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Ericka Zander is only 15 when she has to move out of her parents' house and leave her family for her aunt's. Her parents die only a few weeks later, they are murdered by a group of robbers. After years of living a boring normal life with her aunt and under her influence, she decides that she is of age and moves out to a small town. There, she trespasses the territory of one of the wolf packs, and she is stolen. She becomes a slave for the pack until she is found by Alpha Dane. Her fated mate. Alpha Dane does not expect that his fated mate would be human and with his standards set so high, he rejects her as soon as he can after saving her first, disregarding his emotions. But surprisingly, Ericka makes her comeback! Does she choose to forgive his rejection? Or does she move on to find someone better?

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119 Chapters
Chapter One.(Ericka's POV)As I walked through to the table to deliver the food, the Alpha's daughter Mayna, slammed the food out of my hands and the plates broke into a million pieces. Scratch that, I'm exaggerating but yes, she slammed the plates out if my hands and before I can recall my senses or wrap my head around what is going on, I am dealt a violent blow and I fall into the ground. "You bitch, why the hell did you not wash what I told you to?! You expect me to do it by myself??!" Mayna screeched and asides the pain of falling into the ground and the realisation that i would have to cook again, her voice was like chalk against a white board."I wanted to first serve the food and allow the.." Before I can finish what I want to say, Mayna is kicking me violently and I curl up into a ball hoping that she doesn't kill me this time. Eventually when she's satisfied that i have been bruised well enough, she stood, stomps her feet and after saying a bunch of idiotic things, she walk
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Tears full my eyes as I recalled everything, maybe if only I dint left my aunt because she is lonely and boring, maybe I will not be stocked in here working my ass out, getting abused, insulted and beaten.I suddenly heard noises coming from the sides of the kitchen.I walked to the spot, crazy Omegas choosing cloths to wear."You know I had to look beautiful, Alpha Dean is also coming for the annual new moon celebration." One of the omegas said and giggled."Can you believe it, he is brave, tough, handsome and the youngest Alpha of all packs, I just can't wait to see him."Another replied.In some reason, I also find my self giggling, I'm a common human but I also can't wait to see the Alpha Dean, greatest of all time.(Alpha Dane's POV)Red is already working his way to another omega and I just roll my eyes.Red is my beta and my closest friend. We are at a party thrown on behalf of the pack and because I absolutely have to be present, I am here.I have never been that type of Alpha
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Chapter Three.(Ericka's POV)As early as dawn, I am already awake. It's the new moon ceremony for the wolves and I have to wake up early and take care of all the domestic duties, yeah. It sucks but I would very much prefer to wake up early and suffer than to be beaten by any one of those unfeeling brutes. As soon as I am awake, I leave to the kitchen, I begin to cook. I know that it'll take a super long time for me to finish cooking actually, because this time, I am not just cooking for the Alfonso Pack alone, I am cooking for the neighbouring packs too who would be coming over for the moon ceremony.It's also the same date as Mayna's coming of age ceremony and it would be celebrated alongside the ceremony, I had heard that most probably, she would find her mate at the ceremony, go off with him and live happily ever after. I obviously did not want that to happen in any way, though I had no idea how the whole mate thing worked, I just hoped that it worked against her or something. Th
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"I'm not in for any drama Red." I replied"We are not fighting right, so what's wrong, you look angry." Red asked staring at me with his charming eyes."I found out my mate today." I replied."Oh my God, this is such an awesome news to celebrate, why are you frowning then?" Red asked.I sighed heavily."She is a bloody human, how could the moon goddess do this to me, after waiting like for forever to meet my mate and she turns out to be a bloody human."I yelled."Oh wow, let's just say yours is unique."Red said.I stare at him angrily.He coughed slightly."I mean, that's wrong, now what should we do?" Red asked."I don't know, I have already rejected her as my mate, plus I'm going to get a chance to meet the moon goddess."I replied even though u know is almost impossible for me to meet the moon goddess, only few gifted werewolves get the chance to see her."Oh cut it Alpha, you know that's not possible, you can't not meet the moon goddess, and I'm sure her choice will be the best
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I cleared the thought of my head"Good day great Alpha Dean." She said with a bow."Good day." I replied trying to walk away."Dint you recognize me, I am mayna, daughter of the great Alpha of the Alphanso pack." She introduced."Oh, never knew, I mean, I thought his daughter is actually very gorgeous."I replied intentionally to make her angry so she can just leave."You, you mean I'm not gorgeous?"She asked trying to tear up."Hey don't cry, you are pretty, so by the way have you met your mate?"I asked changing the topic.I saw her blushing, her blushing sucks."Yeah I guess," she replied."Oh wow, then go meet your mate."I said."No actually, you are my Mate." She said and I chuckled."I? Your mate? You are no serious are you? I think you mating humen is telling you wrong." I asked scarastically."Oh come on, I felt it, I knew it was you, you are my Mate, the moon goddess choose me for you, we are perfect match." She exclaimed and the perfect match got me really angry, a great h
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Chapter six
Alpha Dane I still haven’t recovered from my dream or should I say vision, I can’t tell Red about it, he will only get more angry at me for the decision I took without his concept. Ericka is truly a beautiful lady and her beauty captivate both I and my wolf but my wolf also agree with me that we don’t want someone weak as my mate especially a human. I should have chosen Mayna but we don’t like the way she has maltreated our mate and that was why I was harsh to her earlier. I look at the lady that was shivering before me “have I hurt you”She shook her head “no, you haven't”“Then, why are you shivering”“I am sorry Alpha” she apologizes and I don't even know why because she hasn't offended me “You know what, I don't care, just go away from here,” I told her She hurried away making me feel helpless, why is the moon goddess heartless to give such a weak human but in my vision, she had said she was strong and she will help me out, I think she is mistaken or something beca
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Ericka Today has been very tiring, my body aches from both beatings and stress, I did most work because Mayna was angry for whatever reason, and she decided to lash out at me. There is something about Alpha Dane that drew my attention to him when he had saved me earlier, I felt a spark as I feel attracted to him but I don't know why. When he asked me for a glass of wine and I brought it to him, the moment our hands touched, tingles shot through my entire body that I have to walk away shyly.I was busy checking him out when Adam walked up to me to tell me that everyone was busy doing one thing or the other and I can use the opportunity to rest, I can't risk it so I shook my head but he said something that makes me laughed “come out with me” he said He didn't wait for my attention before dragging me out with him “you do know, we have to serve the guest if we don't want to land in trouble”“You have been working since Ericka, let me massage your foot and you can go back to co
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Alpha Dane. I walked into the kitchen following the voice of my mate, I have rejected her but I don't know why I still feel this way, I saw her from afar with the guy from yesterday, I moved closer to them and I heard her telling him she will be his girlfriend. What the hell, she is mine, and mine alone. She was even excited, why can't she be like that with me. Because you rejected her, my subconscious answered me, I couldn't watch any longer as u made my presence known to them. After getting rid of the guy which I am going to deal with later, I have my mate, her lips were inviting, she said something but I was too lost to hear it and my next reaction was a shock. I kissed her. She hesitated but when she noticed I won't bulge, she kissed me back, it was a different feeling, no woman had ever made me feel like this before, I was intoxicated and lost, I deepened the kiss and she wrapped her hand around my neck enjoying my touch. “What are you doing to me,” I asked agai
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Chapter 9. Alpha RobertMy daughter Mayna kept yelling and it only got me pissed off the more while I was trying to think ." Dad , why isn't he accepting me ,I love him and u want him to be my mate ".I felt hurt hearing her say such words . Just who the hell does Alpha Dane thinks he is to treat I and my daughter this way , to reject my precious daughter. A lady any alpha would be dying to have as a mate ." That's enough Mayna ,don't cry okay ,I have everything under control and will have everything work out in your favor,trust me "" Did you find your real mate? "Mayna sniffed cleaning her tears." You wouldn't believe who it is dad , a lowly servant, a fucking lowly servant and worse of all , an omega""" What !! Tell me , who is he "" It's Adam, the servant. I can't believe the moon goddess mated me to a low life like him , a miserable servant."I tightened my fist in anger hearing such words ." Never ,never Mayna, it must have been a terrible mistake,the moon god
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Chapter tenOur hands were together,and we were happy.not untill he came, the Alpha sped past us grabbing Adam with him while I gasped in shock at what just happened.Before I could open up my mouth to say a word , he tossed him away like her was some piece of trash making Adam fall roughly on the ground and wincing in so much pain .I covered my mouth using my palm in suprise and fear,as the basket of clothes I was holding fell from my hands. I really thought Adam would be fine ,not until I saw him spit out blood from his mouth while holding his limbs and coughing on the floor.I wanted to run over to him and help him,but then the alpha turned towards me and began walking. Seeing that he was approaching me and almost getting closer to me, I could see his eyes which had turned red from rage and I staggared backwards. He was growling and the vains on his forehead were visible, making me understand that I had gotten him really furious by seeing Adam.I kept on staggering backwards and
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