The Mafia's Contracted Woman

The Mafia's Contracted Woman

By:  Vivian Anna  Ongoing
Language: English
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" Even if I know I'm going crazy bit by bit, least let me hold your hands. Maybe only then can I stop thinking about you, discard all thoughts about you and go live my life finding someone else." Alyssa's voice trembled uttering such when her heart kept on saying otherwise. After finding out she has just little time to live, Alyssa wishes to fall in love with a man who is the direct opposite of her and most importantly does not wish to be loved back by that person. When she stumbles upon Alex who is dangerously captivating and she claims to be deliciously tempting, she makes her desire to be his Contracted Woman known to him, but taking a good look at Alyssa,he bluntly refuses and tells her he doesn't deal with ladies who aren't pretty, bold and strong. Alex also tells her that he isn't in for love or affection and hates such. Because of this, Alyssa tries everything possible to make him realize that she could also be pretty, strong and bold like he wants her to be and that she would never demand for his love. When he finally agrees, Alex figures out that he is gradually falling madly in love with Alyssa, but all hell are let loose when Alyssa also figures this out and wishes to terminate the contract so as not to leave him in pain when she dies and goes her separate ways.

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25 Chapters
Chapter 01_Sad news and fate
Chapter 1A great lightning struck, accompanied with great storm. The sky became cloudy and unclear, then the rain began pouring heavily making every where wet and cold. Alyssa legs kept on pacing to and fro with extreme tears clouded in her eyes. Weak, she staggared backwards as a doctor finally broke the news to her for the second time." I have little time to live ? Just how many months? "She asked trying to be strong and control her tears.Her weak legs dragged her towards a fate which she wasn't even aware of, but damn she never cared less to check the surrounding . She only gave her legs the full control to keep taking her where it wishes to.What's the use ? Even if it takes her towards her death or a cliff it wouldn't even matter one bit, after all death might come in some months duration, not now but later in the future.As the cold rain touched her skin, her tears increased making her whimper really low with arms encircled around herself." dad, mom, do I really have to join
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Chapter 02_ At A Bar.
A week after the incident which she had seen that day, every other man who came to woo her or flirt with her always seems so stupid, daft, and never met her standards. This wasn't a time to start choosing right now, due to her limited time on Earth, but one way or the other, Alyssa always found an excuse to push them all away.Tired and confused, she lifted herself from her bed feeling restless and unimaginably unsatisfied, and what the hell could satisfy her she had no clue. Frustrated, she picked up her cell phone and dialed her aunt's number" Alyssa, sweetheart, it's been so long since you called last "she heard her aunt Judy's voice, and immediately she sneered " Such great pretense" she muttered to herself silently on the phone. " dear are you there? " Her stupid, desperate aunt asked her even though her voice, it was so simple for her to figure out that she was so pretending to love and care for her. Her property and wealth are all she wants from her she was never going to gi
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Chapter 03_Close Death
Alex scoffed as he looked at the men all laid on the ground in their pools of blood. In a wave of intense anger, he walked away heading towards his car parked just close to the bar."Just what the hell was his brother thinking?" He asked himself in his enraged state, engaging his car into more speed than before heading towards his house.He wouldn't kill his brother for messing around with him, but he felt like it was time to teach him a little lesson just enough to make him remember never to mess around with him. If he was gonna leave for good, he needed to at least show his brother he wasn't a weakling like him.Immediately he parked his car properly, Alex got down and headed towards his room. As he got there, he took off his cloth and tied a towel around his waist. He walked further towards the mirror hung on the wall of his room and began glaring at himself. Alex was everything like his father, mostly in appearance and it was something he hated so much. Even though he felt he was i
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" Why didn't you leave her to die mom,. Why the hell did you have to save her, she should have died for all I care . You acted so stupid mom " . a young girl about the same age or maybe older than Alyssa spoke up with arms akimbo ." Don't you dare talk to me that way Olivia I'm still your mother young lady, besides we still need her, we still have used for her. Remember she still hasn't signed the papers yet we should think about how to make her sign it, not standing here quarreling over something that isn't important" Mrs Judy replied her daughter also standing akimboShe wore a long black jean with a green top, Olivia shook her head in disbelief, " don't you think we get to own the company if she dies? Huh after all ,we are the only family she has,I don't even know why uncle had to will everything to her alone without willing anything to you, I mean he acted so stupid, he was such a fool" Olivia continued gazing at her mum who looked at her with mixed feelings. like seriously, some
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Bold and Fearless
" What did you say?"Alex spoke up looking at her, such a little lady coming to him and willing to do something so dangerous." Little lamb, do you know who I am?"He asked taking a few steps towards her. This made Alyssa draw back a little in fear not because he was actually getting closer to her, but also because he wouldn't drop his gun." What are you doing?" His voice sounded really cold when he noticed she was moving backwards little by little, he stopped and stared at her for a while before speaking. " How can a scared little flower like you wish to sign a contract with me. What do I stand to gain by letting you " He asked making a scared Alyssa take a step closer to him." I clearly heard you, I do not need your love or affection,and isn't that what you want?.". She asked sounding so bold all of a sudden. Alex scoffed and tried taking another step closer to her, she moved back. He looked at the gun he was holding and suddenly smiled." I am dangerous, if you must know". Alex sai
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Alyssa got home and roughly threw her handbag on the bed. Though it had landed on the bed but bounce back to the ground.she signed deeply and dragged her feet towards the bathroom to have to quick shower.Wasn't he the first man to reject her, Alyssa had always been the one rejecting every man that ever crossed her way, every man that tried to make advances towards her, every suitors that proposed love and marriage but today she had seen and experience something different. She was rejected no matter how hard she tried and it got her thinking about him the more.She traced her hands towards the shower and turned it off for a little moment, th warm water wasn't helping matters at all so Alyssa decided to make it cold instead. This was gonna hurt a lot as one this she hated and as never used to was getting touched by just a little quantity of cold water. Sh hated it so much that it made her skin react badly but only her parents knew about this.Once Alyssa turned on the shower again, fre
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A Reason
" What is it little lamb?, You called so quick and right now I'm out of patience" Alex voice sounded cold and extremely harsh while Alyssa could clearly hear him panting slowly, she could hear how so loud his breathing was and it made her wonder what he was up to.She wanted to speak up,but she found herself saying absolutely nothing. It was like a big lump had suddenly grown in her throat or a huge chunk of food was stuck there stopping her from uttering a single word. Worst of all,was the fact that she had no fucking reason for calling him and she feared he might lash at her any moment if she continued with her silence.Alyssa's heart leaped so much when she heard the loud sound of a gun being shot thrice and the screams of a man, no two men while still on the phone. She widened her eyes so much that her phone neatly dropped from her shaking hands. There again, there again was the innocent Alyssa which had actually found its way back to her already _ was she nuts to have been avoid
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CH 8; Get out of my head
With a short gracious outfit which matched perfectly with her black heels and black fashion brand handbag, Alyssa walked with her shoulders high up into her company." Oh my goodness"" Jesus Lord!" " Exquisite!" These were the words that came out from the passerbys and workers all parading here and there to do their daily jobs most especially those who had the white collar jobs.Still with her head up and her tiny heels making the natural sound out loud as she took her steps, Alyssa let out a little smile which wasn't visible trying not to look at the faces of those all staring at her.Getting to her office, Alyssa looked sideways before touching the door knobs to open the door and when she walked in, she let out a deep breath. One that she had been holding in for a long time since she got down from her car and walked past the garage into her own company." What the hell! Why was she acting this way all of a sudden". Alyssa thought and gently walked towards the long transparent gla
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Chapter 09; A kind stranger
Alyssa slowly opened her blurry eyes feeling great pain piercing feel inside her head. She held it tight trying to relieve herself of the horrible pain she was feeling,but it just wouldn't stop. Getting a clearer view of the room, Alyssa immediately threw herself up from the extra large coaxy bed when she realized the room wasn't looking anything like hers, at the same time, her eyes roamed through her body just in case she could feel anything weird.Alyssa looked up at tg ceiling still bearing the headache and trying to remember just exactly what happened to her and how the hell she got there. She could have sworn he wasn't real, but just an imagination of him which she had created. Even when her heart told her otherwise, she still fought hard not to believe it. Thinking back, she tried to figure out how she ended up in an hotel. Usually,in movies it would only be natural to have a man beside you in a situation like that, but she had woken up alone, without the presence of a man
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Chapter 10_ A kiss and a familiar face
Alex carried his feet gracefully with his head up high with pride and his hands swinging along as he walked. Behind him were six bodyguards all walking in the same pace with him.Getting closer to the door, he stopped making all others at his back halt immediately and adjusted his tie properly. He had made sure to be in a suit with a brand of Giorgio Armani which had brought out his perfect style and look.His long black shoe shone like that of a mirror sparkling that one could see himself on it. His golden wristwatch made sure to also fit his style properly and from afar one could tell it wasn't just an ordinary wristwatch to you around with. His black hair had been styled to reach just a little part of his left eyes at most with a middle line cut making it rest at both sides.Once Alex got to the door, he waited a bit and took out his phone just for a second before dropping it back into his side pocket.He nodded at the maids and instantly they both flung the door open carefully ann
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