My Boyfriend Is A Secret Mafia Boss

My Boyfriend Is A Secret Mafia Boss

By:  ydnic  Ongoing
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Naomi Kim works in a small coffee shop in the middle of the busiest town of Hongdae Seoul, South Korea. She graduated college and was looking for a bigger job since she has to support her cost of living alone. A young man who happened to be their loyal customer, always dropped by in their shop every morning to have his cup of coffee, will help her to get into the big company she's aiming for but in one condition, Naomi will have to be his girlfriend. Naomi accepted it, thinking that it is not a big deal for her to have a boyfriend. But little did she know, his boyfriend is the CEO of the company she'll work for and a Mafia Boss. Lucas Manoban pretended to be a poor young man, who works as a librarian in the little library in town. He kept his identity to the young woman so she wouldn't get scared at him. But one incident will reveal all of the secrets in his life, which is also the reason to change the flow of their sweet yet boring relationship.

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36 Chapters
The Nerdy Librarian
Naomi's POV"Good morning, welcome to Little Café." I greeted the first customer that arrived early this morning and bowed my head a little after I opened the door for him. I was confused as to why he's not entering the shop and his feet stayed in front of me. Then he turned to face me so I looked up and saw a pair of rounded doe eyes looking at me with nothing but dull in them. It's Lucas, the young man librarian who works at the library two blocks away from this coffee shop. He's our regular customer and always requests for the same cup of cappuccino. I'm actually amazed that he never missed a single day of dropping by in this shop to have his cup of coffee. He was a good looking young man but he's a nerd, always wearing thick eyeglasses, a cheap shirt and jeans paired with cheap sneakers. I know about fashion because I graduated with a Bachelor of fashion design in one of the biggest universities in Seoul. So I have the right to judge his everyday outfit."Morning, Naomi." He gree
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The Offer
Lucas's POVWhile I'm watching Naomi get into the building, my phone rings inside my pocket. I sighed deeply before fishing it out and answered the call without looking at the caller."What?" I asked irritatedly."Are you the one standing in front of the building?" I looked behind me and saw a familiar SUV and a man got off, his hand holding the phone near his ear. "What are you doing here?" The voice on my phone asked while the owner of the voice walked towards me."Stop." I said and Denver immediately halted his steps and he slowly retreated back to the SUV. "Why are you guys here?" I asked while looking up to Naomi and waved my hand in the air."Uh we have to kidnap the daughter of Ms. Kim since she doesn't have plan to pay us." He replied.My eyes immediately widened when I noticed my men behind Naomi. "Tell them not to touch her or I'll kill all of you!" I whispered hardly through the speaker. I saw how Denver rattled to warn my men and luckily, they did not touch her. They then l
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Instant Boyfriend
Naomi's POVI burst out into a loud harsh cackle of laughter after I heard Lucas' proposal. I mean, he literally asked me to be his girlfriend in return for helping me to get my dream job. I slapped her arm lightly while still laughing but Lucas' face didn't even change so I stopped and tilted my head a bit backward and looked at him amusedly."Are you serious?" I asked."Yes." He replied."Oh my God. Thank you for making me laugh Lucas, but I don't think your janitor brother could help me to get that job—." I stopped when my phone rang. I held my index finger in the air to ask for one moment as I answered the call. "Hello?""Hi good morning Ms. Naomi Kim, this is Hannah from LM fashion incorporation and we would like to invite you for an interview and we hope to see you this afternoon at exactly 1 PM." My eyes slowly widened along with my mouth and couldn't find any words to respond to the woman on the other line. "Ms. Kim? Are you there?""Uh y-yes ma'am. Thank you! Thank you so much
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She Is That Friend!
Lucas POV"I want that woman out of my company.""You can't fire Hannah, she's the only person who knows everything about your company." Denver said as he poured my glass another shot of whiskey and handed me the glass. After I walked Naomi to their apartment, I decided to go home and summoned Denver just to tell him that I want to remove Hannah from my company since she almost ruined my plan. I saw how devastated Naomi was after Hannah walked out on her, thinking that she didn't got the job. Which made me also think that Naomi will take back her words in agreeing to be my girlfriend. If that really happened, I am not only going to fire Hannah, but I will ask my men to abduct her and torture her till she repent and die afterwards."That woman walked to Naomi in the middle of the interview, you think I would tolerate such an act like that in my company?""I know, I was there." Denver said as he sat next to me. "I was upset too, that's why I warned her after the interview and she said
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I Have A Cool Boyfriend
Naomi's POV"Do you really have to be an asshole?" I hissed at Nathan after Lucas left the coffee shop with a frown on his face. "What?" Nathan chuckled, looking at me like he did a big crime. "What did I do?""Nevermind." I rolled my eyes and turned my back to him to prepare another customer's order. To be honest, I don't have anything to say about Nathan, he's a good and goofy guy, but sometimes, he would cross the line without him noticing so I always remind him. There was one time when we were having a night out after our shifts, he kissed Ashley, one of our coworkers. Of course the tension started between them because Ashley's boyfriend got mad when he found out. I just told Joe that Nathan was drunk that time and couldn't remember what he did.They believed me but still, there's already a gap between Ashley and Nathan. I wonder how they managed to finish their shift working at the same hour after I begged Ashley to be relieved one time."Are you mad because I made your admirer
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She Took My Father's Rolex
Lucas POVIf it wasn't for Naomi's cousin, I wouldn't leave her side and wait for her until her final interview gets finished while I'm outside of my own company, wearing the same disguise to cover my identity because the security guards on duty know me. But why does Jamie have to be with us all the time and offer a ride for my girlfriend? She's a nuisance and even if I want to get rid of her off, I can't. She's the only person who took care of Naomi since her father died because her mom literally don't give a fuck about Naomi.Well, as long as she's not going to interfere in our relationship, then I'll let her go around my girlfriend."Sir, Ms. Kim is already in the company." One of my men tells me."Good, open the door." I ordered and my men moved to forcibly open the door in front of me. Mrs. Kim got startled upon seeing a lot of men entering their apartment. "Hey! What are you doing here?!" I heard her yell. I heaved a deep breath and entered the apartment but was immediately dis
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First Day
Naomi's POVI can't believe that my mom stole my father's watch, the only thing that he left before he died. Sure, he also has a lot of money he left enough to get me in college, but my mom used all of it to gamble and use drugs so I left with no choice but to find a part time job and self support my studies. I can tolerate how useless she is since my dad died, but stealing the watch? That's beyond inhuman!The landlord even went there while I was in the middle of breaking down and told me to move out because unfortunately, my mom took back the deposit for this apartment and left me with nothing. I'm so embarrassed of Lucas, I told him to go but he didn't leave me and just stayed on my side till my cries subsided. He even made a cup of coffee for me which I offered earlier but because of what happened, I couldn't think straight at all. I tried calling my mom but I couldn't reach her so I decided to just wait for her till she comes home, but does she even have plans of going back?"Nao
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Embrace Yourself
Lucas POV"Are you sure about this?" Denver asked from the other line with a worried voice."Yes, just do what I said and make sure to contact Naomi right now regarding all the benefits she'll have for working in my company.""Okay then. Is everything okay there?" He asked again.I get it, he's concerned for me and for my girlfriend and I'm thankful for that, but I made this drama so I think I could handle it. But about the wristwatch? I don't have any idea that Mrs. Kim stole it. Now I'm wondering how would I get it back from her if I already sent her away."Yeah, I have to go, see you later." I said as I hung up the call and shove my phone back inside my pocket and turned off the faucet. As I stepped out from the bathroom, I heard Naomi's phone rang and I couldn't help but smile.My men are quick to oblige what I asked them to do. I stood at the doorway, staring at Naomi's surprised face. Well, who wouldn't get surprised if you suddenly have a house and a car. Actually, that's my ho
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How Did You Know His Name?
Naomi's POVI'm squeezing my head using both of my hands, the pencil nipped between my teeth and my eyes pierced at the blank paper in front of me. This will be my fifth time creating new designs because all four got rejected by Ms. Hannah, telling me that it's too simple, common and old styles so I had to redo all of my work and I ended up staring at the blank paper.She gave me a deadline before lunch, it's already 2 PM and yet I haven't done anything right.. for her, of course but my assistant praised the designs, or she's just being biassed because she's my assistant? "I think you need coffee." Chantelle sprung up from her chair and strutted her way out of my office without waiting for me to respond. I laid my head back to my chair and shut my eyes close, trying to figure out what kind of the design that witch would like. I dug deeper until the back of my head but still, but instead of an idea for the new designs, a realization hit me. I picked up all my drawings at the bin and
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Thank You Boyfie.
Lucas' POVIt would've been nice to be back in my own self, sitting at this soft Hi back man made faux leather chair, doing some paperwork— that I'm almost halfway through —, a good aroma of my favourite scented candles to help me relax and focus on doing my job as a boss. Not until my phone alarm twice this afternoon. I had to turn off the first one since I'm reading an important paper, then after 10 minutes, it alarmed again so I had to stop what I was doing and pick up my phone.I abruptly sprung up from my chair when I saw what the alarm was all about. "Shoot!" I exclaimed and ran outside of my office to my room. Grabbed the first shirt that I saw in the closet and I almost ripped off my long sleeve just to change them into a cheap shirt, not totally cheap but I think it's enough for Naomi to still see me as a poor guy. Then ran as fast as I could downstairs.My bodyguards greeted me as I arrived at the main door, one of them opened the driver's side of my car and I almost jumped
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