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“Don’t worry, I have an offer for you to pay off their debt and get rid of me in your life.” “What?” I stuttered and nervously asked. “You.” ——— Revenge. That was the only reason to continue the life of Carla Christine Zabala. But by an unexpected coincidence, a man emerges in her life who claims that he is her fiancée and that she needs to marry that man, whose name is Yuichi Yamamoto, a son of the mafia boss that he will next be the mafia boss. Even if she doesn’t want to, she has no other choice but to marry the man because she was sold to a mafia. 

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12 Chapters
CHAPTER 1: Birthday
As usual, I ate together with my parents,because today is my birthday. Our meals are special on my birthday, because Mommy and I cook what we will eat. The maids and others in the house are sent home for a day off until next week, but there is no deduction from their salaries. My parents always did that. Eery time it’s my birthday, all their employees in the company and here at home send home or take a day off so that they can be with their family and I can also be with my parents the whole day without any nuisance. One of the days I really like is my birthday. Because, every birthday we have the opportunity to be together the whole day. We are all always busy, so we often just eat together and talk. My parents are busy with the company, while I am busy with school especially so. Every time it’s my birthday, no matter what day it is, they dedicate their whole one day to celebrate my birthday. I just gasp every time I think about our thesis defence. I feel like my head will exp
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CHAPTER 2: Fiancée
CARLA CHRISTINE’s P.O.V. - When I came back from the cemetery, I went home immediately. I’m excited to see my auntie and uncle. They have both taken care of me since my parents passed away. To the two of them I also first entrusted our company and other businesses that were bequeathed to me while I was studyin. They never left me. They took care of me like a real child and the same care they did for the company and business that my parents left me. So even though I lost my parents, somehow I still felt the love of having a parent. But, no one can match my parent’s care and love for me. But now my twenty-fourth birthday is now going to be transferred to me again, the name of the company and other business that my parents left me. Apart from finishing my studies, I will resign from my job and will focus on the legacy my parents left me. So it was as if I was taking care of my parents as well. My parents, they both worked hard to take care of the company and business, bequeathed to
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CARLA CHRISTINE’s P.O.V. - “Carla Christine Zabala, you’re mine now.” I looked straight into the pair of eyes of the man in front of me now. His brown eyes are directly looking at my black eyes that feel sure of what he told me. I want to ask him what he is saying? But the fear I feel for him is still more dominant. “Let’s go—what happened to your hand? Why is it bleeding?” When he was about to touch my bloody hand, I took that opportunity to push him and stand up. He didn’t seem to expect me to push him, so he fell for my resemblance to him. After I stood up and almost fell because until now my knees were still tender because I was so scared of that man. “Carla Christine Zabala, comeback here!” I heard that man shout again. I was about to touch the doorknob, but I was stunned by a mixture of fear and shock when he reached out to me and held one of my arms. I tried to remove his grip on my arm, but my hand felt like a weak wind with his strength. He held both my arms, the
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Chapter 4: Offer
I tried to push him away from me, but it seemed useless for me to push him because he kept kissing me.“You’re mine now, Christine,” he husky said in his sexy lower tone of voice.This man must be crazy. Why does he keep saying that I am his? I am not used for anyone’s possession and even more so I am not owned by anyone.All the hair on my body rises when I feel one of his hands move around my back until I feel one of his hands on my chest.He stopped kissing me and then he stared at my face until he passed me, looking down.His expression was blank, so I couldn’t figure out what he was thinking while looking at me. But I only knew one thing: I had to find a way to escape this crazy man.As I was thinking of a way, I was surprised after this man removed his hold on me and then he sighed.“I didn’t mea---”I did not hear him finish speaking because I quickly ran to the door, but even though I was not halfway to the door, I quickly chased and grabbed this man’s arm.After I looked at hi
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Chapter 5: Nightmare
I quickly pushed this man away and slapped him on his right cheek.Masses my anger at him intensifies even more at these times. What did he think of me as something to be tormented by his lust?“I’ll pay you that bullshit ten billion dollars in one month.” I say emphatically to him. This man grinned, then he looked at me. “I’m just reminding you that you don’t have any more money.”I just looked at him sharply at what he said. He’s right, I don’t have any money anymore, so how can I pay that much money in one month? Even if my salary is one million dollars every day for one month, my money will not be enough to pay him that much.This man turned his back on me again and then walked to his swivel chair. He took his coat, then he threw it at me.“Put on my coat.”I looked at the coat he had thrown. This coat was big and long enough to cover my body until it was past the panty.“Will you wear that or will I undress you so you can get out of this company undress?”I quickly picked up the
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Chapter 6: Concern
When my spirit woke up, the first thing I felt was my headache and the weight of my body that made me feel as if something heavy had hit me.I was about to massage my forehead so that somehow my headache would go away, but when I moved my hand, then I just felt a warm hand. I look at the owner of the hand holding my hand. He was sitting in a chair while sitting on the chair and holding one hand in mine. I quickly remove this Yuichi’s grip on me. After I removed his grip on my hand, he woke up.“How are your feeling?”I raised an eyebrow at his question and stared as tears welled up in my eyes.How dare he ask my feelings? Did he forget what he did to me?I suddenly closed my eyes when he was about to touch me. “Don’t touch me.” I quickly said, then firmly, very close to the comforter that rested on my body.Minutes later I could not feel his hand, so I opened my eyes again and slowly looked at him.He is looking at me—he is staring at me. His narrow pair of eyes were chubby, as i
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Chapter 7: Yuichi Yamamoto
Yuichi Yamamoto’s P.O.V. -I tossed the papers on my desk while looking at them.Why does Christine have so much trust in her relatives who take care of her? Even a few times I tell her that her uncle and auntie sold her to me because of a lot of debt she still doesn’t believe. They even stole into Christine’s company, causing its losses and bankrupting the company. I bought the company that Christine’s parents bequeathed to her and I will return it to her once I get it up and recover all the money stolen by her uncle and auntie.That Christine’s behaviour was annoying. She relied too much on worthless people she thought took care of her. But, the truth is they are really only after money from Christine.“Dammit.” I curse after I examine my manhood. Shit, why did it harden and just stand up suddenly after I remembered what happened to Christine and me last night in this office of mine?I lit a cigarette and closed my eye while smoking.Her skin, her scent, her boobs, her legs, her
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Chapter 8: Lance Hart
Carla Christine’s P.O.V. -I’m here now in the dining area sitting in front of the dining table and still not moving the cup noodles that the man prepared for me.Should I eat this cup of noodles that he prepared? It was a few minutes before I decided what to do. And when I decided not to eat the cup noodles, I got up and went upstairs again to the bedroom.I’m used to this situation every time I get sick. I hate to take medicine so I just wait for me to recover in one day to two days.Arriving at the room I came from earlier, I looked in the walking closet for clothes I could wear.It seemed I was the only one in this house, so this was the right time to run away from that man.I think I can’t last with him; I don’t want to see him, especially I don’t want to be with him.I also had to find Uncle and Auntie to ask them what really happened. Why did they sell me to that kind of guy? I know they have a reason and I want to hear that thing from their mouths.After I changed my clothe
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Chapter 9: Touch
Arriving at his mansion, he dragged me inside.Upon entering, I immediately noticed that the once tidy living room was now a mess. It looks like a storm passed through it. There are many things that are broken, broken items such as the sofa, cabinet and the large TV. The whole living room is very messy.Now Yuichi was dragging me upstairs until we reached a room that I thought was his room.After we got inside the room, he laughed at me and when he let go of me; I was surprised when he suddenly screamed and looked at me.“Why are you with that guy?!” he shouted loud and full of his voice. With the fear I felt, I just swallowed and sat on the bed behind me.“Why did you go with him, huh?! Answer me!”I don’t know, but with Yuichi’s anger right now I feel like I swallowed my tongue at this time and can’t speak.Yuichi came to me, grabbed both of my arms, then stood me up.My whole body trembled in fear of him. I didn’t know that the time would come when I would feel such utter fear
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Chapter 10: Reason 
Carla Christine’s P.O.V. -I am now sitting at the bottom of the bed while wrapped in the comforter. I was looking far away, outside the glass door in front of me, where I could see the outside. All I could see outside was darkness, as dark as life made even darker by that shameless Yuichi.I closed my eyes and rested my forehead on my knees after remembering the shamelessness he did to me. Damn him! Fuckn curse him!I looked at myself, now full of his kiss mark.I stood up and ignored the falling of the comforters that serve as my clothes at this time. I didn’t have the strength to do anything else except erase Yuichi’s kiss marks from my body and clean my body.When I finally went to the bathroom of this room. I went straight to the shower and just let the water flow over my body.What did I do wrong about going through these things? I don’t remember that even once I stepped on someone before, or maybe I did something bad to another person.What is my reason for living? My pare
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