Rejecting My Rogue Alpha

Rejecting My Rogue Alpha

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Have you ever been disappointed and embarrassed at yourself? Then Maybe you might understand what Aiden had gone through when he couldn't shift into his wolf at the shapeshifting ceremony. he had failed not only himself but his mother and even the pack who trusted that he would be a strong wolf. For this reason, the great Alpha Lundamous threatened his daughter to reject the useless werewolf who is not worthy of her. But Adelia loves Aiden and rejecting him will be too much to bear. However, Alpha Lundamous is persistent and he swears to kill Aiden if he is not rejected. But what no one knows is that Aiden isn't one to be joked with, but one to be feared.

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113 Chapters
Wolfless wolf
I threw the fabric I was holding to the wall, sweat creasing my brow as I sighed heavily. How much longer did I have to clean up? I asked myself as I stared at the empty hallway. There was no one available and this was because it was a hot Saturday afternoon and there was really nothing important to do on a Saturday afternoon. I was sure the alpha and his household were resting in their cabin. Same with the rest of the pack members. I could easily sneak away without anyone finding out. "No." I shook my head. Sneaking away had never done me any good instead it had given me more beatings and insults. I hated being insulted even when I had been insulted all my life. It was just so difficult to get used to it even when the wolves picked on me at any slightest chance they had for being a disgrace to the pack, a disappointment to my mother and an embarrassment to myself. My misfortune began at the shape-shifting ceremony, a ceremony looked forward to by everyone especially young wolves
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My Second Chance Mate?
Adelia's Pov • • • • • • • • • I sneaked back into my room without getting caught after my escapades with Aiden. I felt so relieved now that I have confessed my feelings to him and it was good to hear that he felt the same. I have always known he was my mate and that was why I drew closer to him when everyone stayed away. Besides that, I believed strongly that Aiden wasn't useless as the rest of the wolves made him be and I know that inside of him was a strong wolf. I just didn't know why his wolf wasn't coming out. But I was determined to stand by his side regardless of what anyone said. Feeling sweaty and sticky, I got under the shower, washing myself up with a big smile on my face. I was elated. I had barely gotten out of the shower when a knock came at my door and I froze a bit, wondering who it was since I wasn't expecting anyone. "Who's there?" "It's me, future Luna." Came the reply and I smiled, knowing full well who it was. It was Leah, my second best friend after A
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She's Mine!
Aiden's Pov • • • • • • • • • • My friends had just come to visit me after their rigorous gamma training and we had all ended up at the lake which was located some distance away from the packhouse. I could only go there when my friends were with me even when it was open for all wolves. Going there alone made me stand a risk of being taunted so I stayed away from it even when it was my favourite place to be. The lake was always calm and it gave this peaceful aura; it was calming. When I was here, I forgot all of my worries. This evening, the lake was surprisingly quiet. There was not a single wolf at the lake and I sighed in contentment because I could enjoy my friends without getting furtive stares and glances from other wolves. The wolves were fond of doing that whenever I was with my friends. They knew they couldn't do anything to me but they still made me feel bad with their glances and murmurs. "How have you been, Aiden? What have you been up to?" Jamal asked me and I looke
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Reject him!
Adelia's Pov • • • • • • • • • • "You are what?" My father's eyes were always red so it was difficult to know when he was angry but this time, they were redder. This showed that he was now very furious. He was also fuming angrily. His hands were balled into a fist and his chest was heaving. I knew this stance very well and my heart began to race as I took a step back — my father could be very violent sometimes. He would grab my hair and pull at it when he was extremely angry and right now, he was, so it was safer I stayed as far as possible from him. I looked from my brother to my mother who had both rushed into the room too. It was obvious they had all been eavesdropping on our conversation. My mother had her mouth opened wide, her big hazel eyes filled with shock. I got my hazel eyes from her, only that hers was much prettier with those rings of green flecks in them. But that wasn't the point now. The point was my parents looked angry. "Don't tell me it's that weakling?" My
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Beaten to Pulp
Aiden's Pov • • • • • • • • • • I was sitting with my mum when it happened. We were outside of our home which was on the outskirt of the pack where most omegas lived. Since I didn't even have a wolf, being tagged with the omegas was a privilege. I had just returned from the lake and my friends had returned to their various houses. They had all been happy for me after the revealing of my secret. Even Calix, whom I had thought would act differently, was thrilled at this news. He was extremely happy and it made me glad. It made me glad that I finally had something I could be proud of. Perhaps, my days of misery were over and I would finally have some kind of status in the pack.But I hadn't seen this coming. I hadn't expected this in any way so when I saw Jared approaching the Omega's tent with two male gammas behind him, I didn't think much of it. "Isn't that Jared?" My mother asked me and I nodded. "Why do you think he is here?" Her black hair was tied up in a bun with some sho
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Extremely Burdened
Adelia's Pov • • • • • • • • • • I was surprised to see Leah still in my room when I returned from my run. The run had been needed to clear my head but even at that, I could still feel choked and extremely burdened. How could my family do this to me? How could they ask me to reject my mate? My heart was heavy and my wolf was tensed, I could feel her agony. To be honest, I was confused. I didn't know what to do. My father had just threatened to kill Aiden and knowing who my father was, his words were not to be taken lightly. He would surely do what he had promised. This made me very scared and confused. "Where have you been?" Leah jumped up from the bed when I walked in. Her face was clouded with worry. But I ignored her question because I was in no mood to talk. I didn't even know why she was still here. It was late in the night and she should be at her house. The sight of her in my room was pissing me off. I didn't want to talk to anyone. I walked past her, heading to my clo
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So it's True
Aiden's Pov • • • • • • • • • • I was lying on my bed when I heard a knock on the front door. My heart skipped as I wondered who it was. I knew it couldn't be my friends since they had just left after spending some time consoling me. They had heard about Jared's action just like everyone else since the news about Jared attacking me had spread like wildfire in the pack and was now on everyone's lips. My heart began to pound in my chest as the thought of Jared returning to probably finish what he started filled my head. I was yet to recover from the beating that had been meted out on me: I could barely walk without limping and my face was still bruised.My mother had told me I had been out for a full day and had only gained consciousness this morning. She had also told me how my friends had rushed down here some minutes after Jared left but I was unconscious and couldn't talk to them so they had to leave. It was that bad! But I was not angry, especially when I had received all thi
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Aiden's Pov My eyes narrowed in pain at her words and I could feel my heart breaking into a thousand pieces. I don't think I had ever felt this much pain before. Even when I had been unable to shift into my wolf during the shapeshifting ceremony, I didn't feel this much pain. "So what Jared said is true. You're gonna reject me like everyone else?" My voice was low and croaky. I could not even recognise my own voice. It sounded strange to my ears. Adelia shut her eyes again, a tear slithering down her cheek. It made me wonder why she was doing this when it was clear she did not want it herself. "Why are you saying these things to hurt me when you don't even want this? Why are you bringing rejection up? Who is Rio and why are you calling him your mate?" "I want this, Aiden." Adelia wiped her eyes. "I want this. I wanna reject you because it is the right thing to do." "How? How is it the right thing to do? This won't do any of us any good! Why are we even having this conversation?"
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A Mysterious Sight
Adelia's Pov That day was the worst day of my life. I had never felt this shattered before. It was so bad that I felt like dying. The pain still felt new, despite it being an hour since I returned from Aiden's house. It was obvious I was yet to recover from this heartbreaking experience. As I lay on my bed, staring at the white ceiling of my room, a tear rolled out of my eyes and down the side of my face. I chuckled, surprised that I still had tears in my eyes. I had done nothing but cry my eyes out since I returned yet I didn't feel any better. My silky blouse was drenched with my tears and my eyes were swollen red. Just who would have imagined that rejecting one's mate would be this painful? Jared had said it would not hurt that bad and my father had nodded in agreement, but here I was, feeling pain so great, it felt like I was dying. To be honest, I wanted to die. That was all I could think of. I wanted to get this heart-wrenching pain to leave for it was too much for me to be
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Not so friendly Argument
Aiden's Pov I was blank, just like a stone. No matter what my friends or mother did, they couldn't get a reaction from me. It was like I had wandered away from the real world that I found it difficult to interact with it anymore. To be honest, nothing made sense to me anymore. I had always known I was useless but it hadn't really dawned on me, nor had it sank into my subconscious. But Adelia's rejection had sent that reality down to me. Being rejected was the worst feeling ever and I felt completely useless. There was suddenly no will to live anymore. Adelia had been my source of strength and she had given me hope, a hope for a better life but now that she was gone, I felt broken. It had been a week since the rejection yet I hadn't recovered, I couldn't recover. I could not even mind link her anymore since the connection had been broken. It was so disheartening. Within the week, I had tried to see her again. I had made my visitation to the packhouse more frequent, hoping that I
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