Trapped by the Ruthless Billionaire

Trapped by the Ruthless Billionaire

By:  Lucia Love  Completed
Language: English
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Jenna Nova watched everything taken from her when her father died. Yet, it wasn't as gut drenching as seeing her boyfriend eating her Stepmothers' pussy after being kicked out of her father's multinational company. The night she was thrown out of her house, she checked into a hotel, getting drunk at the bar, only to end up in the wrong room. She woke up in the company of a dying man, saving his life in the process. Everything changed when she found out about his identity. That man was Casper Blade, the newly inaugurated CEO of Blade Towers and ruler of the dark mafia. Not only was he cold and ruthless but it was also rumoured that he was the devil disguised as a human. He was attractive to the kill but his heart was as dark as coal.He was everything she feared and before she realized, he got her just where he wanted her. Against his dangerous family and all odds, he broke protocols just for her. Still, Jenna couldn't accept his dark love and tried to escape but why couldn't he let her go? He had taken over her mind and when he found her, she begged to be left alone. His lips parted slightly, and he spoke like a demon. "Return my heart, and I will let you go."

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99 Chapters
1 - Drinking the pain away
"I'm sorry Miss Jenna Nova, but your services are no longer needed," a middle-aged man who was two ranks below Jenna said with remorse. He knew that this was wrong but his hands were tied.Jenna couldn't get upset, bursting into laughter. "You can't fire me, I employed you. I'm your boss," she retorted. She just came out of a meeting with some business gurus who wanted some supplies from her father's company. It was a transaction worth millions of dollars and she was enthusiastic about it."Not anymore, Miss Nova, there have been slight changes and I've been moved to the position of the Managing Director." His last words came out faintly. He knew he didn't deserve the position. Jenna was good at what she does and a great leader. Whereas he had a family to feed - a wife and child so how could he refuse the order?Jenna saw the middle-aged man, Mr Bossman, to be ridiculous. Her father was gunned down just a month ago and his body hadn't been found. Being the current Managing Director,
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2 - Checking into the wrong room
"I'm sorry miss but you've had too much. This hotel is under strict regulations," the bartender responded politely, while he wiped a couple of wet glasses with a napkin. The bar was closing because there weren't many patrons tonight. Weekdays weren't as booming as the weekends. "I...I'll pay, I…I can afford it," Jenna's vision was already blurring out, as she slurred. The bartender wasn't having it. He couldn't let her pass out in the bar by intoxication. This hotel was a top notch one controlled by the mafia kingpins but this bar was under strict regulations. "I'm sorry miss, it's late. You should go to your room now," he maintained the gentility in his voice, not wanting to upset a customer. "Okay," Jenna couldn't argue anymore. She was already tired, her body needed rest. She dropped the empty glass, stood up and struggled to balance her wobbly legs. 'This waiter is so unfeeling.' She needed more alcohol, despite not being a heavy drinker. She was still in her work clothes, givin
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3 - Meet Grandpa Blade
"Jenna, why are you shivering?" Kate was worried. Throughout the drive to her apartment, Jenna has been quiet and visibly shaking. She offered Jenna a glass of water after making her comfortable on a stool beside the Kitchen Island.Jenna clung tightly to the glass of water. She swallowed tightly, tears streaming down her cheeks, "I lost everything Kate and I got involved in some mafia shit. I shouldn't have gotten involved. I shouldn't have drunk so much and missed my room." Tears run down her cheeks in remorse. Everything that happened last night kept playing on her mind throughout the drive."You shouldn't have done what?" Kate was lost and didn't know how to help her best friend. Jenna drank the water and gave her a rundown of everything. Kate was shocked."You did the right thing," she expressed with a rather contrasting excitement. Jenna was wide-eyed. She expected Kate to rebuke her and advise her on what to do. "From everything you said, you saved his life. Maybe he was a f
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4 - Casper hates bright lights
A week later Jenna had gotten some responses from her job applications but none of them was consoling. Two of the companies thought her previous work experience made her overqualified for what she applied for. However, they couldn't give her the position she deserved because there was no vacancy. She was getting frustrated by the whole thing. Kate was leaving for work and would return in two weeks. She left her house for Jenna with some cash and also Cathans' contact. She had already spoken to him and he confirmed a position available but it wouldn't wait forever because recruitment was ongoing.Jenna decided to give it a shot and gave him a call. Her CV was forwarded to HR and she received a call for an interview the next day, which she brilliantly passed. The company had accommodation arranged but since she wanted to remain in Kate's apartment, the allowance was given to her instead. Also, there were no weird clauses in her contract as speculated.Their wages were the best as exp
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5 - How can your palms feel like cobwebs?
Casper was asleep when he felt spiders and cobwebs crawling all over his body. Despicable. It seemed like a bad dream so he opened his eyes yet the strange things were still crawling all over his body. The room was pitch black so he couldn't see anything but felt a strange presence. He could still feel the cobwebs all over his body and decided to deal with them before the intruders.Telling from the scent, he knew there were at least four women. He turned on the light but rather dimly, grabbing a hand caressing his body and holding it firmly in his big palms as he glanced at the woman who was all smiles and half-naked. There were three more and he instantly knew what was happening, letting out an irritated grunt. "How can your palms feel like cobwebs? Get out!" He said calmly."But your grandpa…" the lady wanted to explain but Casper wouldn't let her. He already knew and felt even more irritated, though there was no sign of it on his face."Do you want me to help you out?" His deep
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6 - He looked extremely familiar
"You are very meticulous in your work. Keep it up," The old man complimented Jenna after reviewing her report. Jenna smiled but couldn't keep calm. Even with a compliment, it sounded like a reprimand because there was no smile on his face and his bodyguards made things worse with their presence. The office was already complex but their presence made it heavy. "I try my best sir, thank you." She responded politely. She couldn't help but notice the man's pupil from the distance, which looked so dark that it reminded her of someone. The thought of that dying man gave her shivers. His eyes were so scary and seemed so similar to that of the old man. "You can take your leave," he finally said. Jenna was relieved and walked out of the office. It wasn't as bad as she thought. For as long as she did her job well, she was sure to not face any unforeseen challenges. It was good that she took Kate's advice. She hadn't called Cathan since then and felt the need to call and thank him. The deputy
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7 - Casper's suspicions
"Jenna, are you alright?" Kelly was the first to reach her. She wasn't one to attract attention in any way therefore, it was a surprise for everyone, except those who didn't know her closely because they weren't from the same department. Max smiled deliciously. The genius Queen was embarrassing herself in front of both the old and new CEO. She wasn't special after all. Since Jenna had proved hard to get, his attraction towards her had turned to loathe. Jenna was tight-lipped, enduring the pain upon realization that the man didn't recognize her. Instead, she nodded her head in the affirmative, clenching her teeth stubbornly and refusing to access the level of the damage caused. From the sipping pain, she knew she was going to have blisters if she didn't immediately apply first aid but she didn't want any more attention."Get the janitor to clean this mess," the deputy CEO said to Kelly before turning to Jenna again."Do you need to go to the hospital?" Jenna glanced at her leg sharpl
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8 - It's her
The next day when Jenna entered the elevator, disdainful gapes followed her. Her greetings and usual morning courtesies got no response. Even the deputy CEO and her team mates gave her the cold shoulder. She couldn't think of anything she must have done to deserve this till Kelly, the company gossip arrived. "Jenna, the new boss, was raging this morning. Why did you do it?" She asked in a worried tone. Jenna was even more perplexed. "Do what?" She asked with innocent eyes."Are you denying it?" Kelly asked, but politely. "Jenna, Mr Blade will see you in his office, don't keep him waiting," the deputy CEO said in a warning tone, interrupting their conversation. His usual warmth around her was all gone, which made her understand that something was wrong but Kelly wasn't ready to speak about it anymore. "You should go," Kelly urged her on. Jenna couldn't ask anymore, following the direction to Caspers' office with so much confusion. She still hasn't been able to ascertain what
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9 - Miss Nova, don't you want your job anymore?
Cathan was getting worried. Casper must be hallucinating about that girl he claims to save his life, taking her for Jenna. "Casper, have you asked her? You were unconscious when we brought you to the hospital. It's possible that your suspicions were inaccurate," he said carefully. They were cousins and best friends but he was still his bodyguard. "What are you implying?" There was agitation behind Casper's calm tone but Caleb has been busy with something on his ipad, paying them no attention."That you ask her before showing appreciation to the wrong girl," Cathan advised. He still felt that Casper was mistaken but his next words gave him assurance that he was well aware of his words and actions. "I'm not stupid Cathan, and I won't do anything till she admits it. Who knows, she might know about the surveillance too. Do you think that the old man will give up just like that?" "Ahhh, at least you are still in there. I was beginning to think that you lost your mind," Cathan said casua
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10 - Don't keep him waiting
Jenna woke with a startle. Checking the time, it was almost midday. She could feel her heartburn with fear. "I'm so sorry Cathan. I found it difficult to sleep before...." "Casper has limited patience, don't abuse it," Cathan spat before the call ended. Jenna was deflated. She didn't intend to oversleep. Next time, she would have to set her alarm. She had a quick shower and put on a simple office dress, rolled her hair up into a bun, securing it with a hair clip, slipped on her nerd glasses, then her less than two inches shoes. In less than ten minutes, she was panting in her office. She checked her handbag for the videotape to give Casper as proof when a knock was heard on the door. She jumped with both shock and fright when she saw Casper standing there with that emotionless mask. "Come with me, Miss Nova," the calmness in his voice scared her, recalling what Cathan had told her. The man was both attractive and dreadful. Somehow, she began to think of perfect revenge on Drak
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