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Felix Reuben is the gay and rebel son to his parents. When he wakes up one morning to his parents telling him he's to get married to the famous, most successful young gay billionaire in the country, he is baffled and takes it upon himself to do everything he can to ruin all their plans.

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4 chapters
“Felix, are you up?” Felix Reuben turned in the direction of the sound. It was followed by a knock, Felix ignoring it to grab his headphones and put them around his head. He heard another knock, this time groaning and shutting his laptop in response. He got up from his reading table, grabbed his phone and laid on his bed. Shuffling through the playlists in his songs library, he found one that matched his mood, clicked on it and covered himself with his duvet. The song playing wasn’t loud enough to block the sound that came from his door as it was opened. He cursed under his breath, shutting his eyes as he heard the footsteps drawing nearer. “Felix, it’s me,” the intruder said, Felix’s eyes flying open. “I know you’re not sleeping. It’s seven am. You’re not one to sleep in like that.” “Joanna?” Felix got up, pulling his headphones and duvet away from his head. “It’s you.” “Yes, it’s me,” Joanna, his sister smiled, joining him on the bed. “You weren’t expecting to see me, right?
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“And that’ll be all for today.” Sounds of murmurs, papers shuffling, leathers scraping and shoes hitting the floor were all Oliver Finn heard as he watched people hurry out of the conference room. He glanced at his wristwatch, mentally taking note of the time as he wondered why they all seemed to be in a hurry. “I don’t have any other appointments today, right?” he asked his personal assistant as he watched her approach him, shuffling files in her hand. “No,” she replied him, dropping the numerous files on the table. “You’re free for the day. You were supposed to have a meeting with the CEO of Darsoft but it got cancelled.” “Alright,” he nodded. “So, I would be taking my leave then.” He was about to get up when she quickly reached out to stop him. “Um, sir!” she said in a hurry. He stopped in his tracks and watched her quickly grab the files she had just dropped on the table again and walk towards him. “Before you go, I need your signature on these, sir.” He watched her str
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“How long ago had it been planned?” Felix was standing in his room by the window side. It had barely been five minutes after he stormed out of the dining, aware of his sister tailing him. He got to his room, slammed the door and proceeded to stand by his window to calm down. “Felix-” “Just answer it,” Felix replied his sister, still not turning to face her. “You obviously know about it. I mean, isn’t that why you’re here?” “Fine, Felix,” his sister moved closer to him to hold him by the arm. “I knew about it and that’s why I’m here.” “Quite obviously.” “But trust me,” Joanna continued. “There was nothing I could do. Dad called and told me he had something important to talk to me about. I insisted he hinted me about it over the phone and that’s when he told me he’s thinking of getting you married to some gay billionaire. It was still all so new to me too so all I could do was ask him to let me talk to you about it.” “You did great at that.” “Felix,” Joanna sighed. “Don’t be li
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The living room resonated with the sound of the slap thrown across Felix’s face. “Mum!” “Don’t even,” Rose pointed a finger at her eldest daughter and she took that as a cue to stay silent. “Didn’t I warn you? Answer me! I told you not to do anything stupid but you didn’t listen.” “Rose, calm down,” Allen tried to hold onto his wife but she broke free. “Don’t tell me to calm down, Allen,” she said almost in a whisper. “You didn’t hear him directly if not I’m sure you’ll be even madder than I am.” “Mum-” “This child,” she pointed an accusing finger at Felix. “He ruined everything. He has ruined everything! For once Felix, I asked you not to but you just take pleasure in seeing us in pain, do you not? Even if you couldn’t think of being an embarrassment to us, how about yourself? Do you not have any shame in you? You ruin whatever chances we have at being happy or getting you to do something that’ll be beneficial to your life every single time. Aren’t you tired?” Felix rubbed hi
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