Sylvie Rose: Mea Potentia Ultra

Sylvie Rose: Mea Potentia Ultra

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Sylvie Rose is a true Omega werewolf who was adopted by the Lycan Prince Conri and Princess Ashina. She discovers her mate is a werebear name Luke who is half warlock. Word of the strength of their powers spread among supernaturals then, eventually, the news falls onto the ears of human hunters. The supernatural hunters would love nothing more than to capture them to study and experiment with them and their magic. As Sylvie and Luke go into hiding, Sylvie’s mother calls on the multi-species alliance to aid in this war while Sylvie and Luke discover how well their powers complement each other, and they work to strengthen that bond. They will need that bond as well as the help of the alliance to make it through this war alive. Note: This book contains many characters from the book Loner to Luna but it can be read as a stand-alone.

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61 chapters
Chapter 1
I’m currently sitting in my dad’s office hugging my dad. “Thank you, my sweetheart. I really needed that,” he sighs. You see, I am an Omega. Not the lowest of the pack that you normally hear about, but the kind who has a very special ability. I can calm people with just my presence, but it’s more effective if I am in close proximity to them. When I was brought to my parents, my omega waves were crazy strong. They still are, but back then, they started a war. Why? Because packs want an omega among them. Omegas give packs something to protect. We really come in handy when the pack has no Luna. When there is a Luna, the omega helps her with settling pack disputes and keeping pack members calm during heated pack meetings. My mother hid me in the forest near the capital of the Lycan Kingdom when I was born. The alpha of her pack had beaten her within an inch of her life to find the child. He had arranged a rogue attack on the Lycan city and they were quickly defeated. Meanwhile, a Lycan
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Chapter 2
I gave my brother the suspicious side-eye, “I don’t think I’m very comfortable with this idea. Why don’t you and your mate sit and we can all just get to know one another?” Caleb shrugged, “That will work. This is my mate, Raven, Princess of the White Witch Coven.” I smiled at the beautiful black-haired, tiny woman, “I’m very happy to meet you. It’s going to be nice to not be the only tiny person in a family of huge Lycans.” Caleb chuckled, “Sis, you will always be the one Kurt and I pick on. You make it too much fun.” I chuckled, “I am his sister, Sylvie, and this is my mate, Prince Luke from the werebear kingdom.”Luke greeted, “It’s very nice to meet you Caleb, I remember you from when we were little. I met you all at a birthday party for Princess Chloe’s triplets. My kingdom is the Northern US, so I didn’t get to see you all very much, but I fell in love with my mate back then. I have had dreams about her from then up until now.” Caleb cringed, “We won’t talk about those dreams. T
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Chapter 3
When we went back inside, we decided to talk to my parents about going upstairs. When I approached my mom, I asked, “How’s everything going?” She smiled, “Everything is great. Are you wanting to go upstairs?” I asked, “I was thinking that we could go ahead and go back home.” She shook her head, “Are you sure you won’t stay to have breakfast with grandma and grandpa in the morning?” I shrugged, “Maybe we should stay in his room here tonight?” Mom nodded, “Think that’s a great idea. We are going to your great-grandma’s tomorrow. She’s cooking lunch for us. You guys should join us. This could also be your last chance to see Grandma Honi. She’s not doing very well.” I nodded, “I will talk to Luke about it. I would like to.” Mom reminded me, “Don’t forget to make sure Luke wears something with elastic or a drawstring.” I nodded, “Yep. Will do!” I walked back to Luke and asked, “Would you mind if we have lunch with my great-grandparents before we go to my parents’ house tomorrow? My great-
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Chapter 4
After agreeing to talk about the dreams at a more appropriate time, we finished getting ready and went up to my grandma and grandpa’s suite for breakfast. As we got up to door, I started to knock but Luke stopped me to kiss me one more time. I blushed as I smiled at him. He whispered in my ear, “Just needed one more to tide me over for a bit.” I laughed and just shook my head as I blushed even more. He smiled, “That blush is going to be the death of me.”I knocked on the door and dad opened it. I asked dad, “Dad, I don’t recall if you met Luke last night. Luke, this is my dad, Conri.” Dad nodded, “We have met before. I am glad to see that you’re my sweetie’s mate. She needs someone strong to be her mate.” Luke smiled, “I will always do my best for her. I always prayed that she would be my mate.” Dad smiled, “That’s exactly what happened to me too. I met my mate when we were kids at a party and I fell in love at that moment. I was ten.” Luke smiled, “I was around eight. I was fascinate
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Chapter 5
We all laughed and dad chuckled, “She wants you to crank the ice cream maker.” I laughed, “You won’t be sorry. Her homemade ice cream is the bomb! Especially when she makes a pie or cobbler with it.” We all walked to the door and grandma gave me a huge hug, “Grandma Honi isn’t doing well, sweetie. I’m glad you’re here.” I asked, “Where is she?” Grandma sighs, “She’s in one of the guest rooms. Second one on the right.” I smiled, “I’ll go see her.” Luke asked, “Would it be okay if I come with you?” I took his hand and we walked to her room. When we got to the room, we walked in and grandma was laying in bed, watching television. She looked at me and held out her arms, “Come give me a hug.” We both walked to the bed and I sat beside her, taking her tiny body in a gentle embrace, “Grandma, how are you feeling?” She smiled at me, but I could tell she wasn’t feeling well, “I’m okay, nihˀoːteibeihi.” I smiled, “You have always called me that, but you never told me what it means.” She giggle
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Chapter 6
We walked out of grandma’s room and I pulled Luke outside. I pulled him to the side of the house and pushed him up against the house. I jumped and wrapped my arms around his neck and my legs around his waist. He smiled at me with his eyes turning black, indicating his bear is taking control, “Well, little mate, what did I do to deserve this beautiful torture?” I kissed him gently, “You treated my grandma with such love and care. Thank you.” He smiled, his eyes going back to normal, “She’s a beautiful woman with a beautiful personality. I could listen to her stories of while she was growing up all day.” I smiled, “She has seen a lot in her life. Some good, some bad, but everything contained a lesson for her to learn. She learned each lesson well and never repeated the mistakes again.” We heard mom and dad come out and Luke groaned, “Ugh! I was enjoying this a lot.” I laughed, “I’m sure you were. We can continue this when we get to our home.” Luke smiled as he eased me back to the grou
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Chapter 7
I can’t stop looking out the windows, enjoying the scenery as we go. He asks, “What are you thinking, love?” I smile, “I’m not really thinking anything. Just really enjoying the scenery.” He laughed, “I guess I’m just used to it. It’s not such a big deal for me.” We continue on our way and I ask, “Do we live at the top of a mountain?” He smiled, “Not at the top of the one we live on. We live at nearly nine thousand feet. We are going to stay in a hotel at a lower elevation for the first night. It will help with your acclimation. Some people have a hard time breathing on our mountain for the first week or so. I think if you have a night at a slightly lower elevation first, you might breathe a little easier at our home.” I smiled, “Thank you so much for thinking of me.” He chuckled, “You are all I think about.” I gush, “Aw, you’re so sweet.” We get to a town called Canon City. We park in a hotel parking lot at around eleven pm. Luke goes in and gets a room for us while I grab my bag. I
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Chapter 8
I’m looking around and I smile as I spread my arms open wide, “Are you kidding me? I love it!” I can not believe this is my new home. The entire main floor was my favorite design… Modern rustic! It had whitewashed hardwood floors, reclaimed wood wainscoting and antique white walls. The kitchen cabinets were white with black marble countertops. All of the appliances are stainless steel. I kept looking around and smiled, “This house is absolutely perfect, Luke.” He walked to me and wrapped his arms around me, “I’m so glad you like it. Do you want to unpack and then go for a run?” I nodded, “That sounds awesome.” I followed Luke to his truck then grabbed a bag and took it up to our room. I started folding items and putting them in my drawers. Luke continued to bring stuff in the house, while I continued to unpack. I had everything unpacked in no time and walked downstairs to find my mate in his office, “Hey, ready for that run?” He sighed, “I just got a message to call one of my assistan
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Chapter 9
I sighed, “I did see it. I take it that’s the suspicious activity?” He looked up and nodded as he took a bite of his peach cobbler and his eyes rolled back in his head, “Oh. My. Goddess. Baby, this is really good. It’s just like your grandma’s.” I laughed, “I’m glad you like it.” He sighed, “Can we talk about the books after I enjoy this? I can’t form a coherent thought right now.” I laughed and nodded as I ate my cobbler too. I smiled, “We should buy the stuff for homemade ice cream next time we’re in Canon City. This cobbler is really good with homemade ice cream. But it’s also good cold for breakfast.” He smiled, “I will be eating this for breakfast and probably after every meal.” I laughed, “You don’t want to burn out on it right away, do you?” He laughed, “That can never happen. I’m a bear. We love our fruit and berries.” I asked, “So if I found a place to pick some blackberries?” He gasped, “I would love you forever if you made this with blackberries! Well, I already will love yo
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Chapter 10
I woke this morning feeling happier than I have ever been. I tried to get out of bed, but there was a heavy arm draped over me. I laid back and thought over last night’s events. Luke had been so gentle and loving with me, it brought tears to my eyes. Not because it hurt, but because I could literally feel how much he loves me. When we marked each other, the feeling of euphoria was more intense than anything I have ever felt in my life. Our marks! I look at my mark on his neck and see a bear curled around a sleeping wolf with a silver full moon in the background. I can’t wait to see his mark on my neck. I gently moved Luke’s arm off of me and walked to the bathroom. I’m looking in the mirror and see our marks are identical. I smile in admiration and I love how the simple thought of him being mine makes me feel. I never thought that I could feel this loved or that I could love someone this much. I’m smiling more than I ever have in my life as I start the shower. I get in as soon as the
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