The Slayer

The Slayer

By:  kritzd511  Ongoing
Language: English
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accept each other?He was born as the ruler of their world. She was slay that world. He wanted to kill her the moment he saw her. She wished...he wouldn't even find her. Amidst all the chaos, adventures and secrets, will they accept each other?

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43 Chapters
The Prophecy
20 Years agoRoyal castleThe Alpha King sat upon his throne, his elbows resting on the armrests. Lightning was illuminating the throne room occasionally as the pitter patter of the heavy rain continued on the giant windows. Everyone, including the Alpha King, was waiting on the edges of their seat for the arrival of the high priest. As if mere thoughts summoned him, footsteps echoed in the huge throne room and men wrapped in dark maroon clothes walked down the carpet spread from the herculean doors to the front of the throne. Leading them was the old bald man, his wise crinkled eyes holding worry, in though of what was to come. The old man's followers stopped behind him and the priest stood in front of his king and bowed deeply in respect followed by all his pupils.The king nodded in greeting, and rose a moment from his seat. "My greetings, high priest. Now tell us, what is that you have foreseen this time." The priest visibly swallowed and a frown appeared between his brows. "I h
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The Secret
When the warm rays of sun peeked through my windows, I got up and went to take a hurried bath. I wore my leather clothing, which was made by my grandma with magic, so I could shift in my wolf without bothering about my clothes ripping.I gathered my cloak and my weapons and went out. Father was sitting at the table frowning, staring at nothing in particular. I walked in front of him and stood on my knees, holding his hands. I looked up in his eyes as he smiled at me. "Now you should go, Sera. You might get late." I nodded and walked outside the front door. "Tell your grandma that I said hello." Father called from inside waving at me."I shall do, father." I smiled and waved him back. With that, I shifted into my wolf and took off into the forest. ~×~×~×~×~×~×~×~×~×~×~×~×~×~×~My wolf was soaring through the trees and branches like the wild wind. Soft crunching of dries leaves and twigs were heard every time paws hit on the ground.I loved shifting into my wolf. It felt like this was
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The Friend
I followed grandma in a dark room lit by only some candles. She sat on a couch at the right corner of the room and waved at me to sit across her. I obliged and traced the fabric on the couch. "I recently got ahold on a piece of information which is of a great importance for us. Or should I say for you." She said tilting her head at me.I knew where this was steering. But I wanted to hear it first, before I made any assumptions. "So, let's hear it then." I exhaled. She picked up a thick brown book from the side table and flicked through its pages. She angled the book on the table so that I could read, too, and put her finger along the lines."According to the legends of exiled, around 900 years ago. There was a supernatural race, unbeknown to the current races, which held animosity towards the werewolves. Blinded by the hatred they had killed the then princess of werewolves hence, the wolves declared war." I just nodded along."Thousands of innocent souls were slaughter. The hell and he
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The Meeting
Hidden between the thick branches of a big tree, I assessed the ground in front of me. The dungeons, where I needed to be, were to the south. At the back of the castle and under the ground. There were at least forty guards, twenty guarding the border walls and twenty on the ground. And goddess knows how many were inside the actual dungeons.I climbed down the tree silently and steadily. And now the question was, how could I enter the dungeons without anyone noticing me? How? How? H-I noted a movement in my peripheral vision and looked in its direction. A guard was walking towards a tree in other direction a few feet away. Maybe for his personal business. I smiled to myself. The opportunity came itself to my door.Walking on my toes, I stood behind the man and waited for him to notice me. His ears perked up and he turned to me. But before he could react, I gripped his throat and put pressure on the side on a particular spot until he fell unconscious.Some tricks were very useful at tim
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The Ocean Eyes
ALPHA KING ELRICKMate.Something I have wished for more than anything else. Something I couldn't ever have. 21 years back, to be exact, I made a decision. A decision which shed all of my hopes and expectations.Yes, I was disappointed. In myself, in my faiths and the goddesses. Because that decision was going to tear me apart. The decision, being that I shall kill my mate the very moment I meet her. Isn't it just ironic and quite cruel? To kill the one you have that you are supposed to love and live for.I know it is not something that someone would be proud of, but in our ancestry, promises come first of all. And I promised my father and his father and his father, that despite all of the circumstances, I will protect my kingdom, my throne. And she is a threat to all of those promises I need to keep.From the day I was born to the day of the prophecy, I saved my love, my attention and my body for the one and only female it was meant for. But in the past years, I slept around with num
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The Concealing
Panting, running and stumbling a few times, I was sprinting through the forest. I didn't know where I was going I just wanted to get away. Get away from the nightmare that just turned into a living reality for me.I didn't want to meet him. I didn't want him. How did I ended up in his choke hold while on a rescue mission? What was he even doing there? Does he live there? Who is he?Putting my thoughts and body on hold, I crouched low, putting my hands on my knees. I took deep breaths closing my eyes to calm my rapid breathing. But even when I was thinking of absolutely nothing, an image of dark chocolate brown eyes flashed before my eyes and they snapped open.I couldnvividly remember, as if happening right now, his piercing gaze on my face. I could nfeel his calloused hands holding my wrists as pleasurable tingles shot up my hands to all the way to the end of my spine. I could smell his heavenly scent of pine and sandalwood on myself.But what I couldn't feel, that everyone else expe
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The Princess
"Where were you the whole day?" The loud voice of my friend caused my ears ring when she opened the door before I could knock."Well, I can tell if you would let me in." I said. She pursed her lips but stepped aside for me to enter. The aroma of delicious food was heavy in the air and there were meals served for two at the dining table. "Who is here?" I asked in confusion. "David came home today. He has got leave for a few days." Ah! David. Her mate was assigned for patrolling at town's border. He came home in every few days. So, tonight I was to meet him, at last."Go and get freshed. I am serving dinner and then we have some thing to discuss about." I raised a brow in question. She just shrugged and went in the kitchen and I headed to guest room.Dinner was not as awkward as I thought it would be. David was a young mascular man with golden hair with grey pair of eyes. He was a person who could do all the talking alone without making it awkward. I was just answering his small questi
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The Alpha King
Princess's guard. Who the hell was she? "Who are you?" I voiced my question. The three looked at each other and then dragged me into a lonely corner. "Do not shout alright? I am…," she looked around us. "The princess of Zyrenia." Oh. I stayed quiet and her expressions told me that she expected me to scream or react in some way.I had never came across a royalty before, so, I didn't know how would they want me to behave. Should I bow? Father says never to bow before anyone except the goddesses but, I couldn't afford to raise suspicion on me. I stiffly bowed my head as if asking if I am doing it right. "No, no don't do that in the public eye." She said motioning me to stand up. "So what do you say?" She asked. What do I say? "Pardon me, your…highness….but, don't you have about thousands of soldiers guarding the castle? Why would you want me to guard you?" I inquired. "Yes," she huffed. "But they are not my soldiers they are my brother's. They only follow his commands, they won't let
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The Test
I kept my hands steadily folded behind my back to hide them from the observing eyes of my doubtful mate. My hands were clenched tightly from the anxiety and even a small movement from me could reveal my real identity to him. His dark gaze never left me, as he was scrutinized my every feature from the tip of my hair to the sole of my foot.I told everyone that I came from a village far away, to meet a friend here, but the suspicion in the Alpha King's eyes never subsided. The princess was fidgeting impatiently beside me. "So what do you say, brother?" The princess asked and her brother's eyes finally moved from me. "I don't think it is a wise decision, Princess. She is a female herself, how will she protect you from the danger when she herself need protection?" The King gave his opinion and I was offended. "If you think that being a female makes someone a wekaer or lesser of a being, then you are in denial." Some gasps sounded at my comment and I looked around myself. Everyone was l
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The Blood Oath
The blood oath was a bond among people, who swear their loyalty and confraternity to each other, connecting them through their blood. The bond allowed the tied ones to communicate through the mental conversations. I was going to be tied to the bond that all the soldiers, and guards share with the royal family.I was given a new uniform which was made of brown leather, suitable for carrying weapons around and comfortable moving. We were on our way to the temple at the heart of the town to perform the ritual. A mini parade was prepared to accompany us to our destination. Four groups of armoured soldiers was at our sides, led by the King and his men.The commoners were standing on the sides of the broad way and peeped through their windows to look at the royal party. Children were screaming in excitement while their mothers pulled them back and hushed them. We arrived at our destination and the group ahead of us split into two to make way for us to ascend the steps of the pristine templ
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