The Rejected Alpha

The Rejected Alpha

By:  Sharon Aganah Styles  Ongoing
Language: English
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Adriane was living a life she thought was normal, that was up until her sixteenth birthday. This was when she first turned. She had absolutely no knowledge of what was happening and no prior warning about what she was about to go through. It was excruciatingly painful, the single most horrible experience in her life. But what did the most damage was the look of sheer horror on her parents' faces at the mere sight of her. Even her little sister had the mind to call her a monster confirming Adriane's worst fears. She'd turned into the very thing that plagued her nightmares. That's when she lost it, that's when she broke out and ran. She didn't stop running until she plummeted into a world she never knew existed, a world she is now a part of.

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100 chapters
Episode 1
I was standing in a corner of a very beautiful house, shaking. I was scared, absolutely terrified, but I didn't know of what's ahead. I saw a couple, probably in their thirties, back up into the other corner of the room I was standing in. The man was badly injured, the woman less so, both bleeding, a look of sheer terror on their faces. A very nasty loud and vicious growl was heard from behind. This caused the woman to weep even more and the man, who could barely even stand up tried to shield her with his last strength. I hid myself further behind the curtains that were shielding me. Tears were streaming down my cheeks and I couldn't stop the scream that erupted from me as a large creature pounced on them ripping them to shreds in a matter of seconds. When the beast was done, it started to walk away, its head completely doused in blood. Then it abruptly came to a halt a couple of metres away from the bloody scene and sniffed the air. It slowly turned in my direction. A low growl
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Episode 2
I got home from school that day in a bad mood. I was late to school because I accidentally broke my alarm clock the day before, I got detention, my history teacher gave me a whole crap load of homework and my bike broke down on my way home so I had to walk the rest of the journey, in the rain. What a great birthday. So I got home in a bad mood, obviously, but it turned around when I saw the surprise birthday party for me. It wasn't really a party, but there was food, drinks, a cake,my parents and my five year old sister who was busy ogling my cake. That was good enough for me. It really made me happy, and I even got a car for my birthday since I was now qualified to get a license. We had a lot of fun that night and when I went to sleep my parents and my little sister, Gabriella, came and gave me kisses on my forehead. We love you sweetie, happy birthday' My mother had said before they exited my room. I fell asleep feeling content with myself, not knowing how little those words
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Episode 3
Five minutes later Alpha Derrick and Luna Kelly walked in, with Michael hanging onto his Mother's neck and Gracie on her dad, squealing as he tickled her.They finally get seated and Rose, the cook, serves the food. My favorite, steak and baked potatoes. The food got passed around by Rose and some other kitchen workers.Joshua, her son, also helps out at times and I can't always help but notice how he gives Mavis an extra large serving of food.He definitely has a crush on Mavis, but Mavis, being two years older than him, has decided to just see him as a little brother. But I guess the smile she gives him anytime he serves her a plate suffices for him. His cheeks get all pink and he can't look her in the eye and moves on to serve the next person, me. Who begrudgingly gets less food than the former.I'm pretty sure if she keeps smiling at him like that, one day he's just gonna give her all the food and leave the rest of us to fate.I can't blame him though, Mavis is beautiful and has s
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Episode 4
'Pssst, Adriane? Are you awake?" Mavis said whilst poking my ribs, stirring me awake from my short and uncomfortable nap"I am now." I said groggily while sitting up, the ground cold and hard underneath me."Good." She smiled at me. It was amazing how she still found it in her to actually smile."What is it?" I asked her once I noticed her expectant expression."I'm bored." she pouted.I gave her a blank look. "And?"She shrugged and just repeated her statement that she was bored."Gee May" I said as I rubbed my left eye, "I had no idea you were interested in entertainment before execution."She frowned at me.'There isn't much to do as a prisoner, so you're gonna have to suck it up and wait till they end our lives." I said. No need for any sorta sugar coating.'Wow, Adriane, always looking at the positive side of things." Mavis said, sarcasm lacing each word.Well, there was nothing remotely positive about this situation and I wasn't about to convince myself otherwise, just to be let
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Episode 5.
One of the males let out a fierce and gruesome growl breaking the eerie silence. It didn't take long before a silver bullet was lodged into his skull. And just like that, he slumped to the ground. "Anyone else?" The Alpha dared us to speak. The whole room was silent. But it was more of a shocked silence, well for me anyway. I didn't even have it in me to be scared anymore. We all knew what was coming now. Confrontations between packs always ended badly. It's either you come out the victor or you die. There's nothing in between. And based on our stance right now, it's safe to say that we've lost. We've lost more than just a fight. 'Good, now, where is the group from the Alpha's house? Royals first." and with that we were being pushed up to the front of the room in a line, side by side. The Alpha walked up to the first person, that happened to be Evelyn. He studied her carefully. Evelyn looked him straight in the eye, her head held high. She clearly wasn't intimidated by him, or
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Episode 6
I woke up to the scent of fresh bread filling my nose.I didn't know how long we'd been here, but it felt like days. It most definitely had to be some days, a couple at least. We were starving and dehydrated and my mind felt all sorts of cloudy, I couldn't even think straight.Was there even oxygen in this place?I rubbed the sleep out of my eyes just in time to see one of the guards shove two loaves of bread on a metal pan into our cell."What's that?" I asked, sleep still clouding my eyes."Breakfast." he said and started walking away but then he stopped and after a long pause he added, "Lunch ... and Dinner." he smiled at me."You've got to be kidding me." Mavis muttered, rubbing her eyes as well.'No, I'm not. Enjoy." and with that the guard left, continuing to shove bread into cells.Once the guard was out of earshot, or so I guessed, I spoke up. "They're feeding us now?" It seemed strange to me. Or maybe a last meal sort of thing?Mavis looked over at me and shrugged. "I guess s
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Episode 7
A completely severed link would only leave room for grieving for the people we've lost, but not like the feeling we had initially of literally having lost your actual head, like you don't know how to go on, like it was impossible.My knowledge on some of these things wasn't too extensive, but I believed that's basically what was happening to us.We live in a kill or be killed world. That's just how it is.Nature's way of taking care of us, again, making sure that life would go on, that life can go on.Helping us grief intensely and thoroughly, but not forever.But this was me, I can't even imagine what the others were feeling, even with the help of a fading bond, there would still be so much sadness for the loss.Which is probably why the dark thoughts seem to be desperately pushed to the back of our minds now."But now that I think of it, I am quite hungry." Mavis said.'Oh no you don't." I said sitting down and pointing a warning finger at her."Maybe you could ask your mate to brin
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Episode 8
We woke up to our cells being forcefully drawn open, the sound of metal bars banging.'Get up, you lazy animals." one of the guards who unlocked our cell, kicked me in the ribs.Ah, it's the red head guard from yesterday.Dan.And I was sure to catch the scowl he threw my way as he kicked me. Sour puss."Ow." I whined, getting up and looking around to see chaos in the dungeons as people were dragged out of their cells. The males putting up a fight since their sedatives have obviously worn off, females less so.At this point though, why bother."Hey, watch it!" Mavis mumbled as Dan kicked her too, not as hard as mine but painful nonetheless.Then we heard a growl."That will be the last time you ever touch her. Got that?" We turned to see a fuming James glare at Dan, a frown marring his handsome face.He rushed to Mavis and helped her off the ground, whilst I stood up also. James cupped her face and asked her if she was okay,and she shyly nodded.James smiled and placed a soft kiss on
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Episode 9
Out of nowhere I found the courage to speak. "And if I don't?" I said slowly, placing the flag behind me and taking a step back, ready to bolt, although I doubt I'll make it far.At least I'll try. He rose his eyebrows fully this time in slight surprise at my sudden outcome."I will take it from you, even if I have to use force." he said as he took a step closer. And I don't know where this came from either, and I really hope I didn't render him incapable of having children, but in one quick move I rose my knee up and hit him in his jewels. Hard.My action must have taken him, and me, by surprise because he couldn't block the shot and he fell to the floor holding his babies as I stepped over him and made a run for it.I heard him let out an aggravated growl just before I was out of earshot. I ran back the way I came, past the stream, through the hedges, through the woods meeting unconscious bodies on the way, both from the blue and red team.I could see the base now, I was almost ther
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Episode 10
I just stood there frozen, a pair of gray blue eyes staring at me. Growling and baring its canines drawing its claws as it approached me. I hid further behind the curtains only to have them ripped off leaving me exposed, shaking, scared. Pieces of cloth were stuck between its teeth after it tore the curtain. It let out one more sickening growl before it pounced on me ..."No!" I woke up in a dark room. My heart pounding out of my chest, my breathing heavy. I was sweating but I felt really cold. I wiped off some of the tears that had slipped out of my eyes as I was asleep. When I had calmed down I took in my surroundings. I was on a bed. A bed?I looked around and saw a window, it must be dark out, cause hardly any light came through. Then I noticed some movement with the corner of my eye and its like I saw a shadow in the corner of the room. I sat up abruptly and rubbed the sleep out of my eyes hoping to see more clearly, but the figure was gone."Hello? Who is there?" I tried to get
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