Don't Reject Me, Alpha

Don't Reject Me, Alpha

By:  Black Pearl  Completed
Language: English
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Serry thought that her romance would be the same as the other werewolf couples. However, she seemed to be slapped by reality because her Alpha hated her even rejecting her presence. Her struggle seemed to be in vain when the Alpha actually looked happy with another Omega. Her heart throbbed with pain to the point that it felt like she wanted to die. Did Serry give up on her destiny? Or is it even more painful when a big fact that Alpha keeps is revealed? Take a look at the love story of werewolves of different statuses who struggle in the bonding destiny outlined by the Moon Goddess.

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72 Chapters
Chapter 1 Unwanted Omega
Rapid footsteps could be heard along the halls of Seattle University. Everyone who happened to be reading and occupying a chair there, or as well as those who were crossing the passage, were silent for a moment, and stopped the step abruptly.They choose to divert their attention from the book they are reading or the hallway they are walking on to an alluring Omega woman with green irises who looks very charming. They really couldn't ignore an Omega who was a descendant of the Benson family.With the fact that the descendants of the Benson noble family invaded the retina. They desperately endured the screech of admiration. It is true to realize that the Omega of one of Benson's descendants does look different. The definition is beautiful, charming, and elegant. It should be the center of attention, even if only with its rapid swinging pace along the aisle.What they are focusing on is no longer interesting at this time. Don't want to miss how the figure of Serry Benson, Omega woman wi
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Chapter 2 The Fastener Symbol Is Missing
“Serry!” Jovial exclaimed when he saw that Omega, the woman who served as his childhood friend, was already behind the walls of the business lab.“Oh. Jovial!” cried Serry a little surprised. The beautiful Omega smiled brightly as her best friend gently tugged at her elbow. Her bright-green irises lit up when she found a friend who she considered to be her own older brother, giving a smile as warm as the morning sun. The Omega chuckled sweetly as Jovial ruffled her hair fondly.“You want to meet, Addy? Go to the business lab, he doesn't have any schedule after this.”“Really, Addy has no schedule after this?” asked Serry trying to make sure the information from Jovial was correct.“Yes. It's evening now. Our course was completed two hours ago, and we were just relaxing while doing business practicum tasks,” replied Jovial as his eyes fell on Serry's relieved face in front of him.Serry's face is getting happier, her smile is getting sweeter when she knows her handsome Alpha is really
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Chapter 3 Cold
Addy closed his eyes. The Alpha piled his arms on the table, then looked up for a moment to relax his body. However, after a few seconds passed, what he expected did not happen. Instead of feeling calm, his breath became ragged because his head was full of the image of Serry crying in the business lab room. Addy groaned, trying to drive away the shadow inside his head. However, he can't do it. As a result, his heart throbbed.Alpha's breath changed rapidly. He was still trying to calm himself, so he didn't feel the hot water coming out of the glass hit his fingers and the back of his hand. Earlier, Addy was waiting for hot water from the coffee machine to fill his glass. However, the hot water came out of his glass because he ignored it for too long. So that the hot water spill spilled out until it hit his arm, which was indeed piled on the table.“Oh my God. Have you gone mad, Addy,” shouted the petite woman, looking at Addy in horror.“Huh … what's with your face, Beatrix?” Addy ask
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Chapter 4 Symbol of Perfection
The Benson's are the epitome of perfection. They were the strongest clan in the territory as well as the lord of the region with abundant treasures. In addition, the Benson family has a noble lineage, so the Benson family is the heart of the other clans.Their ancestors founded the territory that the werewolf nation currently resides in. The ancestors of the Benson family were kings who occupied the royal throne until they were hailed by the public because their kindness became a source of role model. It doesn't feel like all of that has lasted until now, even though the royal system has been extinct since five hundred years ago. Knowing the Benson family is descended from a kingdom that has strong power in the government, their family is no doubt the center of attention and the spotlight wherever they are.The hallmark of the Benson lineage is a perfect physique with good ethics, as well as a head that cannot be underestimated. Starting from Alpha, Beta, to Omega always excel. The mo
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Chapter 5 Bitter Americano
“Addy!”Hearing his name being called, the Alpha stopped walking in the university hallway. The sexy tan-skinned forehead frowned in surprise because he felt foreign to the figure of a tall man who wore a wide smile that made his bunny teeth look scary.“Who? Do I know you.” Addy's sharp eyes and flat face succeeded in making the rabbit-toothed man nervous.“My name is, Daniel. I'm a student from the department of informatics engineering.” Daniel cheerfully shook Addy's hand, which felt rough in his soft palm.Realizing that they were both the center of attention, Addy suddenly let go of his hand roughly. He felt uncomfortable with the gazes of those around him, who seemed to mock him.“What is the real purpose of you meeting me?” asked Addy. One look, he knew that Daniel was also an Alpha like him.“Can we sit on the park bench first? There is something important you should know,” Daniel replied.Addy sighed in annoyance because his time would again be wasted, if he was dealing with
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Chapter 6 Sick
Serry had arrived at the big mansion of the Benson family. Paying no heed to her mother's greeting, she went straight up to the third floor of her room. Omega immediately lay down on her bed and covered her entire body with a thick blanket. Tears quickly streamed down her cheeks, then rubbed roughly with her sleeves. Serry tried her best to hold back a sob by biting her lip until it bled.Knock…knock…knock…“Serry, can mom come in?” A middle-aged woman with a soft face stood in front of the daughter's room. Omega is called Zerrin; wife or Luna of Wycliff Benson.There was no answer from inside the room, so the middle-aged woman pulled the lever on the door, which turned out to be unlocked. The first thing she saw upon entering the princess's room was darkness. There was a big mound in the middle of the king-size bed, which she assumed it must be Serry.“Serry,” Zerrin called once more.“Hmm,” muttered Serry.Zerrin took a deep breath and sat down on the bed. She stroked Serry's should
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Chapter 7 Full Moon Festival
The atmosphere in the business management class was very lively because the lecturer suddenly announced a leave of absence. All the students cheered happily because that way they could play and could also go home early. However, that does not apply to Addy. Alpha actually uses his spare time to visit the computer lab. His hands were busy typing on the keyboard, while his eyes focused on researching every word that came out on the thin screen.He was annoyed when he made a mistake again. His spare time was about to run out. If he doesn't finish the project that Daniel offered a week ago, then that good opportunity will be lost. His situation of not having a laptop or computer required him to borrow a campus computer. If he's rushing, he usually goes to a computer rental and has to pay extra.“Finally finished!” Addy exclaimed happily. He quickly copied the file to the flash drive and checked it again. After feeling that everything was safe, he hurriedly packed the notebooks into a shab
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Chapter 8 Dominant Alpha With a Purple Enchanting Iris
Three days had passed after the full moon festival. Addy just kept thinking about Serry's condition. He was aware of his evil words that had hurt the beautiful Omega. But, he couldn't hold back the speed of his scathing sentence. After the incident where he and Serry walked together at the festival. His neighbors in his neighborhood continued to gossip about him with ridicule and harsh words. Even the mother was affected. Every time Addy left the house or came home from work, those people would deliberately curse him for starting to dare to show off his Omega, which comes from the Benson family.Addy wanted to scream back and be angry. However, he prefers to remain silent and ignore their words. Honestly, he was itching to punch Uncle Josh's ugly lips, who had dared to call Serry gorgeous and sexy. The possessive nature of an Alpha will be outraged when another Alpha mentions his own. For him, only he can call the Omega by that title.His blue eyes widened when he saw the commotion in
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Chapter 9 Warm
“David, how come our son has the dominant pheromone that only Alphas of royal blood have?” Fany asked her husband, who was focusing on fixing the decorative lights behind the house.David sighed heavily, ignoring his wife's words. He was surprised when he saw Addy's change that looked scary. His son shouldn't be able to do that because he was born from an ordinary Omega womb.“I also don't understand the situation that befell our son. After the incident, Addy continued to be silent. However, the neighbors who like to sneer at us slowly don't dare to say anything,” said David casually.“But, I'm afraid something will happen to Addy.” Fany's face looked gloomy.David, who had finished fixing the chandelier, immediately washed his hands, and rushed over to Omega, who was sitting on a wooden chair with a worried face.“Don't think about anything. Don't worry, Addy will be fine. He is our strong son.” David gave a reassuring smile. He grabbed his beloved wife's body in his warm embrace. As
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Chapter 10 Bully
“NO!” Valerie shouted down the halls of Seattle's university. Omega from the Lynn family blushed furiously when she saw the painful scene in front of her. She quickly ran and removed Addy's hand from Serry's body.“What is your problem!” Serry snapped. She was very upset because the intimate event with the Alpha was interrupted.“H-he, your Alpha?” Valerie instead pointed at Addy who was standing casually beside Serry."Yes. Introducing him is Addy Durant, my Alpha!” Serry proudly introduces her Alpha. Sentences like ‘my Alpha’ were pressed firmly to make this Omega in front of her aware.“Why did I just find out, if he's your Alpha? The Benson's have never brought Addy to a banquet between noble families or corporate business events,” said Valerie in a surprised tone. However, her black irises focused on Addy with an interested look.Serry snorted softly. “My Alpha is very busy, so he doesn't have time to attend Benson's company business events.”Valerie smirked. “Oh, yes? The prospe
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