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After Amber's mother is killed by her father who is the alpha of the pack she shoots him and runs away thinking he is dead. she manages to suppress her wolf and embed herself into the vampire coven that he mother used to belong to and becomes their wolf hunter. her resentment for her wolf makes her the best at killing and hunting wolves until she is sent to kill an alpha who turns out to be her mate. she now has to fight her wolf, her feelings for the alpha, and her father who happens to still be alive. meanwhile her mate is willing to do anything to get her to open her heart to him and finally accept her despite the challenges that she keeps presenting him with. however in the end his love for her conquers all.

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    AMBER’S POVI couldn’t believe just how cold my father was, sure he was the alpha of the pack but why did he have to bring that to us…his family. He was so domineering and I often wondered why my mother didn’t break the mate bond when she had the chance to. He hated me, he hated me for what I was, and hated me because I was a girl instead of the boy that he wanted. He hated me because I was a hybrid, you see my mother was a vampire and when she was mated to my father she got disowned by her coven. She told me that my father accepted and loved her just the way she was at first, but things took a turn for the worst as soon as she gave birth to me. My father had sought the help of witches just to make sure that I was not only a boy but also because he didn’t want me to be a hybrid. I hated him for hating and rejecting me.I could never understand what his issue with my mother was, but lately, he was calling her a weakling and that was what had led us to the events of today.“How could yo
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    Leaving the pack
    I didn’t know where to go or who to call for help, I literally had no one left in this territory or in the world. My mother had been cruelly taken from me by my own father and now I was all alone. Even if my father was alive at this moment, I knew that he would have never taken care of me the way my mother would, he would have probably kept good on his promise and killed me right after he killed my mother.I was now deep in the forest and just didn’t know which direction to go, my mother was literally the only family I had. I knew for a fact that no other pack would be willing to take me in once they knew that I had killed my father who also happened to be the alpha. I had to find a way to try and make it on my own and the first thing I had to do was to suppress my wolf. I couldn’t do that on my own and so I had to enlist the help of my friend who was an oracle. She surely was going to know a way that I could use to suppress my wolf so that I could roam around without being detected a
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    Where I belong
    It didn’t even take long for the vampires to sniff me out and find me, it was almost as if they had been waiting for me. As they escorted me to the elders I had to keep reminding myself that I was no longer the hybrid that I had been for most of my life, if anything the wolf side of me was dead and gone, it had died with my mother back in my father’s pack. Here I was nothing more than a vampire that had a lot of special qualities. Like I could walk in the sun and most things that affected vampires didn’t affect me. I hoped I could use all that to my advantage. If anyone was going to ask the reason why I had all these superpowers at my disposal I was simply going to tell them that I had been like that ever since I was born, I was just going to make up the story as I go.Just like any other pack or clan, I knew that vampires probably had their own ways of extracting information from intruders but I was counting on Iyana’s spell to make that task impossib
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    The following day at the vampire castle was slightly weird for me, not only had I woken up miles away from a place I knew as my home but being around the vampires was going to take a long time for me to get used to. I knew that I had to get used to being here because I had no other place to go. I just had to keep reminding myself of the reasons why I needed to stay here. No matter how uncomfortable it was I knew that I couldn’t leave, I had to stay here until I had gotten my revenge and maybe even killed my father’s entire pack. This was the first time I hadn't spent the night at home, and growing up I was a very well-behaved child. I never did anything that my parents didn’t like. Even when my friends were sneaking out and going to parties I always stayed at home. That had to do with the fact that all my friends had mates and I didn’t, not that I wanted one. I couldn’t imagine what my life would have been like if I had found my mate back in my father’s pack. I was very certain that w
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    False Pretences
    AMBER’S POV By the end of my first day of training, I was a professional at holding a gun and target shooting. I left my trainer, Cain surprised and charmed because he couldn’t believe just how easily I had grasped the way I was supposed to hold a gun. I was here on a mission and the mission wasn’t only to fit in with the vampires but it was also to equip myself with the tool I needed to get my revenge. Cain was a nice guy and he was very friendly, he was much friendlier than the trainers in my father’s pack. Training in the wolf territory was a difficult task and it was very grueling. I had volunteered myself for training and I quickly opted to drop out because I started feeling like I was undergoing punishment instead of training. “I must say that I have never met any vampire with as much determination as you,” Cain said as he walked me to my room “you are one hungry wolf and its quite refreshing to find someone and to train someone with the amount of passion that you have” he com
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    First kill
    AMBER’S POV I was settling well into the vampire clan and although I didn’t have any friends yet I was starting to feel at home and a little welcome by some of the vampires. I wasn’t really bothered by the fact that some of the vampires were having a hard time accepting me and adjusting to my presence because I had been living my life as a reject ever since I was born. I was just happy to be in a place where I felt like my very existence was not an abomination, some may have been blatantly rejecting me but the few that were accepting me made me feel at home. Of course, I felt like I was living a lie to a certain extent, but I also felt like this was an opportunity for me to rewrite my life and get a fresh start. The fact that no one knew who I was meant that I could be anyone and anything that I wanted. Cain had been very helpful and he was helping me with everything that I needed help with, he was helping me settle into the coven and was trying his best to keep the ones that were tr
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    A solo mission
    CHAD’S POVMy parents had been gone on a business trip for too long now and I was getting restless. They had never been gone for this long without communicating with any of us that were back at the packhouse. I tried finding out from the elders what the delay was but none of them had an answer for me, I was beginning to think that they knew something that I didn’t know and that they were hiding something from me. I really hoped that meeting with them tonight would help shed some light for me on what was going on with my parents."I hoped you called me here to tell me what is happening with my parents,” I said as I took my seat next to the throne, a seat that was meant for my father who was the Alpha king. Seeing it empty and vacant kind of scared me and I hoped it wouldn’t stay like that for very long.“As a matter of fact my prince that is exactly why we have called you here,” the first elder said“So where are they?” I asked just as the beta came into the meeting hall with my father
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    Acting childish
    CAIN’S POV I couldn’t believe that my father was trying to rob me of my chances with Amber, sending her to a wolf territory all on her own was basically handing her over to the wolves for them to devour her and have their way with her. I had told my father of my interest in Amber and he seemed to agree that we would make a good match but now I couldn’t understand the direction in which he was taking things, I just couldn’t understand his reasoning in the decision he had made. He had been bothering me about settling down and having kids and now that I was trying to do that he had taken it upon his power to sabotage that for me. I was even beginning to think that maybe he wanted Amber for himself especially considering the attention he had been giving her ever since she got here.“Father, I need to speak to you..” I said as I stormed into his office he lifted his eyes to look at me and he had an angry expression on his face. He was in a meeting with one of the elders and I didn’t care
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    The journey
    AMBER’S POV The day of my departure had finally arrived and I was literally shitting bricks of fear, I was scared out of my mind and my main fear was that I was going to be killed by wolves. My father’s pack was probably still in search of me and I wouldnt be surprised if they had alerted every pack of my disappearance. I didn’t know what awaited me out there and I didn’t even know which direction I was supposed to take. Elder Marcus told me that I was to just walk into any pack that was in the Northern territory and that would certainly land me in the alpha king’s house. The worst thing about this was that I was expected to seduce the old man that was supposedly the alpha king. Even though Elder Marcus hadn't blatantly said that I had to seduce the king, he had said that I was to do everything that I had to in order to get the information I needed. I didn’t even know what information was needed but all I was told was that I was to do everything I could to achieve my goal and all wit
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    He should know better
    CHAD’S POV I was so drunk I could barely even walk, I was coming from the club with my friends and some of the girls from the pack and we had just had a very good time. For the first time ever since my parents had died I hadn’t found myself obsessing about their death and my loneliness, I felt like I was my old self again but it was clear that had only lasted when I was out with my friends because as soon as I got back home those haunting thought returned. All I wanted right now was my bed and nothing more. I knew the elders would have a field day if they saw me like this but who cared about them, I didn’t need their permission to live my life and I certainly didn’t need their instruction in running this pack.The omega that I had chosen during my coronation had run her course and I no longer had any use for her on my bed as beautiful as she was. Being with her had been fun but it hadnt made me forget my troubles like I had hoped it would, as a matter of fact being with her made me r
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