The Dating App Disaster

The Dating App Disaster

By:  Clovervanessa  Completed
Language: English
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Zoey Veera Lavigne is in dire need of a high-paying job. She tried applying as Dionysus Zephyr Chevalier's executive secretary, but one accidental mistake, and she's out. Furious, she accepted her little sister's request for her to meet a stranger from a dating app to unwind. But, what happens when she learns that her date was actually Dionysus? Could it be another chance for her to land the job? But, Dionysus definitely had something else in his mind. With Dionysus' grandfather nearing death, he suddenly wanted Zoey to pretend as his girlfriend to grant his old man's dying wish. Will Zoey shamelessly accept it, swallow her pride and seize the chance, even if she hates Dionysus so much?

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84 Chapters
Chapter One: Her World, His World
A wise person once said about love, 'we live in a universe that's ruled by chaos and chance, where all it takes is one moment of ill fortune and all of our hopes and dreams would go right down the shitter'. Zoey flicked her thick-rimmed eyeglasses, fetched her wallet, took out some cash, and handed it to the taxi driver in front. "Thank you for creasing your forehead at me for the last thirty six minutes of my life! Don't do that again because you looked like Vecna. That's all. Bye! And, ohh. Keep the change!" When she opened the cab's door, she readied herself to run for her life, clutching tightly to her backpack's straps on her shoulders. "I am an aries! I am always ready for battles! Yah!" Zoey screamed as she launched herself to sprint so fast. And, she absolutely had never done that before. She ran so fast like there were some psycho serial killer on the loose and chasing down her ass. Zoey can now see the magnificent Chevalier tower, just thirty more seconds of running like
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Chapter Two: Where It All Began
Some people believe that there's an invisible thread that connects those who are destined to meet, regardless of time, place and circumstances. The thread may stretch or tangle, but it will never break. "Good evening, grandpa. Thank God I'm finally home." Dionysus sat beside his father, on their long, mahogany table. He tossed his briefcase on the carpeted floor before he loosened up his necktie around his neck and removed his coat afterwards. A housemaid immediately prepared a plate and utensils for him while his grandfather tapped his shoulders before the old Chevalier resumed eating his own dinner. "What's with the long face, kiddo? Did something happen at work?" Dionysus sighed, instantly remembering Zoey. The odd looking girl that spilled his coffee on his suits for two freaking times in a row. The first one, he can forgive that. It was clearly an accident. He was just teasing her about the issue on insincere apologies. But, the second one? Nah. He was rather furious and enrag
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Chapter Three: Most Unique Meetup
When two souls are meant to connect, location, timing and circumstances suddenly become irrelevant. They suddenly become a magnet for one another and despite their efforts to fight it, the universe will somehow work its magic to manipulate everything in the end. Zoey unintentionally dozed off while on the road and she only stirred from her sleep when the taxi cab driver parked the car in front of the Dacre Club. "Miss, we're here. Get your ass out of my cab now. Come on. You ain't the only passenger that booked me." Still quite disoriented, Zoey hopped outside the cab in a very slow motion, earning her a curse from the mad taxi driver. The driver instantaneously drove off right after Zoey closed the door, leaving Zoey coughing at the smoke and dust that attacked her nose. "Damn. What am I even doing here?" Zoey remembers her bed and suddenly misses the softness of it against her skin. Because she was too sleepy, she had to pinch her cheeks to snap back to her senses. She fixed her
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Chapter Four: Can't Stop Thinking About Her
We all heard a saying about something that if we can't get someone out of our heads, maybe, just maybe, that someone must really belong there in the first place. Dionysus stopped his car in front of an old warehouse. He instantly saw Sebastian waiting outside for him. He turned his engine off before stepping out. "Where are they?" Dionysus asked Sebastian right away. "They are all inside." Sebastian said as he placed a revolver into Dionysus' hands and showed him the way towards the abandoned warehouse's entrance. "You brought my favorite. I see." "Of course. For your pleasure, my lord." "Jerk. Don't call me that. It gives me the cringe." "Well. You can't blame me. It suits you." Sebastian replied with a small laugh. Seconds later, they both reached the opened large gate and Dionysus saw the three bulky men, all blindfolded, tied up and kneeling on the cemented floor right in the middle of the slightly darkened warehouse. Dionysus' heavy footsteps alerted the three bulky men.
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Chapter Five: Forced To Make A Choice
Sometimes it is our smallest decisions that can change our lives forever because life is a matter of choices, and every choice we make, makes us. Zoey opened her eyes only to see Dionysus in front of her and the man that tried to hit her was now lying on their crashed table. But, Dionysus seemed like he wasn't finished with the man yet. He looked like he was just starting. He immediately pulled the man's body upwards by holding on his collar. Right after, Dionysus' fist crashed into the man's nose again and again as he fell on the floor once more. Yet, no one dared to stop him and aid the man's cries of help. Everyone remains unmoving. Each and everyone in that restaurant became so afraid at the amount of anger showing on Dionysus' handsome face, even Zoey. Seconds later, Dionysus whispered beside the man's ears, whose face cannot be recognized anymore. "I'm going to make your life miserable after this, buddy. Even your whole family won't be able to recuperate. I will scrape eve
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Chapter Six: The Fake Boyfriend and Girlfriend
Every choice comes with a consequence. Once you make a choice, you must accept the responsibility that comes with it. You cannot escape the consequences of your choices, whether it turns out to be too good or too bad. "You said I'm just here to pretend to be your unlikable girlfriend. Then, why am I suddenly getting married to you all of a sudden?" Zoey grunted, showing Dionysus how clearly annoyed she was. Dionysus just paced back and forth in front of her. Dionysus' grandfather, the old Chevalier, was already on the poolside, waiting for them to have an afternoon snack with him. The Chevalier mansion looked so magnificent inside and out, but Zoey can't even appreciate all the sparkling luxury before her eyes just because of their biggest dilemma right now. "Shut up. Let me think for a while." Two housemaids suddenly walked past them. Dionysus immediately pulled Zoey near his body and acted like he was endearingly caressing Zoey's hair with a big smile on his face. "You do reali
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Chapter Seven: The Making of a Marriage Contract
All of us will know that we made the right decision when we picked the hardest and most painful choice but our heart still feels at peace no matter what. "Mom? I thought I heard Zoey coming home a while ago. Where is she? She's not in her room." Zamantha exclaimed in front of their mother, who was busy folding laundry in their living room. "She said she will just buy something at the convenience store. Don't worry. She brought Azlan with her." Mrs. Olivia Lavigne answered back. Zamantha saw her older sister, Zara, rolling her eyes at them while watching television. "God, mom. You really don't need to worry about Zoey getting harassed on the streets. No man in their right mind would even lust over her." Zamantha wanted to talk back to her sister but she was reminded that Zara's mind was so small like a bean, it wouldn't understand all the things she would say just to make her stop hating on Zoey without any apparent reason. "I'll wait for her outside, mom." Zamantha went outside
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Chapter Eight: Most Chaotic Wedding Day
Embarrassing moments creates the best memories. Because, we're all a little weird in our own ways. Life is a little weird. And, when we find someone whose weirdness is compatible with ours, we join up with them and fall into a mutually satisfying weirdness they call love. "Every day? Damn, woman. You're going to make me bankrupt even though I'm a fucking trillionaire." "Alright. That can be negotiated. Pay me that every month, then. Aside from my salary as your secretary." "You do know that if we get married, you can literally own half of my fortune afterwards, right? Unless, I make you sign a prenuptial agreement." "Then, let's sign one." "No." Zoey was quite befuddled at that fast answer of Dionysus. Dionysus even looked like he had already closed that topic and was no longer up for discussion as he continued typing on Zoey's laptop. "But, why?" "Just because I don't want to. It's alright. Don't worry about that." Zoey sighed even though it still bothers her. "For my thi
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Chapter Nine: First Night as Newlyweds
The best relationships start off as a friendship first. Because relationships are always stronger when you are best of friends first, and a couple second. "Woo-hoo! Kiss! Kiss! Kiss! Make this old man happy, kiddos. Come on. I will always be the number one fan of your love team!" Then, everyone around them started to chant the word 'kiss' as well, repeatedly. "Kiss, kiss, kiss! Kiss, kiss, kiss!" Zoey started to panic internally while Dionysus accepted the fact that they really have no choice but to do it and get it done and over with. He pulled Zoey's hands and put it around his neck. Then, he placed his arms around Zoey's waist. Dionysus leaned towards Zoey to whisper in her ear. "Just so you know, women have kissed me before." Zoey's eyes widened. "I thought you had been single all your life? Is that a lie?" "No. But, most of the time, countless women threw themselves at me. Whether they were after my name or only liked me because of my face." Zoey saw the sadness in Dionysu
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Chapter Ten: First Night as Newlyweds II
Sometimes, many people can attest that when we feel a strong gravitational pull towards someone, it was like, all the galaxies and universe had a talk and said, 'Yeah, finally. It's their time'. Zoey blinked. Was she just imagining it or Dionysus had almost kissed her lips? And, oddly enough, she didn't feel threatened at that split second at all. She was even anticipating it. Dionysus looked back at Zoey and both of them stared at each other's eyes with some unknown emotions in them. Zoey cleared her throat when she couldn't endure the awkward tension any longer. "Won't you. . won't you answer that?"Zoey had to ask that, because she cannot endure the closeness of Dionysus to her face anymore. It was rather suffocating her, but in a very good pleasurable way. If that can really be possible. "What?""Your phone, Dionysus." Zoey breathily whispered. "Ohh, right." Dionysus moved away, sat up and cleared his throat. "Yes. Sorry." Dionysus picked up his phone from the bedside table and
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