The C.E.O.'s Secret

The C.E.O.'s Secret

By:  iampammyimnida  Updated just now
Language: English
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SPG ALERT ❗ WARNING: Viewer discretion is advised. Contains graphic sex scenes, mature contents, adult language and situation intended for mature readers only. Scarlet was an office assistant in a big corporation; however, she was constantly bullied by her co-workers. She's the one bringing coffee, photocopying documents, and doing all the chores in her department. When Scarlet's best friend invited her and decided to celebrate her birthday in a highly reputable and exclusive male strip club, she had no choice but to agree. There she met a masked male stripper. He danced her seductively and sweaty. As if possessed, she found herself lurking backstage and secretly observing the man behind the mask. The man was bizarre and ambiguous, but in the end, she managed to see his face. Shocked was evidence in her face. She could not believe what she saw— "It's her boss, the CEO of the corporation."

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23 Chapters
Chapter 1
The pungent aroma of freshly brewed coffee swirls in the air, filling my nostrils as I cross the threshold of the Café where I always bought breakfast for my co-workers. This is my daily routine, and I’m used to it. My breathing was heavy as I stopped in front of our office. Thankfully, the things I had brought were not spilled because of the strenuous running I just did earlier.I gave the coffee to my co-workers, and they happily thanked me. I am pleased because somehow, I am helping them."Scarlet, can you please throw away my garbage here?""Scarlet, please photocopy this document. Thanks!""Scarlet, can you please clean my desk?"That's what I heard in the office. Sadly, they only remember me when they requested things from me."Scarlet, can you please throw this away?" one of my co-workers requested. "Mine too, Scarlet.""All right. " I smiled at them and then picked up their trashes. I heard some giggles, and then they thanked me. As I was throwing the trash into the bin, so
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Chapter 2
I woke up because someone hit me with a pillow on my face. "Hey Scarlet! Wake up! We still have work, if you might forget!" Aira shouted at me and shook my body."Okay, fine! I'll get up!" I annoyingly told her.I got up and washed my face."Do you think I forgot what you did last night?" she shouted, and her saliva went on my face. TF disgusting! I suddenly froze. I remembered what happened last night, but I immediately ignored it in my mind.I have to suppress my Best friend's anger, first because I left her last night in the Club. I approached and sat down next to her. She was sitting on the sofa wearing her dark aura."I'm sorry best friend. My stomach hurt last night. I couldn't help it either, so I went home right away. Promise, I'll make it up to you! I'll treat you lunch later!"And then I suddenly remembered my wallet."Oh shoot! I lost my wallet, Aira! Have you seen it? "I asked her."I didn't see it; you might have left it in the Club. Let's go back there later," she said
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Chapter 3
I woke up early because it was my first day being the Executive Secretary to our Boss. I was a little bit anxious but excited.Aira and I entered the office together. Gossips of our co-workers enveloped our ears."Do you know that the CEO will announce who will be promoted here with us?" one of my co-workers blurted."I'm excited to know who's the lucky one.""You don't have to ask. Of course, it's me! Who among us was more experienced? I am the only one, right?" Anne answered and flipped her hair.I chuckled in my mind. As if!"They also said that the lucky one will be promoted as the executive secretary!" "OMG! She will have a glimpse to look at our Boss's handsome face every day! How lucky she is!" Anne excitedly whispered."Good morning, everyone!" It was the Executive Secretary who greeted us. We sat at our desk and attentively listened to her."Goodmorning!" we greeted back."I am here to announce the lucky employee who got her promotion today. She will be my replacement as I
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Chapter 4
Chapter 4 I didn’t sleep much because of the extreme embarrassment last night. I don’t feel like going to the company and facing my boss right now.I roll over in my bed. I don’t want to remember what happened yesterday but it keeps on haunting me. “I can feel your nips, it’s fucking hard, sweetheart. Are you horny? ” “I can feel your nips, it’s fucking hard, sweetheart. Are you horny? ” “I can feel your nips, it’s fucking hard, sweetheart. Are you horny? ” That sentence repeatedly played in my brain. “Kyaaaaah !! Stop it! Get out of my mind! Will you ?? ” I screamed as I rolled over again on the bed. I was suddenly startled when someone cursed by my side. “Come on, Scarlet Hart !! Can you be quiet? You see, I am sleeping! ” my friend shouted at me. I winced because it's early in the morning yet she was cursing.“God, Aira! Why are you cursing me? ” I threw a pillow at her. I sighed when she stuck her tongue on me.She took and hugged the pillow. I just shook my head and got
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Chapter 5
Here I am in the bathroom facing the mirror. I closed my eyes in extreme fear and nervousness. That was my first kiss and my boss stole it from me. If he hadn’t been irritating me in the first place, that kiss would never have happened.My tears began to flow down on my cheeks because of disappoinment. I had made a promise to myself that I should give my first kiss to my first boyfriend and it’s broken! I sighed and shook my head so that I could relax. I went out of the bathroom and didn't go straight to the office because it was almost break time so I went straight to Aira's office. I opened the door of her office and saw that she was busy typing on her laptop. She immediately noticed me and turned her head on me. "Oh! Scarlet why are you here? You’re too early, it's not break time yet," she asked with a shock on her face. ."Did something happen?" she asked me again. I blushed because I remembered what happened earlier. "Nothing, I don't have anything to do in my office, that's
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Chapter 6
"Sir, I'm sorry!" I apologized to Gio but he ignored me and walked away. He looked like in a bad mood so I avoided him. I gazed a few minutes in front of his office, contemplating if I would go inside or not. I was so nervous upon looking at the door. Will he fires me? I am just only helping my co-workers. Is it a bad thing? I sighed and slowly went inside. I saw him busy with his papers. His foreheads furrowed as he read the paper he was holding. I approached him and bit my lip very hard to suppress my nervousness. "Excuse me, Sir? I'm sorry for what happened earlier, I have nothing to do so I went downstairs to help them." My hands were trembling as I felt my chest throb with edginess. He stopped reading and slowly looked at me. I looked away from him because I couldn't stand his sharp stare. "I'll ask you, Ms. Hart, who's your boss? Your colleagues or me?" "Y-you Sir," I said softly. "That's right! I'm your boss. But why are you working for them? Are they the one’s paying yo
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Chapter 7
With Gio's help, I finished all the tasks that he gave to me. I don't understand why he's still helping me. I thought that this was a punishment? I don't really get what he wanted but nevermind. "Sir..."He was currently sitting at his table and was busy fiddling with his laptop. He turned around and raised an eyebrow at me. "Just call me Gio, I already told you, didn't I?" he asked. I nodded at him. Until now it's kinda awkward for me calling him by his name. But the question that has been running through my mind for a while was, "Does he likes me? Why was he so nice to me?" "Gi-Gio," I called him again. "Yes, Scarlet?" I was terrified when I heard his deep voice. I was aroused by hearing him calling my name. First name basis eh? That thoughts made me shake my head."Why are you so nice to me?" I asked not looking at him. He was stunned by what I said and frowned. "You're asking me why I am nice to you? It's because you know my secret, Scarlet. Maybe if I'm cruel to you, you'
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Chapter 8
As the days passed... Gio and I became closer, my friend, Aira were closed to him too. I don't know but my heart was closed to him. We often have lunch together and sometimes he'll fetch us to our apartment when we get home. It makes me wonder why he did this, is he gay? However, my friend Aira said he likes me. I didn't believe her though. Gio and I were not vompatible, I'm just his lowly secretary and that's all. How can a rich gorgeous man wanted her? He's fucking handsome, sexy and rich. He will never fell inlove with me. "Scarlet, are you ready?" Aira asked as she dragged her suitcase. I nodded at her. "Gosh, Aira you're really sexy." I praised looking at her body. She was wearing denim shorts and a crop top that fit her body shape. "Don't make me laugh, bestfriend! You're even sexier!" she exclaimed while looking at me up and down grinning. "Our boss will fall in love with you, for sure!" I winced at her because of what she said. "Will you please shut up? We're ju
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Chapter 9
I didn't hear what he said. "What?" Gio was still close to me. I'm a little lost because of the rapidly pounding in my chest. He chortles softly. " I said they're already here, Tom and Aira. Let's go?" He looked at the two people walking towards the rest house. I chuckled when I saw Aira stomping because she wanted to take her suitcase from Tom but he just avoided it. "They are compatible, aren't they?" I asked. "We are much better..." I turned at him my cheeks turned red when he winked at me. I hit his arm softly and chuckled. " Mr. CEO, You're so corny!" I exclaimed and started running down to meet Aira and Tom. When I got close to them, I put my arm around Aira's shoulder. "How was the trip, BFF? Did you enjoy it?” I asked teasingly. She was so tired, I guess based on her facial expression. “I did not enjoy it!” she said. I just laughed at what she said, I know that somehow she enjoyed it. He has a crush on Tom. We went inside and I saw that Gio had just come down the stairs
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Chapter 10
My cheeks were burning red though I didn't show that I was nervous. Gio smiled at the two as if nothing had happened and put his arms on Tom's shoulder. "Nothing happened! Crazy!" Gio whispered. The Aira suddenly approached me. "What's that? Why is the boss in your room? Have you given up your virginity to hum? Shit, Scarlet, I'm so proud of you!" Aira happily exclaimed. The two boys had gone out, so the two of us were in the room. We didn't go out because Aira pulled me, and we sat on the bed. "Crazy! No!!" I shouted and hit her on the arm. "Damn it! Why is our boss here? And why are your cheeks so red? Did something happen? If yes, he should hold you accountable!" she earnestly asked. "Nothing happened, so no one is responsible, Aira. He just picked me up; I had just finished getting dressed, so I let him inside. Come on!" I pulled her out of the room and rest house. My eyes searched for Gio, but unfortunately, I couldn't see him. Where is he? I just shook my head. "
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