pack?’ I ask Nathan.‘Blackwood. We will be there soon. Tomorrow night is a full moon though, so I suggest you stay the extra night there to keep Chaos contained,’ Nathan explains.‘It's the safest thing to do,’ I agree.There is a dark and eerie feeling in the Blackwood territory. There are a lot of dead trees and a storm is brewing.‘This place looks terrible,’ Nathan says.‘Yep. And we’re here for two nights,’ I remind him.We are approached and greeted by Alpha Tate, and strangely he seems very happy to have us there. He walks us through the pack house and into his office. A man walks in with a tray of glasses and a bottle of whisky.‘This is my Beta, Sam,’ Alpha Tate says, introducing us.We shake hands and I sit back down.‘Drink?’ Sam asks, half filling the four glasses, and passing us all a glass.‘We’re thrilled to be hosting a lyc
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Chapter 8
HopeAlpha Tate holds me against the wall.‘If you continue to refuse to help me, you’ll be of no use to me or this pack and I will kill you myself, once I have killed that lycan! What have you decided? Heal the pack, or die with the lycan?’ He asks, and I keep silent, looking down. ‘Answer me!’ He yells, grabbing my face.‘I'd rather die, than help a pathetic coward of an alpha like you,’ I whisper. He strikes me across the face, splitting my lip, and throws me to the ground.‘If you want to die, fine!’ He yells, slamming the iron door shut. I cry, and some pack warriors enter the cell next to mine not long after. They pay no attention to me, shaking from the cold.They’re holding big heavy chains. They’re preparing for the lycan. There are plenty of other cells. I don't like that they’re putting the lycan in the cell right next to me.What if he reaches through the bars and kills me? I’m very nervous. Will they give the lycan a quick death? Will I get a quick death? I wonder if he i
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Chapter 9
HopeThe lycan is berserk, snarling and growling, saliva flying out his mouth. Sam reaches for the knife in his belt.‘No!’ I scream, while he thrusts the knife in and out of his stomach.‘Slow down! I want him to watch this before he dies,’ Alpha Tate says, moving my hair from my neck, and nuzzling the spot where he will mark me. I’m crying my eyes out. Leant against the bars, Sam grins while watching Alpha Tate, and the lycan bleed out.About to die any moment, the lycan’s eyes roll back in his head. I spot a syringe in Sam's belt. Without knowing what’s in it, it’s my only chance of helping the lycan. I squirm from Alpha Tate's protruding teeth, grazing my neck. Just as I grab it, a few men I don't recognise run downstairs.‘Shit!’ Sam says, pouncing at them in his wolf form.Six different wolves from two different packs maul eachother. I hold the syringe firmly, and jab Alpha Tate's leg, and he strikes me across the face, before swaying, and falling to the ground. He collapses on
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Chapter 10
HopeSlowly, I step out from behind Nathan, still blushing after seeing his enormous member. I gently place my hand in his. He rubs the back of my hand with his thumb, sending sparks between us. He smiles at me with his big blue eyes.‘Let's go,’ he says, I nod, and let him lead me out of the dungeon. It’s so bright outside. I use my free hand to shield my eyes from the sun. Being in that dungeon for weeks, it had been a while since I had seen daylight.He opens the door of a long, black car, I’ve never seen before. He gestures for me to hop in but everything is glary, and my eyes are hurting too much.Noticing I’m struggling to see; he puts his hands on my hips and guides me into the backseat.He gets dressed in black pants and a white shirt, and sits down next to me. Nathan gets in the driver’s seat.‘I'll drive,’ he says. Their driver is dead. Alpha Max puts his arm around me, pulling me into his chest.‘Do your eyes hurt, my love?’ He asks, sending a hot shiver through my body. I
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