The Lycan King's Hybrid Queen

The Lycan King's Hybrid Queen

By:  Amanda Smith  Ongoing
Language: English
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Sequel To The Lycan Kings Little Hybrid- Omen, a witch from the Coven of the Earth Spirit, drops a bombshell that involves Isla, how will it affect her role in the pack and the prophecy? The search for the holders of the keys is on, as the fate of all immortals hangs in the balance. Will they complete what they need to in time or will the fallen rise and doom them all? Two spirits collide, causing more harm than good as they fight for dominance. As Isla and Anders confront the challenges in front of them, will it strengthen them or force them apart?

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12 Chapters
Chapter One (Isla)
It was cowardly of me to leave like I did, but things had just seemed to settle. I was no longer waiting to be executed, the Shadow Moon Pack wasn't a threat at the moment and Anders and I were finally together. Sure, we still had the upcoming war and had to find Una and Murdina, but at least it was something that we had a plan for. This. I had no plan for. Now Omen had the audacity to waltz in and destroy the moment of peace I had found since the day my parents were killed and drop yet another bombshell. How else was I supposed to react? How could that even be possible? If my mother was Queen, why didn't she tell me? Why would she have run away with my father? They could have lived with her coven. I entered the pack kitchen, which was busy as omegas ran about cooking meals and preparing for the day. I grabbed a cup of coffee and sat on the counter, digesting what I had just been told. Anders walked into the kitchen as he scanned the room, his eyes settled on me. He walked up and
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Chapter Two (Anders)
My jaw clenched when Olympia entered the kitchen, and she launched herself at me kissing me. Before I could react, Isla had pulled her off of me with a growl and had her pinned to the floor by her neck.“STAY THE HELL OFF MY MATE.” She growled, her fierceness causing my body to react.“I love cat fights.” Alec smiled, enjoying himself as Thane and I frowned.Olympia's eyes widened in surprise, then narrowed as she moved, flipping Isla onto her back and punched Isla in the face. Anger rose, and I wanted to have her punished, but I knew I had to let her handle this on her own. She was Luna, and they needed to learn to respect her.Isla kicked Olympia off of her and sent her flying as she jumped up to her feet and got in a fighting stance. Olympia charged at her, but Isla dodged, kicking her in the stomach. Olympia grabbed a knife from the counter and lunged at her again.“Are you going to stop this or stand there getting a woody?” Vilkas hissed angrily.“I can’t and you know why. If I i
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Chapter Three (Isla)
The room emptied. Isla walked over, “Thank you. I wasn’t expecting to be bombarded.”“You are their goddess's daughter; understandable, they would be a bit star struck.” Omen commented.With the room emptied, Anders and I sat in our chairs as everyone else grabbed a chair to join us at our table.This situation made me uncomfortable. Was I supposed to say something? I have never been around large groups, or the center of one.“I’ll get right to the point. Your mother was the blood heir to our throne. When she left, her husband took over and attempted to track her down but was unable to.” Omen shared.“Her husband? My mother never said she was married before she met my dad and she told me that witches, and especially covens, would hunt us down and kill us.” Isla defended.“Our former King was quite ticked when she disappeared, and spent years looking for her before telling us that she had perished at the hands of the Blood Moon Pack. To my knowledge, he just wanted his wife back. Did s
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Chapter Four (Anders)
“Luckily, I am ahead for the winter preparations so leaving for a month won’t cause too much trouble. Thane, would you mind taking over the remaining preparations and Alec, I will need you to work on strengthening the security from any threats Zeeb may come up with.” “I will do as you ask as well as work on training the army and sending letters to the neighbouring packs, we may need to build our forces. Who knows what Zeeb may plan?” Thane replied. “I will send my spies to find his location and any other information they can find.” Alec added. “Thank you for helping. I would like to meet my mother's coven and get some control over my abilities.” Isla smiled. “We can’t have our Luna be killed because your spirits hate each other, we need you and if the coven can help you, it’s important that you go.” Thane reassured her. “Yeah, Anders would be a miserable fuck without you.” Alec laughed when Anders glared at him. “Maybe, but I’m sure Olympia would keep him company.” She frowned. “
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Chapter Five (Isla)
The next morning, we got up early; I went for a quick shower, stepping out from the water I wrapped a towel around me as Anders walked into, he bathroom.“Still mad at me, or are you going to join me?” He asked with a smirk.“Join him, you know you want to.” Daciana Purred, “Look at our sexy mate.” He was naked from the waist up; I had to tear my eyes away from his muscled chest. I looked at his face and almost caved when his piercing blue-grey eyes met mine.“He was kissed by another woman right in front of you, don’t you dare cave.” Zemira snapped, as Daciana growled.“Still mad, I muttered as I walked past him, letting my towel fall as I left the bathroom.” I heard him growl in frustration before the shower turned on again.“Good work, make him regret pissing you off.” Zemira cheered.Laughing, I walked into the closet and, finding a low-cut tank top and jean shorts, I put them on and double checked my luggage to make sure I had everything.Anders walked out of the bathroom and he
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Chapter Six (Anders)
Isla rested her head on my shoulder as she slept. The car ride was taking longer than expected, but I also knew when magic was being used, they were making me think it was farther than it was because they didn’t trust me. “Do you plan on using your magic to manipulate us the whole time?” I asked Omen, annoyed. “Picked up on that, did you?” he chuckled. “Kind of hard to miss.” I stated angrily. “We mean no offence our cars are enchanted to do this, so if we are traveling with strangers they can’t remember turns or travel time, it is a way we use, to protect our kind, unlike wolves we don’t have teeth or claws." “He makes a good point, beside this also means Isla will be safe from Zeeb and his men.” Vilkas, my wolf agreed. I looked at Isla and brushed her long, black hair away from her face as she slept. I couldn’t believe that a mission with my father had warped so drastically. Now hybrids were safe, and I could be with my mate, yet we still had so much we had to deal with. “We w
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Chapter Seven (Isla)
I wasn’t even inside the room yet, and I could smell my mother's scent. Gods, How I missed her. I looked up at Anders, “I miss her.” He nodded, and I released the doorknob as he pulled me into a hug. “Come on.” I smiled as I pulled away, wiping the tears from my face. I opened the door and entered my mother's old quarters. Anders looked around the space, “Wow.” “This is so, my mom.” I grinned at him as I looked at the gothic styled room. Red and black bedding on a large canopy bed with black dressers and a mirror. In the corner was a red couch and chair and a black coffee table. Skulls and symbols decorated the walls and shelves. A larger bookshelf stood beside the sitting area filled with books on myths, legends, romance, and the occult. I walked over to a door and opened it, inside was a large bathroom with a clawfoot bathtub, black and white counters, and a walking shower on the far wall. I walked out of the bathroom and opened another door, inside was a small office with the
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Chapter Eight (Anders)
I was already uncertain about bringing Isla here, and with the conversation I just overheard, I felt like I was surrounded by enemies.“Come on, let’s head back.” Isla told me.We nodded and followed as we backed away from the clearing.“Maybe we should head back to the pack.” I suggested to her.“No, I need to find out who or what my mother needed to hide from, I want to know the truth.”“Very well, but I will not leave. You have to promise to let me protect you.”“We are very capable of protecting ourselves.” Zemira snapped at us.“Still, I want you to promise.” I argued, annoyed with Zemira.“Very well.” Isla answered, “under the condition that you let us protect you.”Vilkas laughed, “You can protect me whenever you like.”We ran to the best of our ability through the congested forest, aside from the path to the clearing we found earlier. There was no sign that anyone had been in this forest for years.When we finally made it back to the tree, our clothes were left at, the sky was
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Chapter Nine (Isla)
Picking up on Omen’s threat to my mate, I was angry, and I let it consume me. Zemira and Daciana were angry as well, and before I knew what was happening, I was slipping into the background as Zemira stepped forward. Daciana and I watched as Zemira put her foot down and told off Omen. I knew I had to learn to control my spirits and their abilities, but whereas Daciana was cooperative and like a friend to me, I didn’t know how to communicate with Zemira. She was a harder and colder version of myself; she was also a reincarnate of someone, which confused me, because in my past lives I was always a werewolf, so how could a reincarnated witch be attached to my soul now? Zemira waved her hand at Omen dismissing him as she walked away from him, I could sense Anders following behind us. He caught up to us by grabbing our shoulder, “Zemira?” he asked, turning us to face him. “What is it?” She asked coldly. “First off, thank you.” We nodded as he continued, “Can you let Isla have control
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Chapter Ten (Isla)
I looked around confused, “Where am I?”I was in Forrest, but the trees emitted an energy that told me I was trespassing and was not welcome. It was clouded in darkness.“We are where it all started.” Zemira stated walking out from behind a tree, she looked like me apart from her eyes.She had long black hair, and elvish face, her body was slim but curvy where it counted. She wore a black dress that shimmered red when she moved. Her eyes were a piercing ice blue that made her look ethereal.“Where I was created.”“Created?” I asked, confused.“Just watch.” She fumed.I was in a clearing in the forest and my mother was standing at the center, surrounding her were members of the coven, some of them were the ones Anders and I had seen in the forest talking. Omen was there as well.“Our Queen is pregnant with the werewolves child and a future hybrid. I high honor for our Coven.” Omen announced.My mother was glowing. Her long black hair shimmered in the moonlight, making her ice-blue eyes
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